It’s okay , it could be kept up a little bit more but it’s not that bad. I hate that there are gnats everywhere ! Even in the hallways , it’s extremely annoying.

living at campus vue is pretty cool the only problem i’ve had was my vehicle getting towed and maintenance. everything else has been fine, love the environment

It is a pretty nice place to live! There's an attached garage, nice pool, and the rooms are nice. It is very close to campus too. The only issue is that there are bug problems sometimes- gnats and roaches.

I love living here. The staff is friendly and the facilities are usually clean. I only wish the vue deck would be open after hours but otherwise everything else is satisfactory

Campus Vue Apartments has a great location - just a 10 minute walk to the University of Houston campus! The amenities provided are great and

Campus vue is convenient. The vue deck is available only during their office hours which i hope they can change that. They have police living here so it’s safe.

For the first semester I’ve lived here there have been 3 note worthy incidents that’s happened and made it uncomfortable living here. First there was a flea infestation, then there was a roach problem, and just recently my roommate had a leak in his ceiling that put him out of a room for about 3 weeks. Each problem that we presented to management, we had to consistently persist them to correct these problems by telling them about it each week or they would not actively try to fix it.

The customer service can be better and more efficient,WiFi can be faster.Overall,not a bad experience living here but people should be more professional.

i like it but the maintenance is really really bad here and the garage is sketchy and sometimes it worries me how anyone can live here and it’s not just student based. aside from that it’s a beautiful apartment complex and the new staff is great

It has been a pretty steady transition moving on campus. Changing managements delayed a few things but is making living a lot better for students.

Honestly, not the best. The only reason id give 2 stars and not 0 is because new management is looking better than previous. But so far, maintenance doesn't fix anything until called in or followed up with multiple times. It took 2 weeks to fix our lights and they went out in a couple days again. Still waiting on them to come and fix them again and its been 10 days since i put in the request. Safety is horrible. All the doors are unlocked when coming through the stairway. Hope new management fixes these issues.

It’s decent. The maintenance is slow. The WiFi is fine. Make sure u bring an Ethernet cable if u game, but be prepared for your Ethernet port not to work.

My favorite thing about Campus Vue is the convenience of everything. The location is walking distance to the university, but you can take the shuttle as well for rainy days, or if it’s too hot, or too cold. I also love the gym. I spend the majority of my time there. It has everything you need!

The best thing is the amenities that are available. It’s really nice that we get access to the vue deck, pool, and the study rooms. The study rooms also Have free printing!

the free food they offer the ambiance the room space how friendly everyone at the office is they always make their residents feel happy and satisfied

the proximity to campus!!!! I like that I can walk to school right after I roll out of bed. The other thing that I like is the peloton bikes.

Campus vue is at a convenient location. With friendly and helpful staff. They're active with hosting alot of events to keep the residents happy.

The complex has definitely gotten much better over the time I’ve lived here, especially this new year so far. Issues that have been here forever have begun to be resolved and new changes are making the place more enjoyable as a whole.

The rooms and are great, and I love that it is close to campus. We just had some problems with renewing out lease, but other than that it is a great place to live.

These apartments are extremely close to campus. Very easy walk daily to class and clinic. Makes it easy to come home at lunch to let my dog out.

the staff at campus vue is absolutely amazing, they were so helpful with everything and I can not wait to live here and have an amazing time.

Campus Vue is an apartment complex that is used for student housing. It is located next to the University of Houston and is a place where students live.

The place is located close by to UH, the bayou oaks bus gets you to the UC. Their amenities are great, only wished they cleaned their pool frequently, but overall they're a nice place to reside in

Least favorite is management. Especially Xavier. We need better service in the office and far less rudimentary and uncivilized behavior from office management. Xavier shows minimal care and simple lack of civil morality

The best thing about the Vue is the large sizes of the rooms and private bathrooms. Also it's nice having events with free food so less cooking for me! The people here are also really nice.