Pretty awesome idea. I just wish there were other ways to gain points. For instance, I can not send friends of mine email requests for The Ballpark if they do not live in Ballpark.

i stayed there for 2 years and the staff was nice. sometimes maitenance was a hassel but the upgrade was very nice. its not a bad place to stay.

I love the ballpark, everything has been great so far! The rec room is sweet, I love studying there when I need a to get out of my room. The staff has also been really helpful!

Overall Ballpark is a great place to live when it comes to price and convenience. The office staff is very attentive too which is nice. Maintenance is only fast if you go in and ask the office though instead of just reporting it online. Also, parking is terrible but the rest is nice :)

awesome pool, cheap price, beautiful apartments-very good overall. Really liked the environment. Not very far from the university of texas at austin as well

Ballpark is one of the safest apartment complexes in Riverside. It is conveniently located close to the UT shuttles and HEB. The apartments are also quiet.

Very safe, clean and quiet. Get a parking slot, parking is extremely full during fall

The Ballpark provides just about everything one needs for comfortable living. The rooms have decent space (I do mini-exercises in my own room so yes there's space). The washer and dryers keep me from having to find a place to go wash clothes and spend money. Also, the free water service is a big bonus, though gas and electric are separate services but there's not too much of a problem with that as long as you conserve. The gym is decent though could use some extra items like a free bench bar and maybe a few more dumb bells. The apartments are conveniently located to a Dollar General and in walking distance of an HEB and other stores and food places. You can also access four different buses, the UT Shuttles North Riverside and Lakeshore, and the 300 and 320, which can also lead you to campus on weekends when the shuttles aren't running. Don't be freaked out by what you hear about the Riverside area. The Ballpark is fine. Best student housing prices in Austin in my opinion.

I think it's relatively safer than other complex's around this area. Also, the people who work here are pretty helpful every time I go to the club and ask them questions.

I love the quiet and tranquility that the apartment complex provides. The prices, the rooms, the efficiency are great and the new management has improved the apartment complex. I am definitely renewing my lease for my four years at UT.

I haven't had any real problems and the staff is friendly. I would like access to the workout room around the clock and more parking for larger cars.

Great facilities, and I like the new upgrades. Maintenance is usually on time and it is conveniently located near HEB and within walking distance to a dollar store.

Ballpark is a great place to live at. It is filled with nice amenities for entertainment. It is a decent place to live with and enjoy times with your friends/ roommates. Plus it is close to campus.

Ballpark is a fun and enjoyable place with a fantastic pool. It's close to campus with only about a fifteen minute drive time. I'll definitely live here again.

The apartment complex is really nice. Nice amenities, nice people and good management. I look forward to living here for as long as i am in college.

Overall I think this is a good apartment complex but the parking is horrendous. You should tell people to stop taking up two spots, especially if they have little cars.

It's conveniently on the UT shuttle route. There's easy access to the dollar general and HEB for those who may not have vehicles. The pool area is nice.

Not only is living at Ballpark affordable, it is also very nicely furnished and located in a convenient location. H-E-B, as well as other shopping areas are just down the street, which makes things more than accessible. You have easy access to the lake and city busses. This is literally one of the best places you can live in on Riverside.

The ballpark is a nice community with a wonderful staff. its not super loud and very organized. the price i pay is good too!. I like fact that there is a gym as well as a pool. all in one!

Great student atmosphere and community environment!! The apartment complex is very clean! The commute to UT is very easy and the shuttle is very reliable!

I love the staff and community atmosphere, not to mention the great prices! You totally get more than what you pay for, it's affordable and pet friendly!

It is a great location to the University of Texas campus. I love that I have my own room and washer and dryer in our unit. I also love that I can ride the UT shuttle from in front of the complex.

This seems like a great idea, using this to get people to want to renew. Since most things are going digital I do feel this will be beneficial for BallPark.

Really enjoy living at the ballparkapt! Just would really like it if the gas/light bill was not a responsibility of the students. I have had problems with roommates paying me back.

The cost of living here is fair compared to other parts of Austin. It's a student-living area which is really nice. The bad part is that some apartments do need upgrades whether or not they people who leased the apartment upgraded their apartment.