I do not like the food. Biggest problem. I also do not like how it's relatively far from campus. One thing I like about this place is how they do small events

DONT LIVE HERE!! Cambridge is the worst choice for student housing besides living on campus. Their location is "close to campus" meaning a few blocks from the university golf course

I was very excited to live here but that quickly diminished. The rooms are tiny and the food is terrible. I am wasting my money by being here because I'm having to buy food anyway.

It was not what I expected. I thought it would be just like living in a dorm and meeting new people but it’s not like that at all! Honestly I would not recommend living here if your not a freshman.

i hated it , food wasn’t good, housekeeping never cleaned anything! the elevator NEVER works the only good thing is that you can print for free

It took much longer than the lease agreement specified for me to receive the renewal bonus promised. The check that was sent from the owners of the Cambridge to community rewards was apparently lost during Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunate, but a contract is a contract. I wonder if they would have that much lenience if someone couldn't pay their lease for a couple of months.

I had a lot of problems with my room that should have been addressed before I moved in. Things like mold in the bathroom, ice in freezer, and dirt all over fan.

Provide a better workout facility, make the kitchen stay open longer, upgrade the kitchens in each room with at least a sink/ stove, don't charge for parking because no one is actually gonna get towed

The place is eh for the money it costs to stay her I will not be living here again next year at all. Many things went wrong throughout the year.

Living here was not what I was told it was going to be like. I was told on the tour that this was the place to be Freshman year, so far it hasn't been that at all.

I like the food a ton at cambridge, except for how early it closes. it's great how we get our rooms cleaned weekly and have a great facility.

We have had a difficult time getting maintenance to take care of water problems, and problems with are neighbors being too loud. Other than that, this location hasn't been bad.

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Lots of things need to be renovated. Hallway always smells like sewage. Very non understanding with me trying to get out of my lease. Food is always over cooked

It hasn't been that great, the food has good days and bad days. The rooms weren't anything like the model rooms and we were promised stuff that never happened

It's not terrible.. I like the apartment overall and maintenance isn't something I can complain about because they're great, but the food's repetitive, the fitness center NEEDS an upgrade i.e. a squat rack and more options, the cleaning service does not clean well (there's mold in our bathroom, dust EVERYWHERE, unvacuumed carpet, and smeared dirty mirrors almost always), there's no actual kitchen which REALLY sucks, the furniture could be way better for what we're paying, there are sugar ants everywhere even after maintenance so-called sprayed insecticide, cockroaches and crickets in the halls, the second floor hall always smells like death, I hate being charged to do my laundry as if I wasn't paying enough for everything else already, and the noise outside is annoying as hell. Other than that, it's not terrible..

I have not enjoyed my stay very much it has been very isolated the first week people didn't even know I lived there. I will not be renewing my lease...

There needs to be more options available to earn points. There are not that many gift cards to choose from. Cambridge is not a very good place to live.

The food is not really up to par for what we are paying for the cambridge. You can get a much nicer place for what you pay here and I will be moving

many cons few pros about living here. overall just decent nothing more. most people living here just "stand" living here or put up with living here its really nothing special

I love it here so far l, I love that there's always good food right below me when I get hungry, but I just wish there were more ways to meet people

Overall, The Cambridge is an okay place to live. I will say that the cafe staff seem rather unfriendly and also the roof is falling apart. I get that it’s rained a lot, but the construction is an inconvenience and I feel that I pay too much for what I get.

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Facilities are nice. Housekeeping is promoted as more than it is. Cafeteria is problematic. Employees are often in violation of standard food safety regs (ie wearing sandals while preparing food, cross contamination of cooked and raw foods, etc...). Kitchen is not always open when it’s supposed to be.

The halls smell like mildew and the cafeteria could be a lot better. I've been living there for 2 weeks and the maid service hasn't came yet. I do like my apartment but I'm paying way too much for it.

Okay place to live but a little expensive for the quality of the rooms and food. It’s a good place to live as a freshman. There are much better places to live.