I love the food days in the leasing office. Maintenance is prompt and friendly. Unit has nice wood floors and exceptional stainless steel appliances.

Live living here. The people are very nice and they are quite friendly. Can be alittle loud in the early morning if you live by maintenance.

Campus Court is a great place! By far one of the nicest places to live. Even though it's a little pricey, it is well worth it. I like how it is close enough to walk to campus. The community is great and the staff is very welcoming when you need help or have question!

The staff here is extremely helpful and friendly. They have been there to help out whenever I have a maintenance issue. The only issue I have had so far is the upkeep of the apartment from previous years.!

The office staff is extremely nice but we were disappointed with the overall readynice of our apartment when we moved in. Also we have multiple work orders that we placed the week we moved in (September) which still haven't been addressed (end of October)

I love Campus Court. Compared to the last apartment I lived in, the management here is incredible. The entire property is always clean. Dumpsters always emptied. Clubhouse is awesome and often provides lunch/snacks/coffee. Staff is friendly and reliable.

Most of the time I'm pleased with the services applied and given. I'm also happy with the effort that's put in to try an please everyone.uuu

Disappointed in the price for what we are receiving as residents. Raised prices for next year without adding anything to complex or updating apartments.

Very nice complex. Very dog friendly. Well maintained. Only concern is the limited parking. Close to campus and other fast food restaurants.

I have enjoyed Campus Court since the first day I moved in. It felt welcoming to me when I came to visit my friend who lived here last year. I decided I wanted to live here the following year, and next year as well because of that one time I felt like I was welcome.

Campus Court has a nice, safe atmosphere. Maintenance staff is very helpful. Although it is loud due to the high amount of college students in one area it is a nice place to live, especially with free tanning and the gym.

Very nice place to live, is kept clean and has a Hong environment. Only negative review is the turnover time of matinence, takes a while for that.

Campus Court is a great place to live. Our community is by far the most beautiful and friendly neighborhood surrounding WMU. If you're just moving out of the dorms and looking for a great place, Campus Court is the fit for you.

The process for signing the lease was a little confusing. But, it was easy to figure out for the most part. I would recommend sending out a confirmation email that the lease on both sides was complete.

Love it! Best place ever to live really close to campus and everywhere else you would need to go. The upkeep of this place is great and the pool is nice!

This is a great apartment complex, I enjoy how you keep the community involved in everything. You treat your residents like family and the buildings are very nice.

Great customer service with friendly staff. My last apartment complex had an awful office staff. That was the main reason I left and switched to campus court

I feel like maintenance needs to work a little harder. I know there are a lot of residents in here with a lot of needs, but it shouldn't take 2 months to fix something. Also, if maintenance puts something in your apartment they should probably leave you a note informing you that they did it.

I love living here at campus court. I've never had any complaints. The apartments are nice, I'm really close to campus and the staff is always friendly and helpful!

I have enjoyed my time here at campus court so far but you guys have to open the basketball courts, come on mannnn. Otherwise everythign else is semi good. takes a while for work orders to get fixed

I enjoy the hospitality everyone shows here. My only issue was moving into an apartment that had cat pee sitting there all summer and it's going to take over a week to clean it.

The experience has been good! Although slightly loud at times, the apartment and pool and facilities are great. I love having parking right by my apt. Some of the workout equipment isn't working correctly, but there are other options there.

I love living here. Rent is steep but it really is worth it. I love that everyone is social and gets together. The pool is a huge bonus in the summertime.

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A bit on the expensive side, but it can be worth it for the short walk to campus and the quality of the apartments. Campus court is a prime location.

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Great, friendly service in the main office, and maintenance always quick to respond to service requests. Right next to the knollwood disc golf course, too!

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