I really like that it isn't far from campus it's an easy drive or the shuttle is very convenient. The spaces are big and it is nice having your own bathroom. The one thing I would recommend is that they update the spaces, such as new appliances and furniture.

Very inexpensive and clean environment with people that I already know. Nice to have my own room and bathroom to be able to relax in my own space.

The community is great I enjoy being able to have a get away in my own apartment but still being able to hang out with nearby neighbors and friends

Pretty dang good! Just wish there weren’t so many loud intoxicated individuals but I’m sure you will find that just about anywhere remotely close to a college campus.

Couches are gross. Tack strips are showing In the carpet. Walls in living room have many issues from former residents. I am happy with my own room and bathroom, but common spaces are jank

I love living here, i never had my own room before in my entire life and now i have my own room AND bathroom. so i am completely excited and happy to live here. it can be a little cold in my room due to the fact that i live on the bottom floor and the washer and dryers are kind of dates along with the other big appliances but its a nice quiet place to live with respectful neighbors.

Quiet, staff are so responsive and attentive to your every need, I love living here! The free cable and wifi is a definite plus and the gym is so nice to get an early or late workout in that isn't crowded at any time and offers almost any basic equipment you might need.

I just feel like the rent shouldn’t be as high as it is, the internet and cable is a hit or miss but the wifi is more of a miss..i don’t feel like the staff took the guy trying to break into the girls apartment very seriously because i have never once seen a police car patrol copper beech campus.

The townhouse itself is nice for the price range, but maintenance takes a long time to respond and my roommate and I both had bad experiences with them.

I love Copper Beech and the community here! The townhomes are HUGE and very well taken care of. The private bedrooms/bathrooms are so nice! Living off campus can be stressful but Copper Beech has a shuttle service that runs all through the day...I’m. ever worried about being late or missing class.

I love copper beech!! It is a great location and perfect for bowling green state university students and staff. It is a great distance from campus.

The townhouse is really great! The maintenance request took over three weeks to fix my window though. Other than that, it has been a really great experience so far

It's such a nice and spacious place to live! everything is super close and convenient. I'm so glad I chose to move in here for my senior year!!

It's not too bad. I like the space the apartment has. Having all that space is very nice especially if you have a pet. I also like having my own bathroom. The only think that sucks is the dryer takes 2+ hours to dry a single load of laundry, and I am talking cotton sheets. Those really shouldn't take 2 hours to dry, but yet they do.

Everyone at the Beech is SO GREAT! You can always stop in the office for anything & everything and the apartments are huge! I couldn’t have imagined a better place to spend my first year off campus.

My resident experience has been pretty good. I’ve known most of my roommates for the past few years, but the others I’ve had have been great. Neighbors have all been great.

Pretty nice living here, just wish that the washer and dryer could handle a bigger load so I don't need to do more than one load of clothes.

Living here has been great so far! They have a nice workout area and clubhouse for residents to socialize. Not any real issues so far. I would recommend others to live here.

I enjoy living here! Spacious rooms, nice amenities. I will admit that the walls are thin, and when there is noise outside I can hear it all from my bedroom . Other than this one thing, I've really enjoyed my time at Copper Beech.

Copper beech is such a great place to live for me, a bowling green state university college student for a couple of reasons. First the private bathrooms is the best reason about living at copper beech and the proximity to campus is also pretty great too.

Copper Beech is amazing! The staff is so friendly and supportive. They make college living feel like home! The units are large and are not too bad for college housing. The location is so great - right off of 75, near Meijer, Carter Park, campus, and so much more!

I haven’t talked to many of my neighbors, but the ones I have spoken to are very nice! We pass by each other going in and out of our apartments!

Copper beech is a very nice place to stay for college students. However, some things may be broken/very used inside the apartment. Maintenance it very fast to fix these things.

I honestly really enjoy copper beech. The amenities are really nice, the community is awesome! I love the gym and how close it is to my housing. It feels like home

This place is a pretty good place to live in during the summer, when you don't have to worry about your basement room being 50 degrees because of poor heating. There is a good amount of space though, and the community is pretty nice and secluded. I wish they would update a few of the amenities, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.