Maintence is quick to respond. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Great way to meet new people that go to the college around or even college near by.

24566 folkstone circle24566 folkstone circle24566 folkstone circle. College edge needs better maintenance which can respond a tad faster. Other than that its not that bad

This place is awesome, I'm so glad I moved here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!! I tell my friends that this is the best apartment you can get!

Very reliable Friendly I love how they like to have fun with the residents, and includes everyone in the activity. The apartment complex is well cared for.

I'd like to comment on the maintenance because whenever we ask them to fix something in the dorm, they try to come to us as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.

I can't complain! I love my apartment, and I like living right next to the college. I like the new club house and love the pool! College edge is awesome.

everything is running smooth. the best thing is how everything is organized and well kept. the lounge is sweet, i get to post some workouts and thats all thanks to the college edge folks!

Everything is amazing! Everyone is extremely nice! The service is great! The front office is clean and well kept! I love the club house and the pool! You can do a lot there!

I love living here. Very minimal issues not even worth mentioning. Very friendly environment. I feel safe here and love just having a short walk to class.

Maintenance is slow to respond, making it seem short-staffed. Grassy areas are basically marshes for days after it rains, even the spots that are in direct sunlight for most of the day. I know this last one isn't really College Edge's fault, but the busses run incredibly slowly compared to any other area near campus.

College Edge is really nice, the bedrooms are VERY nice. The only downside is the maintenance isn't great. They would rather just fix it then replace it if it really needs it. Other than that the office is great and works with you on everything. New management is AWESOME!!!

The staff are nice and friendly, the grounds are clean and the apartment is spacious. Only a few issues with maintenance but the new pool makes up for it!

Amazing, I love living here. The environment is great, it's so convenient, the people are friendly I've made amazing friends and the staff lovely!

This complex has been nothing short of amamzing, the staff is great and works with you to get everything that you need in a timely manner. It is a great place to live.

i love living here. I love being right next to Blinn so that I can just walk there and wake up as late as I please. And everyone is really nice

Everything is pretty gross but that's mainly my roommates faults so oh well. It's really close to campus so I like being able to sleep until 10 minutes before class.

I have many broken things in my appartment that have been this way since I moved in. I also have really noisy up stairs neighbors. I'm still annoying that I have not revived my club house key

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The staff here at college edge is phenomenal! They really pay close attention to the residents needs and are really helpful. One thing that could improve the computer room is adding more office supplies.

It's not a bad place to live but a lot of the stuff in the apartments do need to get fixed. They say they will but still haven't. It's close to Blinn which is helpful

I love being a resident at College Edge. It makes me feel at home and even though I'm not the far from it. The staff are very nice and helpful ever time I have an issue with my apartment. College Edge is a great place to live not only because of the nice community, but it is right next door to Blinn College where I walk to my classes everyday.

Yall keep everything very well maintained. I've enjoyed living here. When I have a problem I am able to walk into the office and explain my situation and I know it will get taken care of.

It's pretty good, alot of the residence are really nice, don't like how there are not paths everywhere and wish the weight room was a little better.

I like living at college edge, the people are nice, the places are pretty nice, and you're a stones throw away from blinn! The commute is very short!

I like this place, given this is my first apartment. My friend and I always go to the gym and we love the gym! We haven't had any problems with it so far and we plan on not. The staff is very nice!

Honestly, i am super displeased with the service here. Many things have broken and they have not been fixed within sufficient time. The show room was completely different than what we actually got. The only thing i like about this place is the convenience for going to blinn and the amenities. 10/10 would not rent again.