Absolutely love my apartment, it's very cozy and the accommodations are superb, the neighborhood is very quiet and managment is very friendly as well

The community is great definitely a great area nice neighborhood friendly neighbors it’s a convenient area to be in because of all the stores and fast food places near the area

I am so happy with Campus Pointe so far and don't think I could've picked a better place to live for my senior year! Any problems have been addressed/fixed very quickly and efficiently, and the staff has been extremely helpful!

Nice and quiet, great roommate and my dogs are enjoying the large yard area. I like that I don’t have to keep track of a bunch of different bills as all the main services are included in the rent

They have always been very cooperative to work with any problems we’ve had and it’s a great rate for a fully furnished college apartment!!!!

I love this apartment complex. It has amazing amenities and the staff are so nice. I love the spacious common area and the walk in closets. Definitely recommend!

I have enjoyed staying here so far. It has been fun. The people here have been very helpful and friendly. I hope it stays this way for the rest of my time here.

So far, the front desk employees have been extremely nice and helpful. Minimal, and easily fixable, damage on the interior of the apartments. Nice, quiet place to stay.

Living here was great. It is close to everything you need but also tucked away enough for privacy. Main Campus is about 7min away if you drive.

Overall, it is a nice place. It is also a very affordable place, especially, if your like me, living paycheck to paycheck. You do have the occasional hiccup, but what place doesnt. Thanks again for the welcome hospitality!!

Lived here for three years and I don’t regret a single year. If you have an issue the staff works quickly to help solve the problem. They also make sure all their residents live in a safe environment.

I've only lived here for a month now, but I can definitely say that I really enjoy living here! I've lived in several apartments while I've been in Bowling Green, and it's been stressful, but I'm grateful that I've ended up here after constantly moving. The staff has been friendly and understanding, which is all I really needed. The location is also a plus. I ride my bike to work, so I'm glad that my old commute has been halved since my move. Overall, Campus Pointe is a relaxing new place for me. Somewhere where I can be comfortable to call home.

It has been absolutely great. Campus Pointe has been so helpful and welcoming in my move to Bowling Green! I transferred to Western Kentucky last semester and it had been great!

Great place to live that is close to everything in bowling green. We have plenty of room to live in and parking is never an issue. The rent is also much more affordable than other comparable options.

I enjoy Campus Pointe, but my only issue was when I moved in to much actual apartment. It was trashed and it honestly needs to be repainted.

I recently moved in from a different apartment complex in Illinois. The price and amenities are unbeatable. For what you pay for, we get about double the stuff and size then my previously place, for about 2/3 of the price.

Seems pretty good as far as I'm concerned. A good atmosphere with lots of college kids and not too many things to worry about besides your own apartment.

new management sucks. gave me a evection notice said I have people living there... i had a whole new lease and had proof i didnt leave there’ and they asked why i still hadn’t my keys and i hadn’t paid my rent

I really like my apartment, but so many things in the actual unit are falling apart and they won’t fix them. It’s a good location and a good place to live but I feel frustrated with the condition.

Campus Pointe is a wonderful community to reside in and access to staff and surrounding entities for shopping and employment are in abindance

Haven't moved in yet but my best friend has been there a year and I'm there every weekend it's an amazing situation and I can wait to move in

I haven’t moved in yet, but as of right now I am enjoying the idea of it. Move in month is going to be here very soon. I’m glad that the signing of leases was simple. I even won a gift card.

I really like living here it is very safe place, close to my College, good customer service and also very cheap compared to other living places

Campus Pointe is very helpful! They made moving out on my own for the first time stress free and helped ease my worry so I could focus on getting ready to go back to school. They lead you through every step of the way!

Neighbors are quiet for the most part, apartments are pretty clean, and maintenance requests are filled fast. Overall a positive living experience!