My residence experience have been amazing so far. The staff is so attentive and helpful. There are so many awesome amenities, like the pool, tanning, and a 24 hour gym. I’m so happy I chose campus pointe!

My resident experience here is amazing! I love the value, neighborhood, amenities, and much more! It's also super close to campus! This is definitely convenient.

Nice apartment can be noisy due to college kid neighbors jut that's to be expected. Maintenance and management are nice and friendly. Always willing to help

Living at Campus Pointe has been my favorite-- I lived in Province and personally I prefer Pointe because of how much you get for you money. Not to mention, if you ask for anything they will supply!

Bad quality amenities that break often. Clubhouse is supposed to be 24/7 but never is. Bathrooms are big and spacious. Dryer takes at least 2-3 times to dry clothes

I do like the area a lot! I also love the people that work in the office because they are always polite and courteous. Another reason I truly enjoy living here at Campus Pointe is because of the easy—access gym and free tanning that are included within the lease!

Love the community!! I can't wait to live here. All my friends love the campus point. The apartments are spacious and up to date. Great location as well.

campus pointe is a very nice place and comfortable for student.and the stuff are friendly and helpful ❤️Also I’m thankful to be one of campus pointe residents

The rent is very high for the apartment you get in my opinion. I wouldn’t pay more than $550 total for what you’d get. The shower has very little temperature control, you either get too hot, lukewarm, or cold. The paint on the walls comes off super easily. The parking is good, I’ve never had to park far away from my apartment. The leasing office tries their best but doesn’t do great sometimes. It feels like you have to be more knowledgeable than them to get anything you need done. The club house isn’t very well maintained. The location is very convenient for me. It’s not terrible, definitely one of the better options in Kent, just not entirely worth the cost.

The internet does not work well ! The staff are super nice. The apartments need some updating and Refrigerators need to be bigger for 3 to 4 people

Living at Campus Pointe was one of the best decisions I ever made. The office and maintenance staff go above and beyond to take care of residents. With amenities such as 24/7 package pickup, basketball and volleyball courts, a $50 utility cap, etc., it doesn’t make sense to live anywhere else in Kent as a student.

Leaving here has been an amazing experience. Location is great. Stuff is amazing. Maintenance people are always on time when you need them. People are friendly.

I won't recommend anybody to live here. It's terrible. I had bugs in my bed and windowsill when i first moved here. I signed a lease in march/april and my apartment wasn't ready for june. Never again.

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Living at campus pointe is good, however they would post ads about events that they actually never organized. The person upstairs made a lot of noise and the previous manager never really cared. The printer sometimes does not work and sometimes there is not paper either. When it snows, it is impossible to walk through the sidewalks since they do not clean.

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The only big issue I have is that the walls are very thin and it makes it hard to sleep when people are even talking at a normal volume, Also, for an apartment with three people it would be nice to have a full-sized fridge and freezer. The best parts are being close to school and having a washer and dryer.

Great experience. Great staff. Wonderful apartment. The from door on the clubhouse needs to be fixed. Other than that I have no complaints. I’m glad I rented here

the overall is good. i would recommend the fitness and yoga/spinning room, this semester they also adds the studying room for residents and many activities

I loved it the moment I moved in. I had a few problems in the beginning but everything is great now! I love that I’m able to work it at any time

I have had no problems while living in the apartment and maintenance has been great! The gym is nice to have as well and the location is perfect.

Being at Campus Pointe has been a really awesome experience. It is in an awesome part of town. Not too far from downtown and also not too far from campus.

Great place to live! The staff is super friendly and helpful. The club house is open 24/7 and has a gym, study lounge, computers, and free printing

Incredible place to live at! Great price for bedroom near campus & great staff with awesome things to do out of class- easy way to interact with the people you’re living with

I love my apartment! I love the layout. The only bad thing is the apartment is kind of falling apart because of the cheap appliances. I love the amenities. They may need to work a little on choosing random roommates.

Really love living here! My only suggestion would be if the side walks/ entrances of the buildings could be salted as well. I have almost slipped multiple times due to black ice.

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I haven’t been happy with the service by any means since Jackie and Bill left. Poor service! Rushed off the phone every time I call. I find it rude and unprofessional.

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