This apartment is great!!!! they have good staff and they are quick on maintenance requests. The office staff is friendly and the area is one safe

Very good customer service. Can't say I have had a problem despite at the beginning of my lease there was tons of furniture in my apartment and I had to start hauling it myself after almost a week of phone calls to the front office before management did anything

The apartment, location, and staff are nice. Convenient bus location. But it takes a long time for maintenance to be done, sometime problems are never resolved, and management doesnt seem to actually value the residents. Rent is increasing and the water cap is decreasing which makes me want to go somewhere more affordable.

Love them they have been very good. By far the best apartment complex that I have been a part of, they do whatever they can to make sure we are happy and pleased

Nice property with a decent price. It's not a great neighborhood, but you can stay safe with a little common sense. Expect maintenance to take a long time to handle your request.

They kept their word and have efficiently made improvements to the complex. The improvements have also been great in general and have really made my stay unforgettable.

I'm sure it's not the new management's fault, but it wasn't a good idea to paint the tubs, toilets, and bathroom sinks with white paint to appear "clean." I'm sure this was due to previous establishment, because I have only had good experiences so far and that is ever since the new managers took over.

I was disappointed by the quality of my room when moving in. There was glass on my bathroom floor from a broken light, my toilet leaked and needed to be completely replaced, the glass on my sliding door was also broken. The carpet and floors needed replacing in my room. The living area was better but still had major issues. The dryer has destroyed numerous articles of clothing and I've almost stopped using it entirely. I was disappointed by the speed in which these issues were resolved, and this also made me hesitant to report problems in the future because I doubted they would be fixed. I would never recommend this apartment to others unless they were on a REALLY tight budget. I had low expectations, and they were not met. Only good things were that the students in the front were nice but couldn't do much. One helped me jumped my car (unsuccessfully), nice. I liked that the gym was open 24 hours but didn't understand why the pool was closed year round. Your team REALLY REALLY needs to work on making the living experience quality at the outset. I'm not stupid and I knew the speed of service could have been improved.

Living here was pretty nice. The living was furnished, clean, and fairly spacious. The only issue was the distance to the UT campus but that is also what made the rent much less

Decent place to live but maintenance never fixed my carpet. Unfortunately, going to campus during the weekends is a struggle. I prefer to live closer to campus.

The new management of ballpark north has tremendously recontstructed the atmosphere. I instantly feel safe, cared for and thought of when I get a maintenance request taken care of within 24 hours or when I see all the new renovations across the landscape.

I have had a great experience at Ballpark. The amenities are great and the service staff is always helpful when I've gone in. Ballpark goes out of their way to inform and invite to the events they're holding every week. There can be some issues (Move-in especially was a disaster, which wasn't a great first impression) but overall I'm very glad I chose Ballpark to live in this year.

Great amenities and a helpful service staff that throws cool events every week. The rooms are spacey and the living rooms are a great place to host people.

I have always been taken care of here. Ballpark never fails to complete maintenance requests in a timely manner and I am always greeted with a smiling face. I renewed for a reason. You guys are awesome. THANK YOU!!

I have had some difficulties with the front office and maintenance, so my rating is going to be lower than some other residents. I've had an average experience living here. Nothing I'd recommend honestly.

Apartment was very dirty when we moved in however with some elbow grease and feather dusters the room actually ended up being very nice. Plenty of space to have friends over and the office staff is friendly. Maintenance is normally quick to respond but will only fix minor issues. Had to request a new dryer 3 times after ours was messed up. Gym/pool/clubhouse are really cool. Would live here again if it still suited my needs.

The Ballpark is really great. I like the maintenance team and the new basketball court. I wish it was a bit cheaper but so far so good. Close to Town lake and HEB!

I do like the 4x4 bedroom. Having my own room and bathroom are neat, and bus stop is just right outside the apartment, which is very convenient.

It was a nice place and was to loud on the weekends! I recommend this place! Maintenance came when asked and they usually came often to change filters.

Maintenance has kinda screwed us over multiple times. If it weren't for all the issues we had with maintenance I'd definitely live here again.

You all are doing pretty well. The office staff gives their residents great service. The events provided are also fun, and free food is always a plus!

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Ballpark is a great place to live. It is cheap and convenient. The distance from campus, if you are a student at the University of Texas, is a slight inconvenience due to traffic and stuff, but other than that, it's great!

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Fine, not to many complaints. Not enough parking spaces, internet is unreliable at points, roaches are sometimes an issue, staff is friendly, maintenance is generally prompt.

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So far, so good. The only critique I have is that a residents be notified before maintenance arrives at the apartment due to safety concerns.

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maintenance is slow and area isn't very safe, but the space is nice and well furnished. Valet trash pick up is a huge plus. Other amenities are nice as well.

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