Love the location and accessibility. Internet speed is nice. The text alerts are pretty nice too, so I don't have to play a daily guessing game of seeing when my packages have arrived. We have already had issues with plumbing and our air conditioner within the first month, but the maintenance guys have all been friendly.

I love it at campus pointe! I've had a lot of questions and everytime I call and ask someone they're always super helpful. I especially love the 24 hour gym and the tvs in there. My apartment is a little dirty from where it wasn't cleaned very well, but I cleaned it once I moved it so it's a little better. Overall very nice!

Ain't Bad, If you guys would shut off the P.A. system playing music by the pool at night, that'd be nice. Maybe Pressure wash the sidewalks to clean some of the beer stains

I have enjoyed my experience living at Campus Pointe so far. I had some issues with a roommate assignment before move in, but the staff was willing to assist and resolve the problem in a timely manner.

Everyone is extremely nice and very helpful! The maintenance is quick to fix any issues. The pool is a lot of fun and I really feel like I'm at home here.

I love it so far. I've had a flea problem but you all are trying to take care of it and it's appreciated. The staff is so friendly and so are the neighbors.

So far living here is great. The convenience of having this on the bus route is a plus. Even though the bus shuttle service can be wonky at times, it's not regulated by campus pointe.

The software so good and make us can be meet many new people , I thought not be to much improve, just keeping this one. Very good software. I like this one.

Campus Pointe is a great community. It's always calm and quiet and staff are very helpful. They go out of their way to put on events and give back to residents.

Campus Pointe is an awesome place for any college student to live. It's close to campus and right in the middle of everything. Apartments are very spacious with their private bedrooms and bathroom for each resident.

I've lived here for a year and have resigned my lease for the coming year and I love it!! I've never had any issues except being charged for an insufficient crack in the microwave door. The staff is always very helpful and I love it here!

I love living here. All the staff are friendly and always willing to help. It's location is very convenient and close and easy for my family to get here when they visit. I like the amenities and they can be accessed 24 hours a day

Campus Pointe is a great place to live. The noise is low and the atmosphere is great. There are also really fun events if you like that. Maintenance has always been scary fast about repairs. I would recommend this place to my friends. I only wish it were a bit closer to main campus.

Very excellent apartment complex and nice staff. There very active with the people at the complex. They make sure if your Maintenance is done when it's needed.

Love campus pointe, but sometimes the parking is very limited. I've never had this problem until last semester. I think maybe there are people who have live in guests taking up some of the parking.

Free cable and Internet are great. The workout room is a little antiquated, but better than nothing. I wish there were more computers available for homework and printing things.

I love Campus Pointe! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Any time I have a maintenance request, no matter how tiny, it's usually fixed within 24 hours. If you're looking for a safe, close to campus apartment for a good price, this is the place to live!

I've only lived here 4 months but I can confidently say that Campus Pointe wipes out the competition. The apartments are affordable and very accommodating. The staff is always friendly, maintenance is FAST, the neighbors are nice, and I don't think I've encountered a rude person yet. It seems to stay pretty quiet. It's not as modern as it could be, but I don't mind. I actually enjoy the neutral look of the interior. The only complaint I have is that residents and guests share parking. I wish there was guest parking because more often then not I have to park at least one building over. Otherwise, this place is great! I'd recommend it over any other apartment place in the area, ESPECIALLY the main competition a street over.

Campus pointe is very good. I love everything about this place except the mail situation. I keep receiving other people's mail since the day I moved in.

Awesome! I love it here! I would recommend it to my other friesn looking for an apartment through wku. I'm is very close to campus. About a 10 min drive

I love the apartments and I always have a parking spot and I feel like we have a good community. Maintenance is very helpful and the staff is all really nice!

Management here has been really good to me. I had a bad experience with some crappy roommates and the management did everything they could to help me out and I'm in a much better situation now. Much appreciated! My room is super nice and I feel very comfortable here.

Throughout the small amount of problems we have had, the maintenance men are right there to fix them! Everyone in the office is so friendly as well and always has the right answers to my questions.

Campus Pointe is a great place to live. The staff is always willing to help out when you have any issues. They are always informing us of things going on in the community.

How could you not love living here at Campus Pointe. Everyone is so nice and kind. This is my first Christmas here and so far it has been a great one.