The apartments are nice and efficient. The the best price for having your own room and bathroom. Austin is a pricey place but this place is the best as a student. Our wifi took awhile to get fixed, it was a rough four months. Everything else has been fine.

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Overall a decent place to live for the price paid. The gym, although very small, is open 24/7. The property has free parking, which is nice.

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I love living here. It's beautiful, and they have many amenities for the residents. However, with that being said, the maintinence doesn't seem to get to the work orders very quickly; quite the contrary actually. Also, the mail system (particularly receiving packages) has failed myself and other residents that I know of a few times. We've failed to receive packages even though the mail system has said that they've been delivered. Not entirely sure they were coincidental issues with different postal services, or just the ballparks receiving system that had the issues. Other than that, all seems to be great here! However, don't expect 1gigabyte internet. It just hasn't happened for myself or any other residents that I know of.

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I really enjoy living at the ballpark at Austin. The front office staff is always very kind and helpful and the amenities are great. The only problem I had was move in day. That process took a very long time and when I first received my apartment there were several maintenance issues that need to be fixed but overall it has been a great experience.

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Ballpark is a nice place to live. However, Management needs to be more active and present to address the needs of residents more thoroughly.

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I have had some problems such as the bed not being in my room when I moved in, also the lock on my door wasn't working. My parents had to get involved for those things to get done. Other than that, things have been pretty good.

so far my experiences as of my expirences at ballpark, I would have to rate it a solid 7-10. The rooms are great but the only difficulty I have had there is the amount of time it takes to fix certain maintaince issues.

I really love living here it has far sir passed what I was looking for in a new home. The other residents are respectful of my space and are not loud. The staff is also very helpful.

Been a nice experience. I have had a lot of fun DJing for the events and the staff is very friendly. I am looking very forward to moving in next year.

Ballpark is a great place to live! The staff is always helpful, and the facilities are readily updated and clean! Great choice for student living!

Sometimes takes a while for maintenance requests. Overall I haven't had a problem. Anytime I go to the front desk in always taken care of right away.

very good Service. I haven't had too many problems with the way you run things. I enjoy the community in this apartment complex. I hope to live here again next year

The maintenance could be better but it's pretty quiet, has great amenities and is right along public transportation lines. Great place to live if you're a student on a budget.

This is a pretty quiet place to live. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. However, the move in process was a disaster. It was a long line of people squished together going from station to station and they "opened the doors" late. Also, maintenance takes FOREVER. My window is currently leaking water which is a big problem and I've been waiting for 2 weeks...still waiting...

My experience here at the ballpark has been great so far! I already renewed my lease for next year because I like it here so much and didn't want to miss out!

I think the actually apartments are great and the staff does a good job of trying to answer everyone's questions. Unfortunately, due to either a lack of communication or maintenance workers it often seems that work orders go unanswered. Overall, I am glad with the apartments overall and I have chosen to stay next year. I was a little perplexed by the new fee for the trainer and some other stuff because logistical I do not understand how our whole complex can utilize just one person unless there are more then that makes sense.

The ballpark is great and they finally have 24 hour gym! Very pet friendly and there is a trail right next door that makes living here so much better and active! The location is great!

The maintainance was slow at first, but much better now! Love the gym! I really enjoy the event the Ballpark puts on in the clubhouse. I've had a pretty good experience here.

24 HOUR GYM!!!! YASSSSSSS. Keep it up Ballpark! I have been waiting for this to happen and now I am able to workout at any time!! The brand new packing log in system is great!! I love getting notified when my packages have arrived!

Nice facilities with a good location to both the city and campus. However, the office crew is incompetent and the rent is far too expensive for the quality of the units.

The ballpark is a great place! The front office people are great and friendly. Ghe only down side is the maintenance request. There has been multiple requests and none have been completed.

Ballpark has been okay. I only wished you guys were more responsive to maintenance issues and concerns. Your system for moving in was also inefficient since at some point there was only one person doing most of the work for each part of the check in...

Never had any problems. Glad I've signed there so far the staff is very friendly. One of the better decisions I've made aas for me to live there

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they are doing great. the living place looks great and clean. everyone is friendly in the apartment. the staff in leasing office is kind too.