The food in the cafeteria often gets a little boring but overall it is a nice place to live and the community aspect that is presented there is great.

Pretty good place. Food can be repetitive. Pretty chill and RA's are cool. Nice place with nice rooms, nice to have a cleaning service. Plenty of events and parties

The Cambridge is a great place to live. Most of the RAs are very friendly and love to help you when needed. I have lived here for 2 years and it's been good!

The food is surprisingly good! The food is my favorite part. I love the pool, and the computer lab. I think it's a good place for freshman living

It's pretty nice, and it has very few issues. A kitchenette would be a nice addition along with a kitchen sink. It's hard to wash dishes and such in the bathroom.

I love living at the Cambridge. Lots of friends and great experiences. Wifi could be better, but it't not terrible. Love studying around everyone else!

I love living at cambridge! The food is amazing, and the people that work here are always there to help! It is a great place to meet people, and I definitely recommend it to my future aggies!

Everything is great. The staff is polite and helpful both at the desk and cafeteria. The wifi is a little weak but definitely an issue that can be worked past.

I love it here! The food is great and the workers are friendly. The amenities are much appreciated and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would recommend this place to my friends!

Cambridge is great! There's always stuff to do and I've met so many people. Plus, the RA's are really good at getting people involved and are always super helpful!

I love Cambridge!!! I have met a lot of new people here. Only issue I have is how strict the cafeteria rules are but I understand why they are so strict!!

Everyone is very friendly and the food is amazing! It has made the transition to college life much easier than I expected it to be. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.

I am having a wonderful time here. The food is fantastic and it is a clean facility. I would not want to live anywhere else. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind.

Great! I absolutely love living here! The food is great and i love the 4 bed room living. My roommates are great and we get along fine. I'm glad I get the chance to live here!

It has been a pleasure living here so far for almost 3 years! I live in an efficiency but as a single, and I have plenty of room and my own bathroom! However, when I lived here my freshman year, I had a roommate in the efficiency room for the first semester, and it was not enough space for two and got very crowded. The staff is very nice, and the food is AMAZING at the dining hall! I also appreciate how Cambridge has its own workout facility (since I am a runner and train for races several times a week). The events put together by the Cambridge staff are also quite fun; my favorites have been the karaoke social, Halloween party, and Casino Night Formal. I also love how Cambridge has shuttle services that pick up in front of the property, and it's only a short drive from campus. I would HIGHLY recommend living in the Cambridge, especially if you are a hard worker and stress out frequently, because the environment, food, and events also help relieve stress!

I am very pleased with the Cambridge it's nice being able to wake up and just walk downstairs to get some decent food. The cafeteria is proably the best part about this place.

I love it here!!! If the wifi was better, I would give it 5 stars! The staff, food, service and facilities are all really great!! I love how safe I feel here

Great! The RAs are friendly and awesome! The amenities are clean and neat. I met so many people at Cambridge and the residents are so chill here.

Cambridge at College Station is a enjoyable place to live for your first year. They have a cafeteria, workout room, game-room, nice pool to have fun in. Honestly it's enjoyable. Would recommend to people.

I love living at Cambridge! The staff is always very friendly and ready to help you if you need something. They amenities are great and my living space is awesome.

I love living here! I have meet so many friends here. The study room is the best place to study. The food is very good and I love that they can pack me a lunch to take to school its like being at home.

I have enjoyed my experience here at The Cambridge. The staff is very helpful and professional. The food is pretty good and there is always a variety to choose from.

My first smestior of college wouldn't be the same without Cambridge. The roommate matching system is spot on with my ideal roommates. Along with great friends and a great atmosphere, Cambridge is great.

Great place to live, close to campus and is overall pretty cool. The staff is nice and the cooks are cool. There is a general vibe of being welcome everywhere.

I totally love living here at Cambridge! This a place that I can call HOME. They make sure that you feel like you can fit in. Every week there are new events made that truly make it a college experience.