Cambridge is awesome, I love it!! The food is delicious and the RA's are wonderful!! KATIE IS MY FAVORITE, she is very out going and I love hanging out with her!

The Cambridge is almost like a hotel. The best part about living here is all of the amenities and the positive atmosphere. The food is good, the staff is nice, the rooms are in decent shape. The location is also great, it's a quick bus ride to campus and it's in my favorite part of town. There are a few things around the building that could use some repairs, but it's a great place to live and I really like it here.

Honestly it's so nice! Cafeteria is great gotta love having food when ever you want!! And the amenities are just amazing... I mean the pool is gorgeous the weight rooms perfect.

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Awesome! I love it here! The roommate I got matched with is my best friend now. And everyone is super friendly! All the kitchen staff are very nice!

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This is my second year at Cambridge. I think the atmosphere has improved a lot since last year. The internet is a lot better and I have made many more friends.

This is an awesome place to live, lots of freshmen and great food. every one is super nice and friendly, wifi is decent and the bathrooms are good

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The Staff are pretty friendly. The food is amazing. If you have maintenance issues it will be a while before something gets fixed, but they do it right. In the cafeteria you have to try everything, it doesn't always look like it will taste good, but that's usually the best meal. Meet people and go to the events and you'll love it!

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Cambridge is a wonderful place to live. The food is delicious, and I appreciate how they offer sack lunches and hot dinners in case you are busy and don't have time to stop by the dining hall. I like how it has indoor hallways and feels very safe, and it has a hotel-type of feel to it. The staff is very nice and is willing to help. My setup is a single efficiency, and I love it (but I do not recommend living in the efficiency with a roommate, since it's not very much space for 2 people).

I moved in and all my boxes were there that I stored. Thanks for making my move in easy. Being able to go to the head of the line this year was awesome.

The Cambridge has been a great place to spend my freshman year at! The food is great, the rooms are fantastic, the amenities are relaxing. There are a bunch of resources to use and help with all kinds of school work. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Overall, The Cambridge is an awesome place which is why I am living here again next year!

I really like living here! The RA's are great and very friendly, and have made this year a good experience for me. The food here definitely beats the food I ate in high school and that was a plus for me. I could absolutely not imagine living in the dorms after spending a year at the Cambridge!

The Cambridge has been a great place to live as a freshman. The food is great and the courtyard and pool definitely are some of the best in off campus dorms. Definitely recommend it

I have enjoyed my time. The staff and the people at the front desk are always very helpful. The meals are repetitive and sometimes the dining hall closes too early.

Awesome!! Always so nice at the front desk whenever I have a question and need help. Love that there is somewhere to greet me every time I walk in! Only complaint, better wi-fi please!

Excellent. Love Cambridge . Nice people. Clean. Quiet. Good food. Knowledgeable staff. Aggie spirit. Great get together, community. Safety first

The food in the cafeteria often gets a little boring but overall it is a nice place to live and the community aspect that is presented there is great.

Pretty good place. Food can be repetitive. Pretty chill and RA's are cool. Nice place with nice rooms, nice to have a cleaning service. Plenty of events and parties

The Cambridge is a great place to live. Most of the RAs are very friendly and love to help you when needed. I have lived here for 2 years and it's been good!

The food is surprisingly good! The food is my favorite part. I love the pool, and the computer lab. I think it's a good place for freshman living

It's pretty nice, and it has very few issues. A kitchenette would be a nice addition along with a kitchen sink. It's hard to wash dishes and such in the bathroom.

I love living at the Cambridge. Lots of friends and great experiences. Wifi could be better, but it't not terrible. Love studying around everyone else!

I love living at cambridge! The food is amazing, and the people that work here are always there to help! It is a great place to meet people, and I definitely recommend it to my future aggies!

Everything is great. The staff is polite and helpful both at the desk and cafeteria. The wifi is a little weak but definitely an issue that can be worked past.

I love it here! The food is great and the workers are friendly. The amenities are much appreciated and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would recommend this place to my friends!

Cambridge is great! There's always stuff to do and I've met so many people. Plus, the RA's are really good at getting people involved and are always super helpful!