Nice apartment complex, spacious and right next to wku. nice pool, private bathroom and nice matching furniture. free parking is extra nice compared to other places

Love it here. All the rewards make it worth while. Always clean around the complex. Love the pool and all the amenities. Having free utilities and wifi and cable is awesome

I give this apartment complex 5 stars! The staff members have been so kind and willing to answer any questions. The community is clean and stays clean! I always see people picking up or cleaning around the complex!

The campus itself is always maintained and looks extremely clean. The price is ridiculously reasonable for anyone who doesn’t mind sharing a live space with others. To have your own room and bathroom is a great deal.

Very good work staff and willing to help with anything you need! The living space is very nice and outside/other roommates can’t be heard through walls.

The apartments are exactly what I was looking for, and even though I was hesitant in having random roommates, Campus Pointe seems to be very good at matching people.

Campus Pointe is a great first apartment for my roommate and I. The staff is friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help out. Any time we have ever needed maintenance they have arrived quickly as well.

I've had a great experience living at Campus Pointe. It's in a quiet neighborhood and the amenities are awesome. I am very happy to have a furnished apartment, and the quality of the apartment is fantastic.

I have enjoyed living here a lot. I’m going on 4 years and really like my unit. I have never changed units because I have been satisfied with everything. Really like the pool area also.

Love it here. I love how big my room and closet is. The staff is great! I really enjoy the resident events and the rewards. Great place to live.

Great staff. good location. Nice apartments. Only problem is bugs getting into my apartment. The staff is super nice. Rent is a fair price. Maintenance requests are dealt with very quickly.

The community itself is fantastic. It’s gorgeous. The pool is great. The gym is kind of small, but it’s still a gym. It’s all very well kept. The staff is always nice and maintenance is always quick and efficient. I just want updated furniture and carpet!!

I love how quickly the maintenance request are filled and also how quickly questions are answered when we have one. Overall I am highly satisfied with living in this community!

So far my experience here has been great! All of the staff has been very welcoming and move in was a breeze, I would definitely recommend living here!

I truly enjoy living at campus pointe. The community is really quiet and everyone is extremely friendly. The apartment is a decent size also

This is a Great place to live... It is Very clean, safe and close to school!! Im Glad we picked here to stay this year instead of staying in the dorms...

I like the apts they are really clean precise and definitely what I was expecting coming into this my only concern is that the rent is so expense and I can’t keep this up

Campus pointe is the best place I've lived in so far in bowling Green it's close to the campus and cheap and a good community for students! You should consider living here!

Campus Pointe has been a great place to live so far. Great location, quiet neighbors and a friendly staff. Campus pointe is everything I wanted.

Campus pointe is a nice place to live for students. It’s quiet and at a convenient location. The amenities are nice. They always have social events for tenants going on.

I love living here! The apartments are nice. I have so much more practical space than in my last apartment. There’s a lot more storage space than the other places I looked at. The staff is wonderful!!

Love campus point!! The price is great and the apartments are nice! The staff are very nice and are always helpful. Will definitely finish out my college career here!

I love living here. I was living here before I started working in the office and I love the amenities, the price of the room, the walk-in closets and the private bathrooms. The staff is great!

The apartments are a great price for what you get, and the front office staff is very accommodating. Upon moving in we realized that our washing machine wasn't working correctly, so we submitted a work order form. Within the week the maintenance guys had it fixed. Have had a great experience living here so far!

I have had a great experience overall. The staff is very nice and always helpful. The community is nice and quiet, it has a very safe feel to it.