Ballpark north has a lot of activities and great resources to use. I like that there is a gym and yoga classes available. There is also a printer and computers for us to use.

I love living at The Ballpark at Austin! It's so convenient for so many thing. Campus shuttles pick up near by and HEB is close enough to walk to.

I have been living at the ballpark residence for a little bit more than a year. the apartments are great and most of the staff is helpful. (:

I've lived here for a year and renewed my lease to stay here another year. The apartments are nice, quiet, and the staff is friendly. However, management and maintenance could be better.

Pretty awesome idea. I just wish there were other ways to gain points. For instance, I can not send friends of mine email requests for The Ballpark if they do not live in Ballpark.

Our internet has been down for 2 days now and as a student that is very frustrating. but you guys are prompt in fixing maintenance issues and the pool is awesome!

The staff is friendly, but whenever I submit a maintenance request, it sometimes goes unanswered for weeks. I have then gone in person and have been told that it was not something major so it was going to be taken care of soon. I could not get into my apt, how it that something major?

i stayed there for 2 years and the staff was nice. sometimes maitenance was a hassel but the upgrade was very nice. its not a bad place to stay.

Good overall, location is a tradeoff for the price. Conveniently located near heb so you won't starve. Lots of places to eat at, especially food trailers. Also very nice to be on the ebus trail, never know when you need a back up when hitting up 6th street.

Rent could be cheaper. None of my furniture is updated. Maintenance could be faster. But you have good events and its nice when you give free food.

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Overall I think this is a good apartment complex but the parking is horrendous. You should tell people to stop taking up two spots, especially if they have little cars.

I've had an okay experience. Several issues with my refrigerator. The smoke alarm goes off all the time because of a low battery. However repairs have been fast.

The water heat is broken and the Internet had been down a couple of times. There's too many things that breakdown that risk my health and grades for college.

Very fairly priced for how nice the apartment is. Nice to be so close to a grocery store as well. :) Only issue is that the maintenance crew takes FOREVER to come and fix something.

Move in process was easy and smooth unlike places I've lived in the past. I have only had one complaint and it has yet to be fixed/listened to but other than the one issue everything is great.

Ballpark north is doing okay at this point. There are some things here and there that could use some improvement but no where is 100% perfect!

I've had nothing but trouble with maintenance issues. I am not impressed with the speed at which issues are taken care of. We even had a maintenance man tell us he was coming tomorrow to fix everything but never did. Hopefully in a month or so everything will be fixed and the apartment will feel like home. But right now it seems like we are living in a cheap hotel with terrible issues.

It is a great place to live, yes it has small things like any other place. But asides from that I would recommend it to anyone.

I've enjoyed the community activities. My only complaint is how long it takes to receive maintenance. The property is well kept and it is easy to find parking.

It's conveniently on the UT shuttle route. There's easy access to the dollar general and HEB for those who may not have vehicles. The pool area is nice.

The staff is very friendly as well as the front desk. The move in conditions were not ideal however, but the staff was very helpful throughout the process.

The front desk and maitainace staff is awesome! However my room was not clean when i moved it which was kind of frustrating. So far i have enjoyed living here!

Apartment has made things run smoothly for the most part, more pleasant than other experiences I've had. My only concern is that managers don't do enough to make people feel heard and cared about.

I think it's relatively safer than other complex's around this area. Also, the people who work here are pretty helpful every time I go to the club and ask them questions.

The apartment is ok, maintenance takes forever to fix things, and some of the other residents leave their trash all around the building. But the rent is affordable and it is right on the UT shuttle route.