Y'all are doing great! I am so happy to be living here at The Ballpark! It's amazing! It has made my first time living in an apartment an amazing time. And the fact that y'all really care about the people that live at the apartments is amazing.

A great, affordable student housing environment. I enjoy all the amenities (especially the pool). I enjoy all the free events Ballpark hosts, with free food given weekly. My only complaints is that they lock some of the gates, so passing through from one side to the other of the complex can force you to go all the way around the club house instead of being Able to cut through (when you are already inside the complex to begin with).

It is an amazing property with good prices, awesome facilities and fun things to.do around, but it is in East Riverside, which isnt that safe, so four stars will have to do.

It is a great place to live, yes it has small things like any other place. But asides from that I would recommend it to anyone.

Nice place to live. Turn in your maintenance requests early. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Been living here for almost three years. The only problem is that they are pretty bad about matching you with people that are compatible with how you like to live.

Its pretty cool, not super luxurious but not shabby either. Its affordable and worth the price. I just wish someone would knock down this wasp nest I have on my porch! XD

I've had nothing but trouble with maintenance issues. I am not impressed with the speed at which issues are taken care of. We even had a maintenance man tell us he was coming tomorrow to fix everything but never did. Hopefully in a month or so everything will be fixed and the apartment will feel like home. But right now it seems like we are living in a cheap hotel with terrible issues.

Usually the first week is a bit rough, because there might be something that wasn't fixed correctly, but they work quick and hard to make sure that everything is to your expectations. Staff is great and they just upgraded the complex so much!

Good place for the right price. Some of the staff really understands your frustrations and does their best to help you out. Sometimes they mess up paperwork, BUT they always do their best to fix the problem/mistake.