If my friends were to go to a school in this area, I would recommend college Edge for their place to stay. It's has been a great experience thus far and I hope it continues.

So far it started off a little bit rough but after getting everything taken care of and fixed I have not had any issues and I enjoy living here!

The service College Edge apartments provides is pretty decent for the amount of monthly rent. I was recommended to live here and I haven’t been disappointed.

I Love It Here 😌 It A Great Place For a very great price , but y’all should get new or maybe I should say bigger washers & dryers . Besides that it great over here .

Very nice apartments! Wonderful staff! Great location, I love being able to sleep in and just walk to class. Allows residents to relax with the pool, volleyball court and basketball. Great place to live

It's been good. They only thing I have is the trash on the ground but it isn't your fault. I know it is somebody the residents throwing the trash on the floor.

The community is amazing and everyone is very nice and friendly. I just wish the apartments were kept up a little better. But overall a great place to live.

So far my experience has been pretty good! My roomates are really nice and the maintenance is always quick. I love how close the apartments are to Blinn! I think it’s been a good year so far (:

Decent apartment, Rent isn’t too bad. Nice amenities! Excellent matchmaking when deciding roomates; very happy with who I matched with. Would recommend to friends

Awesome community! There is a lot to do abd what I love most is being abke to utilize the computer room and weight facility. I also like how the school is walking distance

The experience a Ct the college edge was good one I enjoy the gym nice time and I like to workout so yea that's about it I like the gym and people pretty cool

College edge, Bryan, Texas 77802. This the best place I have ever lived in. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly ambiance, and closer to Blinn College, Bryan. Above all these friendly and cooperative administration.

pretty chill, friendly environment. also paying a good price for what i have compared to other student living places around me. Staff is very helpful

I have enjoyed my time here and I have liked how close it is to Blinn. The first year was kinda pricey, but the renewal was worth it in my opinion.

The apartments aren't bad at all. So far I haven't had any bad experiences with neighbors, the staff nor the anything with the complex. It's super close to my morning classes making it easier and faster to get to class. Staff is very friendly as well as current residents.

I love it here. It's so much positive energy. It's amazing so Many people here to click and meet with. It's really quite around here. They also have events that are fun to go to

the apartments are nice and the people here are very helpful. If things stop working it does not take long for them to fix it. so far its been really good living here, getting to class is pretty easy, and it has allowed me to sleep in later which is great.

I love my apartment here! the only trouble I've had is my fridge is too cold and there is flies that get inside my apartment. other than that i love it here

The community is clean and pretty much quiet. Keeps me up to date on things through text winging I love. Would recommend if a college student. Very affordable and great incentives

Staff is nice, and proximity to campus is awesome. Only downfall is the lack of security in the area. A couple more security guards or more cameras couldn’t hurt.

I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere, helpful office staff, and (of course) the vicinity to Blinn. It’s really beginning to feel like home!

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, but the apartment I leased for was nothing like the model I saw. I came to like it here quite a lot though.

Other than the appliances being outdated, the staff here is very friendly, and the apartment complex is located right next to Blinn College which is a big plus.

The staff is very nice and helpful. I enjoy the walk from my apartment to blinn, it's quick and easy and very helpful when I am running late

Its pretty great. Live within walking distance from school and the office people are kind. There were a few issues and the workers came and fixed them in less than a day.