Love the community, very friendly. The amenities are awesome! We've enjoyed the large pool but with all the rain it's quite cold, can't wait for it to warm back up! Our unit is quiet and cozy, loving it so far! still waiting for maintenance though :( it's the only negative we have experienced.

Lots of fun and especially very easy to make a lot of gift card money just from playing on my phone!!! I'm currently making 4,000 points toward a $10 amazon gift card simply by writing this review!

Apartment is whatbypu pay for cheap, condiment, and afordable. Very, very close to the blinn campus in Bryan and most people/residence are friendly. Staff is unhelpful thpugh.

I came here thinking it was great in the two bed room and I was amazed that they were giving away basically $400 in gift cards. then I got to my first choice on move in day and the previous residents did not keep that place clean, but once I went up and explained that I was not to live there the management had me another apartment right away. Very friendly and all around understanding.

the community is great. The neighbors are responsible and respectful snd laid back! the complex is pretty fun, got lots of entertainment and activities to take part in, but you giys need better maintenance in the apartments

The apartments were not as well kept as the show rooms, and the maintenance is slow but the place is livable and right next to campus so I'm not complaining too bad.

Very well interactive apartment complex, something they could work on is the process with moving in the new residents and checking up on them besides emails.

nice place to live, super close to blinn. which is a plus because then no need to pay 200$ for a parking pass! neighbors are friendly and rooms are nice!

I love my community apartments. They are so so nice and wonderful. Nothing but great people and great staff here. I love how I live close to school and my job. College Edge rocks!

I'm super excited to start earning rewards through this app! So far I am having a good time exploring the app and all of the reward opportunities !

Just created my community rewards account and after looking at the app I think it is cool that there is such an app like this receiving rewards for being involved in the community

Love the thought of being able to earn free rewards for not even doing much. I really like Nike too and it's a really good thing that Nike is one of the rewards I can receive.

Great place community is going and staff are nice overall good place and all the things the apartments go out of their way to do is really cool

I love college edge, it's a great place to live. And soooo close to Blinn! The staff is always willing to help and everyone who lives there is awesome!

For the most part the community is very clean and well kept. People in the community are nice and seem like their there for school and to have a good time in the community.

Cade is the best, keep to yourself. And watch what you see. Most of the people here are very friendly... there are a few who have no sense.

The apartment complex is fantastic. The only thing that bugs me is that I asked for maintenance and it has still not been fixed. Besides that the complex is amazing and the staff is very helpful

College edge living is great I love the apartments. There are a few cons but I'm sure we can get it fixed. We probably could've gotten it fixed faster but it's no big deal.

i like it it's a fun exciting way to go out and get good deals, prizes, and rewards for you and your family. i recommend using this because the benifits are great

College edge is a lot better then i expected considering all the bad reviews. I do have a couple of problems with the front office but i do understand there going through some changes so im understanding

It's pretty cool how I can get real rewards! I am excited to see how fast my points will rack up. I think this is a super cool idea and I'm glad I'm a part of it!

This website is amazing and so is college edge. The roommate matching system was perfect and the community overall is nice too. The basketball courts and weight room are the best.

It's okay so far. I have only been here a couple days. When I first got here I didn't really know where I was going so I kind of wish that they would have people to guide you where you are staying especially if you aren't familiar with it.

Awesome living space! His is my second year living at the College Edge and I love it especially since I go to blinn, I save gas money and it's not that far of a walk.

Answers work order request, pretty quick. Maintenance guys pretty friendly and thoughrough. They always do a grief job and always go above expectations.