My experience here has been wonderful!! The students who live are are extremely nice and the staff is so helpful and welcoming! I especially love the staff who works in the cafe. They are so great!

So far it's been great! Cambridge is convienant and a great environment/place to spend your freshman year transitioning into college. I love the atmosphere!

This community is very friendly, and there are freshman of all disciplines living here. Its very easy to meet new people and the food is amazing compared to on campus food choices.

I really enjoy it here 😊 It's peaceful and a great place to call home. I like the events they schedule for the dorm on occasion, they are really fun!

Really good. I'm having a blast at cambridge and I would totally recommend it to future people who don't know where to stay. I love the mixers you guys do, especially watch parties.

I love it here! The food is great and the workers are friendly. The amenities are much appreciated and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would recommend this place to my friends!

Everything's great! There's always a helping hang when I need it, the RAs are super informed about everything, and I can always get a good meal from the caf!

It is pretty good. Earning points is easy and convenient to where I can do it from my phone. I haven't encountered any problems so I'm giving a pretty good review. I'm just not a fan of all the sharing.

I love living at the Cambridge. The people are friendly, the food is great (and paid for) and there is always something going on! Only down side is that the bus route can be inconvenient

My cafe is my favorite part of Cambridge. The food is good and the people friendly. The hall events have been great. I'm exited for the Smash Bros tournament in Nov.

Cambridge has done a good job. Some things need improve but most things are great! They have great good and fun activities to involve yourself in

I love everything about cambridge so far. The only down side is the awful wifi and bugs! I have had several crickets and other bugs in my room!

The Cambridge is absolutely terrific. The rooms are great and the community is a fantastic way to meet new people, especially in an environment where it's not so easy to do so.

Nice community feeling at Cambridge. Only issues I have had is the café closing early and not having any wifi connection from my room what so ever. besides that very friendly and nice place to live

The facilities and amenities are generally great, but the wifi is very unreliable and housekeeping as well. Overall the food is good and there are lots of options

The Cambridge at College Station is a nice place to live. The cafeteria has strict hours and is not very allergy friendly for take home lunches, but they always offer great variety.

I love it here so far l, I love that there's always good food right below me when I get hungry, but I just wish there were more ways to meet people

Food is generally good. The rooms are really nice and comfortable to stay in. The computer lab is great, especially with the free printing! And the pool area and rest of the vicinity is pretty!

Cambridge is such a fun place to live! I love to workout so it's great that the gym is right around the corner from me. The food here is amazing too! Some of the things they cook here are my favorite foods by far! It's an awesome place to meet people also!

I love living at cambridge. The food is decent & the rooms are nice. They also do a great job with roommate matching! I would recommend living here.

It's kinda expensive, however I'm pleased with the majority of resources offered. I wish the cafe was open later. For the most part my experience has been great!

Cambridge is a great place to live your freshman year. You're surrounded by a ton of other freshmen in the same position you're in so it's easy to make a lot of friends and have fun with them. The cafeteria is the best part. With unlimited meals, you never have to worry about when you'll be eating next

I liked living at Cambridge because it was a good place for freshman to live and meet new people. I like how everything was convenient, we had a cafe, a printer, and places to study.

The food here is excellent. The staff is always friendly to everyone. If there is ever a problem it gets taken care of. Also I have the TSHA scholarship.

The food that is less than 100 yards from my room, no community baths, maids, and also the poker night that was alot of fun. Lastly, the bus service is the first drop off and the last pick up, so going to and from campus is really easy and you dont need your car to much which means less gas, more savings!