Plan to stay here for a while - really like the quietness, the outdoor yard spaces, and my neighbors. Management does their duty and everything seems to run smoothly.

Great service with the maintenance ,and the management, always doing everything on time,thanks for the good job.keep the good work and great actitude.

I have no complaints. It's a nice quiet complex. When I've needed maintenance it's always done quickly. The staff is pleasant and easy to work with. I have not been able to make it to the movie nights, but I think that's a neat idea.

I love living here! Very quiet and safe! Friendly neighbors too! I will definitely be renewing my lease. Probably my favorite apartment so far!

You have no worries with Bar Harbor, from the office staff to maintenance personnel, we are taken care of. Our staff is always visible and eager to assist us in our needs, whatever they may be. Reliable information is given us by staff, work orders are filled and completed within less than 24 hours. Grounds are kept clean and attractive. This is truly a family oriented community.

I have been living in this community since 4 years and till date the experience is very good. I have only positive things to say about the staff.

My only complaints are that there isn't a dog run area and that many of the other pet owners don't pick up after their animals. Maybe providing poop bags would help?

I've been at Bar Harbor Apartments for almost 2 years. I love the community and the staff. I have nothing but great things to say about the apartments

Over 18 months and counting- my longest stay in any one apartment. Work order assistance from the apartment office can sometimes be delayed but the job is well done.

Love my apartment and the staff in the office! The pool and work out area are perfect and my neighbors feel like family. It is nice to live in a place that feels safe and like home.

Great place to live. Staff is friendly and helpful. Maintenance requests taken care of quickly and efficiently. The grounds and flowers are well maintained

There's only one girl in the office that I like but she's super nice. There's never bugs in the apartment. Like I've never even seen a spider so that's cool. I don't like that it always smells like cigarettes outside but I guess that can't really be helped.

Reply from Bar Harbor Apartments


Love living here. The office staff and maintenance are very prompt with everything. Nice people all around. I definitely recommend living here.

I have live at this apartments for over 2 years and I like the area, I like the people that run this property. Anytime I have an issue with my apartment their response is almost immediate. I would gladly recommend this place to my friends.

I love living here . It is a very Calm environment . I have had No problems with the apartment or its employees. It was a great decision to move here

Just renewed lease for my third year here. Neighbors and office staff truly make this place feel like home. Close to the bay AND shopping! Love this place!

Very pleased! I have lived here for 9 months and have enjoyed. No ploblems and staff is pleasant to be around. Met a lot of fun people that enjoy Houston weather and having a good time. Plan on renewing.

Great office and maintenance staff! Always very efficient and professional nice and clean apartments! Convenient area and easy access to 146!

Great place to live, no complaints. The staff is friendly and helps with any issues that may arise. Love the grounds and the pool/hot tub are always nice and clean!

Haven't moved in yet, but all the ladies in the front are amazing! They will answer all your questions no matter how big or small they might be.

The management team at Bar Harbor is the best around. They're very easy to work with and they take care of things right away. They made sure to find an apartment that suited me with neighbors I'd like and get along with. I recommend Bar Harbor!

I like it here. I love the property manager and maintenance director. These two are what make it feel like a home more than an apartment. When I moved in I planned to buy a home after one year, but I've been here for three years now, because I like it well enough to stay until I find the perfect place instead of leaving to buy "good enough, and it's not an apartment". Says alot!

I have just moved in and everything is going well. My neighbors are nice, and there hasn't been any noise issues. I love the large closet, and fireplace. I painted mine as an accent wall and it really helps to add a personal feel to the place.

Always prompt with maintenance, and the staff is always friendly. I've been living here for years. I've never had real a reason to complain.

I have lived in the complex for 6 months and so far I am very impressed on how fast they have responded to all maintenance issues! I love that its a small community, I do wish they had apartments available for people without dogs... sometimes the barking can get a bit annoying and having people bringing their dogs to do their "thing" to the front of your apartment and not picking it up its not a nice thing. If it wasn't for the dog issues I would give the complex a 5 star rating.