Well, when I first arrived to the States, I already had an apartment. The first day I moved in there, I passed by Ballpark to check again for any available spaces, and luckily I found one. I believe I made the right choice moving here.

The units are nice, and I like that they were just upgraded over the summer. The maintenance staff is responsive and actually gets the job done even if they have to come back a second day. I haven't used all the facilities here, but the swimming pool is a lot of fun! The prices here are some of the best I've ever seen!

Ive lived here for two years and they have Great management and service! New pool furniture :) gated :) There's a small but nice work out room and game room. Its great to be able to have computers and printers you can use as long as you provide the paper..

I've only been at the Ballpark for a few weeks but I love it already! I can tell that this is the kind of place I'll want to call home for a while.

I've had an okay experience. Several issues with my refrigerator. The smoke alarm goes off all the time because of a low battery. However repairs have been fast.

The staff is great and the service team always comes through when repairing things. The apartments are a great commodity for the price; the price is also great.

I would like for my maintenance requests to be addressed in a more timely manner, but other than that, y'all are doing a great job. Thank you!

So far so good! Apartment is great, all neighbors are very respectable. The complex is well kept. If there just one complaint it would be that I'd like to see the front office respond to the tenants with more urgency and be better informed. However they are super friendly and always try their best to accommodate your needs! The move in process was very quick, and thankfully our apartment was in pretty good condition!

I feel very comfortable living at ballpark. When I pay for my apartment I also get to enjoy another great features from Ballpark. There is a basketball court and a pool.

I love living here! It is a great complex and I love the pool. My roommates are awesome and if I was not studying abroad next year I would totally come back!

Living here has been pretty great so far. Glad I was put in the apartment I requested, really makes living here easy and enjoyable. Plus getting points for living here, how could anyone say no?

I've lived here for a year and renewed my lease to stay here another year. The apartments are nice, quiet, and the staff is friendly. However, management and maintenance could be better.

I'm a freshman and living at the Ballpark so far is great! There were only a few maintenance problems but the office took care of it in a really good manner.

Our internet has been down for 2 days now and as a student that is very frustrating. but you guys are prompt in fixing maintenance issues and the pool is awesome!

I love the ballpark at Austin ! I think it is a great place to live and all my friends love visiting ! I feel that I made the right choice by living here.

I've been here for a few weeks, but so far all maintenance requests have happened quickly and all my issues were solved within a few days. Best apartment I've had in Austin

The Ballpark at Austin Team ROCKS! Top Notch competitive student housing community that meets your needs! Affordable individual rates plus fully furnished with washer & dryer + Provide Cable & High Speed Internet!

I have had a good experience here overall. The maintenance could be better to be honest but other than that I have no complaints its a nice apartment complex.

I have been living here for 3 years and I still do not like the quality of the service. It took this entire semester for them to finally give in on my ac and give me a new unit after suffering 80 degree temperatures inside the apartment for an entire month.

I personally do not like the music on the webpage. Ballpark is okay. There's nothing outlandishly horrible about it. I'd live here again....

Pretty awesome idea. I just wish there were other ways to gain points. For instance, I can not send friends of mine email requests for The Ballpark if they do not live in Ballpark.

i stayed there for 2 years and the staff was nice. sometimes maitenance was a hassel but the upgrade was very nice. its not a bad place to stay.

I love the ballpark, everything has been great so far! The rec room is sweet, I love studying there when I need a to get out of my room. The staff has also been really helpful!

Overall Ballpark is a great place to live when it comes to price and convenience. The office staff is very attentive too which is nice. Maintenance is only fast if you go in and ask the office though instead of just reporting it online. Also, parking is terrible but the rest is nice :)

awesome pool, cheap price, beautiful apartments-very good overall. Really liked the environment. Not very far from the university of texas at austin as well