The stairs and the hallway are not that clean which do borther me sometimes, and the elevator in my building is often out of service. Kind of hard.

This place is poorly run. They will take your money for parking and then not enforce it. They will allow deadbeats who don't pay rent to live here, and not evict them. They will allow you to smoke pot despite their "zero tolerance" drug policy.

My favorite thing about CampusVue is it’s location as well as the style of the apartments inside. The apartments are sleek and appealing. The community is also vibrant and the staff are helpful

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I really love how modern the apartments are and how it is fully furnished and has everything you need in order to feel at comfort in your own space.

the employees are great! the printer is cool too, so is the study rooms. Oh and the vending machine has all the late night munchies, and the security guard loves his job so that’s safe.

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Campus vue overall is Fine. My favorite thing about campus vue is that it’s not too far from the school. Campus vue is a reasonable place. Thank you

The distance from school makes it convenient to get to class. I also use the gym frequently and really enjoy the different machines. I don’t enjoy the long periods of time it takes to fix 1 elevator and when I have guests there is no guarantee for parking.

I love all the amenities that Campus Vue has to offers. Living here has been the best experience I have ever received from an apartment complex.

I love the office staff, they are so friendly! I also really enjoy all the events throughout the month, they’re constant and always so much fun :)

I like how close the location is to the university of Houston campus it takes me five minutes to bike there. The proximity is a huge pro as I work on my PhD.

the location of the apartment complex would be my favorite thing about Campus Vue, i like how i can walk to my classes or the gym very easily and don't have to worry about driving and sitting in any traffic like so many people i know have to do- saves me a lot of time

I like the proximity to campus, the peloton bikes, and the new printers. i think the apartment complex has the ability to be good, but it is constantly dirty.

Not a bad place to live in. Area security could be better and office staff could do a better job in responding to emergency situations such as emergency lockouts at night and a more user friendly answering machine

I like how they added printers and computers to the study rooms. It's so convenient to have the study rooms and the printers right in my own building. The gym is also so convenient.

New management is so much better! He wants residents to explain issues so they can be resolved and also holds many events with free food. Lots of incentives

I like the printers but there are a lot of bad things. My apartment is too small for what I pay and there isn’t much storage space. The furniture is also a really ugly color.

the rooms are really nice and it’s fun to live here because they have a pretty nice kitchen and living room. the bad thing is how trash the maintenance are and the dirtiness

The staff is my favorite thing about Campus Vue . And the rooms. I also like the study rooms Bc it gives me a good environment to do my homework and also the activities they have for us .

The kind staff, amenities, and location near campus all make Campus Vue a desirable place to live. I have lived here since August 2016 and will continue to live here until I graduate from UH.

I like how the apartments are organized and how near are from my classes. In addition, I like the excellent service of the people who work here.

The larger 4x4 units are awesome. Sometimes maintenance takes to forever. Best of all is there is new management that really cares about community.

This community is horrible. They came off as amazing at first but that all changes. Despite the roach and rat issue these apartments aren’t bad when your stuff isn’t filled with rat dropping.

The best part about living at Campus Vue is definitely the close proximity to campus. The staff at the front office is also always very friendly and have helped me with every issue I’ve ever had.

It is very near from the UH. Also we can walk to campus or can use the shuttle. There are securities in this apartment so It feels safe. Good

the bedroom and bathroom is nice. i also like the kitchen the stove works really well. the shower and tub works well together as i can take a shower and after take a relaxing bath.