Haven't moved in yet but my best friend has been there a year and I'm there every weekend it's an amazing situation and I can wait to move in

I haven’t moved in yet, but as of right now I am enjoying the idea of it. Move in month is going to be here very soon. I’m glad that the signing of leases was simple. I even won a gift card.

I really like living here it is very safe place, close to my College, good customer service and also very cheap compared to other living places

Campus Pointe is very helpful! They made moving out on my own for the first time stress free and helped ease my worry so I could focus on getting ready to go back to school. They lead you through every step of the way!

Neighbors are quiet for the most part, apartments are pretty clean, and maintenance requests are filled fast. Overall a positive living experience!

The facilities are nice, the front office staff is very sweet and helpful, and the maintenance workers are quick! I haven't had any real issues while living here. Would definitely recommend!

Noisy residents Clean apartments Amazing staff Amazing facilities Never received a gift Willing to stay more year in this apartment The staff is beyond amazing I love them all 7.5/10 %

I haven’t got to live here yet but my son does and when I visit it is great place can’t wait to live here. The place is very well maintained

Love living here! This will be year 3 living here and it has been great! Can’t beat the prices with having your own room/bathroom. Only downfall is hearing our neighbor play loud music every so often, but you get that anywhere. Great place overall!

The location of the apartments are very well. It is not to far away from campus. Surrounding stores and restaurants make it easier for me to get some food when I’m around.

Roommates are loud and prevent me sleeping/wake me up several times a week. Oven doesn’t work well, nor do washer and dryer. But overall I enjoy the apartment.

From what I know since I'm new to the apartment complex that they have an amazing staff. the rooms are also very nice it's something that you would love to experience they also have in 24 hours fitness.

CP is definitely the best place to live! It’s an amazing property with an amazing staff. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to live in!

I haven’t quite moved in yet, but so far everyone seems very nice and very helpful! I’m sure this will continue as I move in. They have been very helpful on letting me move in early so that it is more convenient to me!

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I haven't moved in yet but so far the experience has been very easy. I signed my lease on line and I am sure excited about the amenities. Everyone has been very helpful.

Great experience! Employees are always willing to help, maintenance is fast and it’s a great atmosphere! There’s always something interesting going on in the office!

I like that my roommates are awesome and that We all respect each other and hangout,campus pointe does an awesome job of including residents to events that they hold

I love staying at campus pointe. It is very convenient for me to get to my job as well as going to the grocery store. The staff is wonderful.

Living at this apartment complex has been absolutely amazing!! Everything on the property is always very clean. The staff and maintenance crew are very nice and always willing to help! I would recommend everyone to live here!!

Good so far. Disappointed to get 3rd roommate that is expecting a baby in the fall. Not sure if that will work out. And afraid her boyfriend will be here more often than not.

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I lived in Campus Pointe apartment complex in Bowling Green for two years. I subleased in and subleased out and overall both were easy processes.

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nosy office people the told me that they been watching me basically and telling me i can’t have the same people coming out my apartment more than 3 times a month .... umm lame

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The staff is friendly and great and they are very prompt if there are ever any issues. Apartment space is comfortable and very well managed, I have no complaints!

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I am a future resident and my experience so far has been excellent! Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I was very pleased by the original tour and the staff was happy to take me on another tour when my parents were in town.

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