I love living here so far. The staff is amazing and always so nice. I am always greeted with a smile when people come into the office and the girls working at the front desks are always so helpful. I love the pool and being able to go to the gym at all hours of the night is awesome, too !

Complex needs updated, many of my appliances just randomly stop working or are super dirty from previous tenants. Maintenance team is great, one of the reasons I stayed throughout the 2 years.

Decent living situation, but not as luxury as i previously expected. Unfortunantly, for the price, i think that there would be better service fr.om the staff

I have loved most of my stay at campus pointe. When I moved in my place was pretty dirty but Jackie took care of it very quickly. But since she has left I have got random charges for leaving garbage outside of my own door for less than 24 hours and was charged $6.25. This seems ridiculous to me because it was filed as “damage” but overall I think I just miss Jackie being In charge.

I very much enjoy living here. My neighbors make all types of noises, but living on the third floor helps block a lot of other noise. The one thing that concerns me is that there are wasps near our living room window and one has come in our apartment before. They fly in between our walkways and they have no where to go because its netted in. The area was bombed by maintenance in the fall sometime in November, and I think it may need to be bombed again.

Decent sized housing located in a nice neighborhood. Good and professional customer services in the office. The fact that there is a fitness room with plenty of useful exercise equipment inside the office building free for resident use is a plus.

The place was nice but was given to us in an absolute filthy state. The closet doors all over the apartment constantly fell apart. The dryer start button broke like 5 times like come on

Absolutely loved living at campus pointe made some really good memories living in this apartment that I won’t ever forget. The clubhouse is super nice and has everything you could even think of wanting

I loved living on the first floor and it is so close to campus. The area is a little dirty from parties. The maintenance requests are always handled the day I submit them. Overall a little pricy but a good place to live.

The CAs are nice, the managers not so much. I've had to go back and forth with management over the same issues too many times, I feel they should've been resolved the first time. Looking forward to moving out and never looking back.

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I really love the set up of the apartments at campus pointe. I feel like I have enough room to be comfortable but I’m not overwhelmed. I also love the amenities and feel like the gym, pool and tanning beds are great!!

So far everything is amazing. I just moved here to start a new life and to go to school at KSU. All of my friends love the apartment, and my roommate is also amazing.

Great apartments just could use nicer furniture and maybe more space. I love the location and I also love having my own bathroom! But I just think there could be more space in the bed room and then it would be perfect!

Great experience so far! The staff is awesome and the places are so nice!!! I love how it’s fully furnished and the ac cranks! I for sure love it here

So excited to live here next year. This place was honestly not my first choice until I took the tour. Once I took the tour I absolutely loved it. So many friendly and welcoming people and I’m so excited to move in

So far so good!! I love it here at Campus pointe the staff is so friendly. The WiFi is fast and reliable. I haven’t had a single problem with any of the utilities. I would recommend campus pointe to all who are looking for a nicely priced comfortable living arrangement.

My residence experience have been amazing so far. The staff is so attentive and helpful. There are so many awesome amenities, like the pool, tanning, and a 24 hour gym. I’m so happy I chose campus pointe!

My resident experience here is amazing! I love the value, neighborhood, amenities, and much more! It's also super close to campus! This is definitely convenient.

Nice apartment can be noisy due to college kid neighbors jut that's to be expected. Maintenance and management are nice and friendly. Always willing to help

Living at Campus Pointe has been my favorite-- I lived in Province and personally I prefer Pointe because of how much you get for you money. Not to mention, if you ask for anything they will supply!

Bad quality amenities that break often. Clubhouse is supposed to be 24/7 but never is. Bathrooms are big and spacious. Dryer takes at least 2-3 times to dry clothes

I do like the area a lot! I also love the people that work in the office because they are always polite and courteous. Another reason I truly enjoy living here at Campus Pointe is because of the easy—access gym and free tanning that are included within the lease!

Love the community!! I can't wait to live here. All my friends love the campus point. The apartments are spacious and up to date. Great location as well.

campus pointe is a very nice place and comfortable for student.and the stuff are friendly and helpful ❤️Also I’m thankful to be one of campus pointe residents

The rent is very high for the apartment you get in my opinion. I wouldn’t pay more than $550 total for what you’d get. The shower has very little temperature control, you either get too hot, lukewarm, or cold. The paint on the walls comes off super easily. The parking is good, I’ve never had to park far away from my apartment. The leasing office tries their best but doesn’t do great sometimes. It feels like you have to be more knowledgeable than them to get anything you need done. The club house isn’t very well maintained. The location is very convenient for me. It’s not terrible, definitely one of the better options in Kent, just not entirely worth the cost.