Apparently you do not need to have any prior experience to be work in the office. So might as well apply and try to get a new staff in there because the current one does the bare minimum

Campus Court used to be the best place to live in Kalamazoo. It has gone down hill quickly and I wish I would have looked for housing elsewhere this year. The amount you pay for rent is not worth it - go to Bronco Club or the Arbs and you will be 10x happier with both the amenities and quality of living.

Hands down the worst living expirence I have ever expirenced. My housing did not have heat or air conditioning and Campus Court did not care at all.

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This place absolutely sucks! They do not care about you and making you happy, all they care about is money. Well when your heat goes out for 6 days in the middle of winter and no one cares to fix it properly, that is an issue. It is absolutely freezing in our apartment and "theres nothing they can do about it because maintenance is not here today"....hmm well here's a thought, call them since they have been here the past 3 days and have failed to fix our heat. Maybe get someone educated enough to fix heat or call an outside source. You guys are going to be dealing with it if it does not get fixed. This is absolutely ridiculous. There are many other problems in this apartment. I am pretty convinced we were thrown into the shittiest apartment here. The dryer barely works, the fridge freezes all your food, the stove is a disaster, the floor was all torn up when we moved in, there are dead spots in the floors, the doors do not lock properly, and carpet was all stained. I advise people to NOT LIVE HERE because it is so shitty. Maybe think about your residents a little more and less about money!

When moving into CC, the apartments are not up to par. Meaning, they were not cleaned from the previous owners, cords everywhere, etc. Maintenance is terrible, it takes over a week for them to get anything done for you - when all we see them doing is smoking and messing around in the golf carts. Office staff is just as bad, they are extremely rude when asking for help, they don't know anything about the actual complex. Not to mention - the prices are ridiculously high for a complex that is NOT worth that much.

To be completely honest, I hate this place. The only thing they care about is money and if it wasn't for their location, they would have nothing going for them. The workers are rude and don't help you with anything. They just say what you want to hear but it's all false. Rent is expensive and not worth your money. I've been here for 3 months and I've had so many problem with my apartment. Either it's rusty water or a broken cabinet somehow. On another note, I haven't had wifi since I've moved in (which was in August) and we are just now getting it. I would not refer my friends to live here at all! They can easily find a better and cheaper place.

Overall I haven't had a great experience, we've had fleas since week one and we've told campus court about it numerous times but the staff continues to do nothing so we are just trying to live with it. Definitely won't resign next year

Pipes are terrible and the water keeps coming through the ceiling. The wifi was a problem but now it's fixed and the sink keeps clogging, no one knows why.

When I was little, I thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners. Truth is, love is giving her half your fries when she said she wasn’t hungry.

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This complex needs to seriously consider updating their lease and changing their parking policies before I would ever consider signing a lease here. I have to park in Lawson Ice Arena’s parking lot, which is an 8 minute walk from my apartment, when I’m already paying an outrageous amount of rent to live in my tiny one bedroom apartment, which was added an extra fee of $100 per month due to sharing. One would think that a $100 fee would include a parking pass for this complex, or at least an option to purchase one, but this complex cares about nothing other than making a profit. On days where big events are happening I have to pay money to leave and return to my parking spot and plan my traveling for the day accordingly, which is an outrageous inconvenience for such an expensive apartment. Our parking lot is at about 40% capacity right now since people have left for the summer, and the office still refuses to let me park in front of my own apartment. So I have to walk past a not even half full parking lot through the rest of the complex and up a hill every morning when I need to use my car, which is a completely unnecessary inconvenience considering the spots are not being used, but the management will not listen to reason. Parking is the one rule this apartment complex actually enforces. In the lease it clearly states there are no motorcycles allowed. There are motorcycles everywhere in the complex though, and clearly no action is taken about it, even though the lease is being broken. We pointed out when we called the office to request a different parking pass for the summer that there is a motorcycle parked in front of our window, and that one resident is keeping two vehicles here and breaking the lease. We were told they are not aware of the situation and essentially not concerned about it. There is also a section in the lease that states dogs are not to be walked without leashes, yet people constantly let their dogs run around the complex freely. My small dog has been attacked multiple times by large dogs because they are not leashed. However this is clearly not a rule that is cracked down on, even though it’s dangerous. The complex is clearly more concerned with making sure residents are not parking in open spots. Campus Court has two rules which make sense to have in the lease, but choose to not enforce. Then they have a totally empty parking lot and refuse to give residents who pay rent the ability to park in front of their apartment when there is an empty parking lot because so many people have moved for the summer. This complex is money hungry, and completely inconsistent with the rules they choose to enforce. The only good experiences I have taken away from living here is the friendliness and promptness from the maintenance workers. I will recommend Campus Court to nobody because it is 100% not worth the outrageous rates for the service you receive.

It's hard for me to pay my rent because I can't tell how I am supposed to pay it online and I am not really able to go into the office because I work all day 8-5

office staff is never really helpful, they always seem unsure, and they all will tell you something different. Residents in the area, have not made it the most pleasant area to live.

never respond to maintenance requests. chargers for ridiculous things like trash being outside for more than 5 hours. my neighbor left beers outside and we were charged, wasn't our beer.

Upon move in common areas where very dirty and not cleaned since previous owners moved out. Carpets were not cleaned till after we moved in.

The people are friendly, but you can tell they are trying to sell. The apartment i ended up in was nothing like what they told me. The way they make things seem are not how they end up at all.

I had a situation where I had to get out of my apartment for my safety and management didn't help me until I mentioned lawyers. I also came home from work during Christmas break and found someone had been in my apartment. They never told me they were going to be there.

I pay for WiFi that doesn't work at all. Zero internet access. I don't understand how everyone person pays 500 a month, and some how you guys are to cheap to get working internet.

Move in day was not good. Some staff were rude to me. It's getting better as we move further in the semester but last year was much better than this

Overall, I would rate my experience as average. I had a rough move-in, but the apartment itself is pretty nice. The apartment was dirty at move in but it is a decent place to live.

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nice ammenities when they work - fridge looked like a boxing work out and the garbage disposal doesn't dispose. Unfortunate to pay such an exuberant amount of money on rent for a unit that looks so uncared for and mistreated. A window that opens + lacks a screen on the second story does not represent safety or enforcing legal policies. As nice as they make these apartments look, be able to show discretion between types of employees

The workers in the office don't seem to care about politeness. Also, I hate the fact that residents who have a lease already with you cannot keep their same rate or the fact that when the lease is over we have a period of "homelessness". I would think you would care to make sure your residents want to come back and not compromising with them doesn't help.

Location is okay although I know a lot of people who have heard of people peaking in their windows. The summer is fun because they have the best pool. But that's about it. Cars get broken into, stolen or vandalized. Way overpriced, everything breaks, it's loud, and staff isn't all that helpful.

Disappointed in the price for what we are receiving as residents. Raised prices for next year without adding anything to complex or updating apartments.

The less than optimal noise level and parking is to be expected, considering the college environment. There always seems to be something wrong in the leasing office. (The door is broken, shut down the gym at 5, the pool in the summer, the printer, computers, etc.) and none of the staff seem to even ACT as though they care. I have never lived in a community where maintenance took more than 3 days to fix an issue of an urgent nature. But again, the staff doesn't seem to care. I will not be renewing my lease, and certainly not referring anyone whom I would consider a friend.

Great job! Love the workers and how they comply with me and my roommates and our needs! Really helpful and useful with all the questions that I have