Great place to live - relatively quiet featuring modern units with large windows and high ceilings, and all utilities included. The only downside is the steep rent.

big livingroom, clean bathrooms and hallway. free food events are great too. I've been living here for 3 years, cannot think of any other places to live on this campus

Great place to live. I lived here during undergrad and now I live here for here grad school. Clean facilities, great pricing for all utilities, great location, and friendly staff.

Awesome place to live in !! I would like to recommend to anyone living in Champaign-Urbana to consider Burnham 310 as a choice to live in. Very close to campus as well.

Burnham 310 is great, but very expensive. The apartments do not come furnished with a desk in the room, so you have to share the living space.

Pretty good! Except that the utility bills during the winter is a bit outrageous... It's pretty obvious that central Illinois winter gets cold, but I thought the rent included utilities? Or the building itself must have poor insulation

great! maintainess are fast and friendly. The fitness center is great. Location is convenient especially near to county market. Indoor parking is great.

burnham has provided good home to me for 3 yrs. the staff are nice. environment cannot be more safe and convenient. i would recommend this place to others.

good, nice person, wonderful facility, 24 hours day to night, safe and happy campus life. I can get all i want from lease office. It is a good choice to live here

Maintenance is extremely timely and responsive to all requests, really love the new package pick-up system. I'm not sure if the hallways for each floor are cleaned/vacuumed on a daily basis minus weekends - some trash lies in the hallways for a few days.

The experience was nice. I like the fact that they had community living events organized for residents. I wish that they would have stricter pet policies regarding clean up. Maybe it would be beneficial to get a pick up station installed.

EXCELLENT, everyone around this community are families and know each other really well. unlike other places, these people have respect to the residents.

Facilities are great, and there are also a lot of events ($250 gift cards, free pizza, unofficial cups etc) that are open to residents. It was a great experience to live here.

it's a great apartment to leave in champaign. First of all, it's really safe around burnham. And it's really convenient to buy stuffs as the county is just beside the burnham.