The location, very convenient and close to everything. Helpful staff. The study room and gym available to residents. Sound proof walls I guess, can barely hear any noise.

This place is pretty nice. The staff is helpful and the appliances are nice. It's a lot of fun. Even though it is a college apartment, there are still plenty of places to study and have quiet time

It's been great. Good Wifi, a well equipped gym and resposive staffs have all helped in making my stay enjoyable so far. If i could recommend anything is that I wish there was a food place around here.

Definitely the pool! I love the layout of the apartments, the beds, stainless steel appliances, I definitely have the nicest apartment out of all my college friends!

The pool and the balcony are my favorite things about the residence. Also, I love the fact that we get our own bathrooms in the 4 bedroom. It's very convenient.

They are great apartments for students that's in college,the management team works well with the residents make sure everything is good wit everything

Very nice living situation but a lot of issues within the management. The first week of move in there were numerous break ins to the cars and nothing was done about it

the pool and the utilities provided! ooh and the deck! I really want to go to the gym,.. i haven't gone yet so i am very excited to check it out!! YAY I also am in love with the view

Furniture and design of the apt is the best part! It's modern, and simple easy colors to work around. Also like the location and easy access to campus.

The apartments are modern and beautiful. Also the people in the front office are so welcoming and willing to help all the time. I love here.

Wish we had gas stoves, but everything else is great The AC seems to come on pretty often, more often than I am used to, even when there is little movement ie. when we are sleeping; I am worried that the air is escaping too easily.

I love the fact that this is a beautiful community conveniently located steps away from UH. They paired me with roommates who provide the most respect towards me.

Love the atmosphere and the community, feels as if Im staying at a resort. The rooms are spacious and i really enjoy having a private toilet

Nothing. It's on campus and that's literally about it. The complex is poorly ran and it's more stress than satisfaction living here. The management team legitimately does not exist, it consists of about one person and he can't do it all. Work orders take no less than one week but that makes sense because it's a one man team.

The location is the best part about this place. Management is rude and lies a lot and they constantly are working on everything so it still doesn't feel like home.

Love living in a clean, new apartment! Pool is nice, kitchen is awesome, staff is nice. Good location, solid furnishings and comfortable beds

Campus Vue has been extremely comfortable to live in. The apartment is very modern and stylish, and the people are friendly. It's also very convenient that we can host pets in our apartments too.

I love to dance!! I can dance all night longing I want one. Any type of music I just enjoy to dance salsa, bachata, hip hop whatever make feel great

The apartments are very nice, but so far the construction around them is taking a while, and I feel that I am living in an unfinished place. I appreciate that they are taking their time to get everything right, but when they are finished, I will probably improve my rating if this place. The staff are very friendly and will work with you, as well.

Can't wait to move, I don't have to worry about parking on campus because I live within walking distance and down the street from my internship

Gorgeous I love the place and the people! I have yet to move into the place but I always look at the upside and say anything that is a wait is worth it

My favorite part of Campus Vue are the appliances. I look for apartmwnts with new appliances when looking for a new home because I love to cook.

I like how beautiful the apartments are. It's like no other student living apartments. I can't wait to move in an I'll definitely be living there for the next 3 years I'm in Houston!

location nothing is really, construction is a joke and the timing could not have been in any way worst. Hopefully there will not be another extension date

Try to make up for the delay as best as you can. Ready to move in to see if it's a complete fit. But so far it looks nice on the outside and on pictures