The cost of living here is fair compared to other parts of Austin. It's a student-living area which is really nice. The bad part is that some apartments do need upgrades whether or not they people who leased the apartment upgraded their apartment.

Good overall, location is a tradeoff for the price. Conveniently located near heb so you won't starve. Lots of places to eat at, especially food trailers. Also very nice to be on the ebus trail, never know when you need a back up when hitting up 6th street.

I love that it is a quiet environment. I love going to simply check the mail and I see dogs running around with no cares in the world. I have to say it reminds me of the dog park back at home.

Everything @ The Ballpark In Austin Is Amazing. I Adore my apartment and the amenities it comes with. The Gym is awesome and the gaming room is so fun. The staff is always smiling and willing to help me with whatever needs i have. The Ballpark moved me in perfectly and right on time for the school semester to start. I love it here.

I LOVE living at Ballpark because the complex itself is far away enough from campus that it feels like you are actually "going home" but it's close enough that it's not inconvenient to get to school. They have TWO bus stops for two different UT shuttles which makes getting to school really easy and fast. Additionally the apartments themselves are all updated and clean! I've never had a problem arise in the two years I've lived here. All the staff are super friendly and helpful and it's really nice that you are only living with other students!

Its a great place to live, everyone is so nice and friendly. You get all the help needed and everything gets resolved immediately. I will recommend to everyone

Ballpark is a great place to live because it is close to my campus and it comes with all the big things you need to live. The amenities are always clean and welcoming.

I've had great experiences at the Ballpark

I have had nothing but good experiences here at Ballpark. If I need anything, it is usually taken care of in a timely manner. I definitely get what I pay for.

This is my first year at the Ballpark but so far it has been a great experience. I am looking forward to living here the rest of my years in college.

For the time that I have been living at the Ballpark apartments it has been great. The apartment is nice and cozy. There were a few kinks with my place upon moving in, but maintenance has already came by and taken care of things. Overall the location is convenient for getting to UT, its a nice place, and I haven't had any problems

The apartment is ok, maintenance takes forever to fix things, and some of the other residents leave their trash all around the building. But the rent is affordable and it is right on the UT shuttle route.

I really like the 4x4 layout. The room I got was upgraded however we did not recieve the upgrades we were promised. We pay an upgraded rent and yet we did not get all the upgrades.

I've lived in most of the other apartment complexes In the area. These are a little smaller but nicer too. The rent is on par with the rest of the neighborhood and making payments is an effortless process. Would definitely recommend to someone else.

Had a rough start moving in here, but after some problems were taken care of, I haven't had any more problems. I also like having my own room, and restroom at a reasonable price.

The staff is friendly, but whenever I submit a maintenance request, it sometimes goes unanswered for weeks. I have then gone in person and have been told that it was not something major so it was going to be taken care of soon. I could not get into my apt, how it that something major?

I lived here for almost 3 years now and I can say they are probably one of the best student apartments around this area. Mainly because they are well-furnished at an affordable price. It's located near a grocery store and has a UT shuttle that takes you to and from campus every 10 minutes or so. However, one complaint that I would have is some things that are wrong with the property aren't being tended to quick enough. Especially things that fall under security (broken lights) since the lease offered a safe and well-lit place with security.

I've enjoyed the community activities. My only complaint is how long it takes to receive maintenance. The property is well kept and it is easy to find parking.

Y'all are doing great! I am so happy to be living here at The Ballpark! It's amazing! It has made my first time living in an apartment an amazing time. And the fact that y'all really care about the people that live at the apartments is amazing.

A great, affordable student housing environment. I enjoy all the amenities (especially the pool). I enjoy all the free events Ballpark hosts, with free food given weekly. My only complaints is that they lock some of the gates, so passing through from one side to the other of the complex can force you to go all the way around the club house instead of being Able to cut through (when you are already inside the complex to begin with).

The maintenance needs to be improved. Other than that, the apartments are very nice and the staff is friendly. But the maintenance is bad. It took 3 weeks to get our dryer fixed.

It is an amazing property with good prices, awesome facilities and fun things around, but it is in East Riverside, which isnt that safe, so four stars will have to do.

It is a great place to live, yes it has small things like any other place. But asides from that I would recommend it to anyone.

Nice place to live. Turn in your maintenance requests early. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Been living here for almost three years. The only problem is that they are pretty bad about matching you with people that are compatible with how you like to live.

Its pretty cool, not super luxurious but not shabby either. Its affordable and worth the price. I just wish someone would knock down this wasp nest I have on my porch! XD