Good place to transition from being at home to being on your own. Food is a little repetitive and dining staff doesn't always act like they want to be there. Overall a good freshman off campus dorm.

The Cambridge is like a hotel, nothing about it seems like the typical dorm that everyone groans about having to live in. The staff are exceptionally nice and the food is great.

The wifi still needs improving, but I am satisfied with the rest of my experience. The front desk is always manned, and I get mail and assistance there in a very timely manner.

In general it is nice living here. The food down in the cafe is good, and they always have lots of options. Sometimes it is super slow to have maintenance requests filled.

I really enjoyed the helpfulness of the RAs. There is definitely some room for improvement. The cleaning services could be much better. Overall i would recommend

It is a good alternative to dorms, however don't rely too much on housekeeping; they do very little. The food could be better also, but the convenience of the cafeteria is very nice.

Spacious rooms, great amenities, huge dining hall, pool, game room, movie room, what more could you ask for? Maintenance is a little slow sometimes, my only complaint. Overall great place to live.

Cambridge at College Station is like dorm like but it's more luxurious, they provide a huge theater room. They also have computer lab with unlimited printing which is really helpful!

Great experience with Cambridge! Very nice community close to A&M and Sorority Row. Great amenities and the floorplans of the apartments are awesome!

the maids do a poor job of cleaning. the kitchen staff is rude. It is ridiculous to have to pay $15 for a new ID card. Would not recommend to friends. Am not staying here next year.

I have only been living there almost a seated but have enjoyed my stay so far. Love being on the bus route and so close to campus. Very convenient.

The rooms could use more maintenance and upkeep over the summer when no one is living in them. I understand food is hard to make in bulk, but a few more options that are healthy would be nice.

My experience at the cambridge has been great. The staff is friendly and the conveniences it provides from scantrons to meals is very nice for a freshman at A&M

Living at Cambridge has been a pretty big joy so far. The food is good, the RA's are nice, the place is pretty clean as well. All in all, I'm very glad I chose to live here.

The Cambridge is a great place to stay for college students' first couple of years. They provide mostly everything a student needs and have good services.

Great place to live! I could not imagine living anywhere else! The food is amazing and everyone is so friendly. The wifi can be a little spotty but it is fixed within a day or two.

Residents and RA's are great, and food is usually pretty good! Everyone's always super nice, and I enjoy all of the amenities. The only issue I've had is that there have been many bugs in my room, but overall I enjoy my experience here.

Cambridge is a great place to stay your freshman year. Lots of fun activities to take part in, plenty of ways to meet new friends. The staff is so nice and the food is good, too!

Fantastic place to stay for college. Bus is regular, food is great, and staff is devoted! There is ample parking and the rooms come with cable, furniture, and even a fridge.

Cambridge is awesome, I love it!! The food is delicious and the RA's are wonderful!! KATIE IS MY FAVORITE, she is very out going and I love hanging out with her!

The Cambridge is almost like a hotel. The best part about living here is all of the amenities and the positive atmosphere. The food is good, the staff is nice, the rooms are in decent shape. The location is also great, it's a quick bus ride to campus and it's in my favorite part of town. There are a few things around the building that could use some repairs, but it's a great place to live and I really like it here.

Honestly it's so nice! Cafeteria is great gotta love having food when ever you want!! And the amenities are just amazing... I mean the pool is gorgeous the weight rooms perfect.

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food is not the best they need more of a variety and if it is unlimited we should be able to leave with some food. also no one really comes out of their rooms and are shut ins

Awesome! I love it here! The roommate I got matched with is my best friend now. And everyone is super friendly! All the kitchen staff are very nice!

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This is my second year at Cambridge. I think the atmosphere has improved a lot since last year. The internet is a lot better and I have made many more friends.