By the looks of it is seems pretty awesome. Hopefully they look the same as what they look like in photograph online. I'm really looking forward to living here.

you all have continued to show amazing help for me and all of the other residents. I love the new remodeling and new feel that the clubhouse has.

Everything is good, maintainer comes on time, but the appliances are falling apart way to easily! The apartments just need new some new appliances

Eventually College Edge will be my home in August, therefore I have no sure clue on how it is to stay there. After visiting the apartments I immediately enjoyed the vibe.

This place is amazing! I've how close it is to blinn and the staff is great too! Make sure to go to all office events as well! You can win some pretty cool stuff.

The apartments are really great!! They are perfect for first year and second year students. I am really looking forward to living at College Edge!!

The apartment community has a great vibe. It's very welcoming and you feel right at home. The pool, firepit and workout room is great and an awesome addition to my amazing apartment!

I really enjoy the atmosphere that I will be living in. The people really seem nice and happy to be around. I excited to move in! The area is great and the location is even better for a freshman like me to figure the area better before starting real life

Overall awesome experience this is my first apartment and the office staff made it an easy process the office staff is great the community has a lot of awesome activities to help everyone get to know each other

The appartments are a very nice place to live! it great being able to sleep in and then just walk to school everday. besides that there are a lot of cool people here!

Nice pool area and grill space. The front office has been updated and has many activities. The apartments are still mediocre condition with a few problems here and there, especially with pests.

I like college edge because it is close to the college which is really nice because you don't have to deal with the blinn parking lot. I have resigned because I like living here.

I love how close it is to blinn campus! They aren't bad to live in for your first year! They just did some nee and exciting things in the club house so I'm sure next year will be a lot of fun!

Great I love the app. It is well made and helps out college students or anyone in need of any gift cards can simply register and get free stuff.

Good apartment complex, love how close it is to blinn so you don't have to waste money on gas. The staff that work in the office are nice and helpful as well.

Haven't moved there yet but so far it's been a smooth transition from my previous apartment! Everyone here is so welcoming and accommodating

I am so excited to live at college edge next fall! Throughout my college career I've lived in different apartments and private homes but nothing really felt like home till now!

The apartment complex is rather nice. The pool is very nice for relaxing. The volleyball and basketball courts are always in good shape to play. There are plenty of grills for outdoor cooking. The weight room and study room and good!

I am loving it, the amenities, the awesome places to hang out, the great community, and its so close to school making things so easy, 10/10.

I feel like y'all are doing a great job with handling most of the problems that have been occurring lately, and I'm loving the new look in the clubhouse. Keep up the good work!

College Edge is great. I love the little get togethers and contests they have in the game room. It's also very handy to live so close to Blinn.

This apartments is awesome and the office games are great the grocery bingo is fun and rewarding as well as the free food they always have in the office!!

This apartment is awesome!!!! I love it and you will too! The grocery bingo and games in the office are always fun and rewarding and also the office always offers food for FREE!!

Love all the new upgrades in the clubhouse and the wall partition! It really helps with study time and keeps it a little more quiet so others can collaborate in their studying.

College edge is amazing! I have experienced nothing but positive attitudes and the will to help. The location is great, and it's nice to have activities.