The apartment is very spacious and nice. Furniture needed some cleaning up upon move in, but nothing major. Maintenance is very responsive. Hallways and trashrooms could be cleaner.

I am mostly satisfied with my experience here this year. In a previous survey a year or two back, I mentioned that the events seemed to end abruptly after move in, and it seems like this issue has been resolved, as there are now constant events.

I have been having a few issues with in my apartment lately. Management is working on the problems, however I would like to see more done. Thank you.

no way to know which floor the elevator is on except on the 1st floor. Sometimes it wastes time. There are many activities but I have time conflicts most of the time

Good as a whole. There are a lot of events in Burnham 310. Really welcome to the residents. The location is very convenient. The county market is right here. But the maintenance doesn't respond in a hurry.

I have enjoyed the community and the gym. I always wanted a gym nearby since I never had one close to me for the past 3 years. Also the sound proof walls are really helpful.

The location is perfect. Some suggestions: equipment for lower-body exercises is needed in the gym; the noise from the elevator is so large which should be reduced by insulator materials. And it will be better if some staff can keep her word actively looking for the solution to resident's complaints.

Burnham 310 is a great place to live because of all of the renovations that have been done, the addition of a virtual fitness lounge, and it’s easy access to the grocery store.

It is a good apartment. All the facilities are well worked. nice location. County market down and nearby the apartment. 10 min walk to my department building. great!

burnham 310 is a very nice apartment the maintainence come really quick to fix things and they are really nice the ra is really nice too. But the gym is kinda bad

I love all the amenities this building has and the space is absolutely perfect, especially with the high ceilings. It has a bit of a hipster coffee shop feel on the inside so I really love that, the industrial kind of design is awesome.

The location of the burnham 310 is pretty good. I also like the amenities. However the model and the real apartments are not the same. Also we’re told that we can stay on the south side before we signed the lease but then we learned that there’s no 3b/b apartment on the south side. So we’re ended up staying on west!

This place has everything University students need. from amazing amenities that include Gym, fitness room, multiple study rooms, free printing, amazing staff, and management.

It has been a good experience so far, and I have enjoyed living at Burnham. It's rare to find units with private baths in Champaign. The interiors are nice as well!

Great location and amenities.Could improve on maintenance and apartment conditions on check in. Great appliances and furniture. Low noise level, near bus top and county market. Great apartment managers.

So far so good. I like the high ceiling, and huge windows. Half star had to be removed due to lack of benchpress and weight disks at gym / thin wall in bedroom.

Burnham 310 is a great apartment, in an excellent location. It provides a great "home" feeling, along with excellent views and great on site resources.

So far has been great, maintenance and everyone has been super helpful. Only downside is water and internet spikes but they are not very often.

The building is nice. It’s been very difficult to pay my rent and utilities which has been frustrating. Also, I don’t know why the front stairs of the building keep getting repainted and are closed off all the time.

The maintenance staff is very helpful. They always fix the problems very quickly. Package room is also very convenient to use. You can access your package any time you like.

Very nice apartments with a ton of room. I really enjoy the on demand fitness room. Maintenance is on time and polite. I also enjoy all the events Burnham puts on for us!

Overall this is a great community and I would definitely recommend my friends to live at here. What I love most is the management office and the self checkout package room and lots of cute pets

Excellent view from upper floors with a rapid response to maintenance requests. The leasing office efficiently processes renewals and access to underground parking will be very helpful in the winter.

I am enjoying living at my apartment more than anywhere near in this city. I hope others find the same opinion and I would like to refer my friend to live here.

Its been pretty good. Apartment has great amenities and very prompt maintenance. In addition its location is very convenient. Being so close to a super market really helps