Ballpa Have the best services this far. Their customer service is amazing and very professional. They get back with you quick as possible on any questions you have.

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Happy with the diligence and expedience so far, though I have not moved in. Looking forward to being part of a community that truly cares for its residents

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Each time I've gone in to the office, I have been treated with a friendly smiling staff memeber. Each has been very helpful and knowledgeable in answering each question I had to the best of their ability.

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Really calm environment. When I first moved in there were minor issues with the flooring and the walls, but none have really played an impact in my lifestyle. 10/10 would live here again.

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I think Ballpark North is a great place to live, so far I have not experience that many problems. The maintenance is amazing, they fixed the washing machine two days after it was broken. I like the gym and the pool as well.

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Apartment has made things run smoothly for the most part, more pleasant than other experiences I've had. My only concern is that managers don't do enough to make people feel heard and cared about.

Move in process was easy and smooth unlike places I've lived in the past. I have only had one complaint and it has yet to be fixed/listened to but other than the one issue everything is great.

The apartment I am living in is clean and the roommates are super nice. I actually hoped to get into a coed apartment with animals, now I am in an only girl apartment without animals, but it's perfect like that. Although my room and the furniture definitely looks like there has someone been living in it (just little issues, like some paint on the floor in the bathroom and some used look at the bottom of our table, but you cannot expect to have a super new and modern apartment for this price I guess) everything is just fine. But of course there is a little but. The apartment that is shown on the homepage does not at all look like our apartment! And maintenance takes quite a while if you have minor issues! Oh and the smoke detectors are very sensitive, they literally go off every time we cook although we always have the van on and the door open!!!

Ballpark north has a lot of activities and great resources to use. I like that there is a gym and yoga classes available. There is also a printer and computers for us to use.

I absolutely love ballpark north! You get so much more for your money here. I always tell my friends how great it is!! The only thing I have EVEr had trouble with is maintenance

Medium... was 11 mins late to closing time wasn't able to get my package even though there was a person still there who could've just let me in and gave it to me. Wouldn't have taken more than a few seconds for them to let me in and for me to get the package.

I really like my apartment. I have a small studio and it is the perfect size. I wish there were one more closet. My one complaint is I had so much trouble with setting up my internet and some of the managers/office staff have been incredibly rude. I love all of the green space and that the pool is quiet.

Cheap rent, poor customer service and theft of tenant money through "fines" is what characterizes this place to live. Great location in relation to south east Austin

Ballpark north make their complex very nice and safe for its residents. Maintenance responds to our requests with due time and the staff is very respectful. Distance to campus is a bit of an issue with traffic but the overall life at the apartment complex is good.

My experience here has been awesome so far! So many amenities and opportunities to get to know my neighbors! I personally love attending the yoga on Mondays and Fridays and love that Ballpark has made that an option for me!

when I moved into my apartment there were so many issues including overall uncleanliness, multiple appliances not working. The dryer does not work at all and the dishwasher was broken just to name a few

Both my roommate and I had horrible sinus infections after about a week of living here. We think it has something to do with the air filters not being regularly changed. At my last apartment they give us filters every month when we came in to pay rent. I don't understand how this is a strange concept to your staff and I DON'T appreciate being lied to and told that all the air filters were changed before we all moved in, because that is a total lie (I asked one of the former tenants) and it looks absolutely gross. It was obvious that it hasn't been changed in quite some time. This made us physically sick.

The facilities are really nice overall. Maintenance responds promptly, and the overall service is good. The staff is really friendly, and it's a nice place to live.

I think that Ballpark North is an excellent choice when seeking living arrangements in Austin. Coming here, I was so shocked by how expensive it can be to live here. But Ballpark North offers a great place to stay at a highly competitive price in one of those nicest part of Austin.

Awesome place and great living community. I love the area and the staff are really great too. Will assist with any problems that you might have

I really like living in Ballpark north and the community is very social and comfortable. The staff is really helpful as well in letting us know about new information like events or when rent is due.

Ballpark North is a very quite place to live, i don't really have any complaints. I would like to see the basketball net fixed though. Residents use the courts a lot.

Ballpark north is doing okay at this point. There are some things here and there that could use some improvement but no where is 100% perfect!

The apartment complex is fine and havent had many problemd. But I recently had an issue with parking and parking permits and towing. So be sure you are aware of this.

Y'all are doing ok. My ac still sucks. The girl with the poofy hair has a terrible terrible attitude. My Carley is old while my roomies have brand new carpeting.