I am happy with most aspects of my stay here. I like the location, the apartments are in good condition, and the cost is reasonable. But the one, ignorable fact is that the internet here is NOT good. By any means. If the speeds are not changed by the time my lease is up, I most certainly will be looking to move out. 5 Mbps max is an asinine speed compared to similar apartments in the area.

I like being close to campus, as well as being close to work, the interstate and shopping. The rent prices are fair as well. Only frustrating when it gets loud in the building but thats to be expected in a college centered complex.

The rooms are nice and enjoy the location, but the kids that trespass and play basketball all night keeps me up 2 to 3 nights a week. Hopefully when the cooler weather comes it will die down.

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Campus pointe is a very aesthetically pleasing and minimalist complex, that is in a ideal area of town for going out or getting provisions. It’s not very long of a commute to the university either

The management is great and so wonderful to work with, but dealing with the noise and parties is a constant battle. It would be nice if there were more restrictions on excessive noise after a certain time.

Good apartment. Serious issues though. The managers will enter with little warning, and give you a timespan of like a week in which they will maybe enter at any time. That is absurd. This also applies to mandatory maintenance (carpet cleaning-which involves you picking ALL OF YOUR STUFF OFF THE FLOOR and keeping it that way for up to a week).

The pool hours need to be improved and the mail services should be be easier to obtain. Also the cable boxes should be already in our apartment instead of having to get picked up.

The apartments are a reasonable value for what you pay. Fully furnished option and included utilities are decent amenities, though the Wi-fi is problematic.

Living here is a great experience. It's close to WKU, and close to everything else a college student needs. The only problems I've had are a few maintenance related problems and problems with the wifi and cable. However, the employees have worked to fix those problems.

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Free cable and Internet are great. The workout room is a little antiquated, but better than nothing. I wish there were more computers available for homework and printing things.

So far so good at Campus Pointe. The apartments are a decent size and the grounds seem to be kept in an orderly fashion. Having a random roommate kind of sucks though.

I like the apartment complex that j am living in and my roommates, but there are some things I don't like. There never seem to be enough parking in front of our building and we do wish that we had a patio

So far so good. Everyone is really nice and the place is comfortable. I have been here for two weeks and I love how close to campus, food and the mall are to me.

The random roommate set up needs to have a better solution. My roommates hate me no matter what I do to try to please them. But the living situation other than that is good.

I haven't moved in yet..but so far the staff has been super nice, friendly and extremely helpful. I have a couple friends who live there and they like it so hopefully everything goes well when I move in

I really do love living here. This is my second year and I have signed my lease for a third. The only thing that really bothers me is the horrible wifi. Great place to live

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Campus Pointe has clean apartments, but the management needs work. They post notifications on doors that they will be inspecting apartments, but consistently come outside of planned dates.

I'm really glad I chose to live here at campus pointe. It's super fun and I love being decently close to campus. It's also very convenient to have a pool, game room, and a workout place.

Ian loving living at Canpus Pointe. It has been a much better experience than College Suites. It is a fairly quiet environment with so many friendly people.

Campus pointe is very good. I love everything about this place except the mail situation. I keep receiving other people's mail since the day I moved in.

I'm over college living, but at least here I get to bring my own furniture. I hate being on the ground floor and the guy above me plays really loud bass music at all hours of the night. mostly 12:30 on a school night.

So far my experience at campus pointe has been great. The office staff has been very helpful. Service has always been fast and friendly. I have no complaints.

I love it so far. I've had a flea problem but you all are trying to take care of it and it's appreciated. The staff is so friendly and so are the neighbors.

Had a bad flea problem for a little bit after moving in. The manager did get someone to come and treat the carpet. Once the problem was identified they did act in a timely manner. Other than that the experience here has been fine.