I like the proximity to campus, and maintenance is very quick an responsive. Not having to deal with Blinn parking is good, but my vehicle isn't safe at night in the apartment parking lot because of the crimes occurring.

Well.. ive lived here at college edge for a while now. And i have not seen a single employee who isnt nice. The community is quite and friendly and Im proly gonna renew my contract

Ok I love living here because it's so close to campus and I love my apartment! So much space and it's so livable! Trust me you should live here! Sign with college edge apartments!

I like living here because its right next to Blinn so I don't have to use gas getting to school, I can just walk. Most of people in the office are really nice too.

My first impression was great, but then I moved in. Things have gotten better since then, but it was a huge impact on my view of the complex.

The commons area is really nice, also the events that the staff organizes are pretty fun. It is also very convenient because they are right next to Blinn.

College edge is a fun place to live, the people are always nice and helpful! Oh what a college student will do for a free Starbucks card! I have to meet the word limit for 2000 more points so I'll continue to type! Idk who will see this cause it's pretty awkward lol!

I love my neighbors and living right next to school. The people who live around me are all very sweet. And I love all the activities the office puts on for us to interact with each other.