The amenities are awesome! The pool is my favorite place to do homework and the tanning bed is really convenient! The food is great, the only downside is you can't make your own. Everyone on the staff is very friendly and really tries to make you feel like your at your home away from home.

It is conventiant for a freshman, also great not to have to cook for the first year. Love the people and great to make friends quickly. Laslty, love the computer lab and movie thearter for easy access whenever we need them.

Excellent service and food at the cafeteria. Overall amenities are very convenient. RA' make the Cambridge's environment one o a kind for its residents. Apartments feature a dorm style layout and are very comfortable.

The Cambridge provides a great place to live your first year. It is good for transitioning between living at home to living on your own. I recommend it.

Great place to live!! They always have fun stuff planned throughout the year, study breaks, parties, and community service projects. Great administrators too.

I am living here because of the great rooms and awesome food! this place is the best mix between a dorm and a apartment, and is perfect for me. The food is amazing!

I think they have good food. They have a really cool pool area. I think they have good housekeeping. I feel they have really good residential advisors...

I really enjoyed the dorm like atmosphere without being on campus. It was a great first year experience and I'm glad I got the opportunity to live here.

Cambridge has been a great place to live, especially for first year students! The facility is beautiful and far better than most other off-campus student housing.

I enjoy living here but I think the cafe should be open later and the side door to the right of the lobby should work so that I don't have to walk through the lobby and get stared at everyday after class.