Campus Pointe is the best in Bowling Green student living! At Campus Pointe you will have the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in an off campus student community that is built specifically with you, the college student, in mind. Take advantage of our convenient location and unmatched amenities--everything you want and need in one place makes Campus Pointe the best in college apartments! Located just two miles away from Western Kentucky University

new management sucks. gave me a evection notice said I have people living there... i had a whole new lease and had proof i didnt leave there’ and they asked why i still hadn’t my keys and i hadn’t paid my rent

nosy office people the told me that they been watching me basically and telling me i can’t have the same people coming out my apartment more than 3 times a month .... umm lame

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First experience with front staff was terrible. You don't treat your customers/tenants in that fashion. Made me have a bad view of Campus Pointe and its only my first week here.

Not the best place to live. Maintenance takes a very long time to come and when they do things aren’t ever fixed. The rooms are a nice size.

Constant stomping from the person above me. Parties at my building become absolutely ridiculous; leading to bottles being thrown, fights breaking out, cars being damaged, and police being called. I've had my tires deflated and had the word, "dick," written on my car for no reason. I've had people tapping on my window, shine laser pointers in, and etc. Yet nothing ever gets done about any of this, unless goes out and takes care of it themselves. . . with a bat.

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I moved in with fleas and it took them 3 weeks to do anything about it. The only reason they did do anything about it was because we said we were going to take them to court to end out lease.

Since I arrived, I have been extremely dissatisfied with the internet quality. Not only is the max speed a tiny fraction of what I had in WKU's dorms (which I had already thought was bad), but you all obviously don't even want to deal with it. It's just controlled entirely by a third party who is filled with people who couldn't even tell me the max speed or whether or not I could upgrade that speed. For this reason alone, I will NOT be renewing my lease here. I can't even watch video online sometimes. And don't even get me started on playing on Xbox Live (which is how I stay connected with my high school friends, since none of them went to WKU). Simply put, I'm fed up with this joke of an internet service, and will be moving out of here ASAP.

The property manager Erika is extremely unprofessional and obviously doesn’t care about the residents experience. Lots of unnecessary fees and the office staff yet very nice is untrained and uninformed on information needed.

I’ve made the same maintenance request several times for replacement couches. Only one couch was replaced, but I was told the other had to stay because my current roommate’s previous roommates smoked hookah on it, and they couldn’t take it since my current roommate signed back on. The apartment was not in good shape when I arrived, presumably because someone had already been living there.

This is my third year living here and up until now I have loved it. Now I hate it. The staff doesn't know what they're doing, they're rude and this apartment complex is a MESS. The maintenance men are not nice at all, they actually accused my roommate of not living here. I am VERY disappointed in what this complex has turned in to considering I used to love living here. Now I will probably be glad when I get out. Very disappointed.

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I like living here bc everything is included for one price. It's much simpler than having to keep up with a bunch of bills. I also like the amenities.

I think this is a great place to live. The only downfall was that when I moved in, the carpets were dirty, and apartment was dirty over all. I wiped down EVERYTHING before I used it

There is a 500 pound person living on the third floor. Every time they move, it sounds like my floor is about to cave in. Also, the parking is ridiculous. Maybe look into parking for residents only.

The gym needs 20 lb weights and a yoga mat. Rooms are not bad but the internet is so bad I cannot do homework here or stream videos. We were supposed to get new internet 3 weeks ago but it has still not been installed.

Just moved in 2 weeks ago Everything is alright so far Still have another 11 months here but you get what you pay for I mean 430 isn't too bad you just hope you get good roommates

The furniture that was furnished was of poor quality. The location in Bowling Green is great. My biggest complaint is my ceiling creeks alot

Just wish the apartments weren't so loud, the parking wasn't so full at night, and the cable was easier to set up. Other than that, good place to live.

average for first apartment experience, like the clubhouse and staff. mantience could be a little quicker. would be nice to get another machine for the gym and maybe some yoga balls

Decent price for a decent place to live. Needs deep clean, could have better amenities, and the distance is the worst part but yall cant help it.

The internet here is absolutely terrible. .5 upload and 50 download is useless unless I am trying to upload a movie. Please change the plan that you are currently using because it is almost impossible to stream any videos or watch Netflix.

Good price for everything included. Staff very helpful. Only complaint is how bad the internet is. In the morning the internet can be okay but at night it is almost impossible to use.

Alright apartment. Just annoying how my wifi and cable used to work and all of a sudden those don't work now. Our sink also overflows. The dryer will not dry even after cleaning out the lint part.

Overall the apartment complex is quite nice, though the management is lacking, quite a bit. I feel as though no one knows what is going on and everything is very unorganized.