Would I renew or recommend to anyone? Never. My roommate had had multiple complaints on him and nothing has been done.you would think after him being so rude and violent to new roommates and making them feel so uncomfortable that they have to move again something would be done.

The apartment we moved into was messy, dusty, and dirty when we moved in. Management was unhelpful because there was "another tenant" there and thus couldn't ensure the living areas were clean before new tenants moved in.

The gym needs some serious improvement and more safety around the apartment of all ballparks will be appreciated. Maybe light up the building more

The apartment we moved into this fall was scattered with broken appliances and other household necessities. Only one of our stove elements worked, our fridge was leaking, my shower was leaking, and my toilet was also broken and would not stop running. All of these were quick fixes but it took MONTHS for us to receive any indication of them getting fixed. This is not acceptable and I understand there are more serious cases in other apartments that needed maintenance, but whenever I would inquire about my own maintenance requests I would be treated very rudely and that's what would bother me, not the amount of time it took to get fixed (although that's also unacceptable. Just hire more maintenance people. It's not my problem and I don't care at all that you are understaffed). I should not have been paying full rent for the first few months I lived here because I didn't have a full working apartment like I was promised in the lease. On top of that, I purchased a covered parking pass BEFORE the first day I moved in, and upon moving in I did not receive it because there were not enough covered spots. My money was allocated properly and I did not have to pay until I got a spot, thankfully, but the complex should not offer people to purchase spots if you don't have enough. Every single other apartment complex has a certain number of spots, and once they fill up, there is no longer an option to buy one. I should not have been given the opportunity to pay for one unless there would be one ready. You could have at least called me before I moved in and informed me of the fact that I wouldn't have a spot. There are not enough parking spots in general in Ballpark and so until I had a covered spot I was unable to find anywhere to park. I will definitely not be renewing my lease and I will always inform people of my experience at ballpark through online reviews and talking to my friends. Definitely not worth the cheap price in any way.

Not well. Need to work on improving all bad apartments and quit wasting money on sensless prizes. Spend money cleaning and fixing apartments. Also, why do you not sell more covered parking? There are so many open spots.

At one point there was an animal crawling through our walls. Plus maintenance here is garbage. The entire time I’ve lived here our a/c and heater has never worked and cockroaches have their own kingdom somewhere in the apartment. There’s a ton more wrong with this place but that’s just to name a few.

so I’m leaving this review on my experience so far and the front office is very unorganized. It feels like a scam situation and I’m scared for the following year I have to live here.

Reply from Ballpark North


Management and Maintenance are slow and unresponsive. I've been living here for a month, and I am still missing furniture. The front office people are really nice but haws no power to resolve issues. They can only text the manager or maintenance guy and then are helpless.

The experience that I I have had will Ball Park North is by far the worst experiences I Have had with riverside apartments. The staff are unwelcoming and rude and the maintenance is never on time with fixing issues. I do not recommend living here.

Staff is not helpful at all and do not care if residents get the assistance they need. There are unnecessary charges that are not clearly explained before signing of lease. Staff needs to go over lease thoroughly before residents sign. Manager dismissed a request for a new bed upon move in. Many of the staff are rude. You all are doing horrible and not helpful to students at all. You all make the matriculation of students through school much more stressful.

Needs renovation. Model, clubhouse, and building exteriors are way nicer than the actual units. Also, the parking lot is not secure since the gates are never closed.

Our apartment has had malfunctions since the day we moved in and the problems still are not fixed. We have contacted the front office multiple times and nothing has changed yet.

Maintenance hasn't answered multiple work order requests. Additionally rooms were not clean when we moved in. Fridge is busted and dented and the titles are coming up from the bathroom floor.

The maintenance is slow and ineffective. The fact that I'm going on three months with no central air (despite maintenance coming out multiple times) is ridiculous.

I like that the office tries to organize various events, but printer at student lounge is not working for a long time, which makes people to go to the office to ask staff members to print things out. One of them acts like it's annoying and she didn't even check the file & settings before printing. Her computer skill is very poor which enhances inconvenience. The staff don't really say hi or bye back to those who visit the office. They really need to improve their attitude. Or at least fix things on time.

Ballpark north has a lot of activities and great resources to use. I like that there is a gym and yoga classes available. There is also a printer and computers for us to use.

Maintenance is very slow. I have a fan that doesn't work and two light fixtures that don't work and it hasn't been replaced in over a month. Nor did they clean the room once the previous tenant left.

Upon moving into my apartment I found bed bugs in my mattress which I had to find an exterminator as well as clean the mattress and apartment myself. One of the maintenance men was called for a lockout and I was out of town but he unlocked my locked room, and when I came back my things were missing

We recently moved in and found that the apartment had not been cleaned when we got there. Also, there was a bed bug infestation in one of the rooms, so we had to move out day one.

Service requests take a while to fix or not fixed at all. My bath tub has been leaking since I moved in. However, staff is really nice and easy to talk to.

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I have had several issues with air conditioning and awful service at the front office, except from Robert. He is the man, so helpful. I haven't been robbed or anything so I guess that qualifies for a star. The other star is for Robert's great customer service. Beside that Ballpark has been wack recently.

I've had multiple problems since moving in due to the lack of organization and responsibility of the office. I'm not given straight answers.

The apartment, location, and staff are nice. Convenient bus location. But it takes a long time for maintenance to be done, sometime problems are never resolved, and management doesnt seem to actually value the residents. Rent is increasing and the water cap is decreasing which makes me want to go somewhere more affordable.

had a rough move in with leaks and black mold. Problem still hasn't been fixed. I like the size of my room and space but maintenance will not fix anything in a timely manner unless speaking with a manager

Our unit had many issues from move in day and still has all of those issues. We also had a package that was delivered here ripped open and the content was stolen