the staff at campus vue is absolutely amazing, they were so helpful with everything and I can not wait to live here and have an amazing time.

Campus Vue is an apartment complex that is used for student housing. It is located next to the University of Houston and is a place where students live.

The place is located close by to UH, the bayou oaks bus gets you to the UC. Their amenities are great, only wished they cleaned their pool frequently, but overall they're a nice place to reside in

Least favorite is management. Especially Xavier. We need better service in the office and far less rudimentary and uncivilized behavior from office management. Xavier shows minimal care and simple lack of civil morality

The best thing about the Vue is the large sizes of the rooms and private bathrooms. Also it's nice having events with free food so less cooking for me! The people here are also really nice.

Campusvue is located at a great location. Great staff, very helpful when in need. I really Love the events and raffles hosted from time to time.

My favorite thing about campus vue is the events the office has set up this semester. For example the 2k tournament, the pool party, and all the free food they gave to the residents.

The Campus Vue is very open and big. An have alot of new people to meet . i love the weight room and the study room and the chill room is cool.

Campus vue apartments being so close to campus makes it easier for me to take the campus shuttles to and from the place. I enjoy the amenities they provide, the fun stuff the do throughout the week/month.

How close it is to the University of Houston campus, it is really convenient being near University of Houston because I don't have to wake up early and I can walk to there.

The amenities are cool and the price of my room is cheap. There are deals every other month for $500 off ,$300 off, $200 off and $100 off. The privacy of your own room is cool too

It’s been good staying here rent could be cheaper but other than that everything is good. The maintenance needs works it takes them to long to respond.

It is very, very close to campus and my classes. I do not have to worry about parking on campus or buying a campus parking pass. I can literally walk to campus.

The proximity to campus is so convenient for me! I love that I can walk home at lunch to take my dog out and still have time to make it back to class.

Game room and pool is a great thing and it’s by the train station to get around to school and very nice and quiet place to be at with no problems

Great apartments, very good amenities, staff are friendly and responsive... Study rooms are a great place if you need to stay up all night!!

The fact that it’s fully furnished and you get your own bathroom and bedroom. The apartments is really close to campus and has valet trash too

Love that Campus Vue is walking distance from UH! No need to worry about how bad the traffic is going to be that day - which is a big plus for Houston, Texas

My favorite thing about about Campus Vue is the student and community life. The majority of us are students so it’s a lot more fun when you have others on the same path as you.

The apartments and landscape are well maintained and the size of the bedrooms are very large for an apartment. Cal state San Bernardino is a short walk.

Campus Vue was so welcoming and generous and they made the whole apartment experience amazing. They showed you everything in depth and always answered all our questions properly!

Campus Vue is a student housing place for students that go to the school It is located right next to the University of houston, which is in Texas

Its a good place to stay in, the place is conveniently close to campus. They have great amenities, if they could maintain the pool regularly that would be even better. But every thing else here is fantastic

The stairs and the hallway are not that clean which do borther me sometimes, and the elevator in my building is often out of service. Kind of hard.

This place is poorly run. They will take your money for parking and then not enforce it. They will allow deadbeats who don't pay rent to live here, and not evict them. They will allow you to smoke pot despite their "zero tolerance" drug policy.