The change in management is causing difficulties with communication of residents. Maintenance is slacking on house calls. My roommates and I have called several times and have had issues where we have not gotten a straight forward answer. We have sent in numerous work orders and still no response.

The maintenance needs to be more on top of things. There are broken things around the complex that have been broken for a long time. The staff is also not the friendliest

Everything is good living at copper beech. Pleasant environment, to live. The only down side is when you want a pet and can't have a pet in your unit because all the units aren't "pet friendly"

I love living at Copper Beech! The only complaint I have is the time it takes to do maintenance calls... I put an order in for my front door to be fixed, they sent me an email confirming that they fixed it but the door is still not fixed..

This is a great place to live. Great location for Bowling green students and decent price for everything you get it! Very save neighborhood and all around good people in the club house that will help you with any of your questions

I have lived in copper beech for two years and my only complaint I've ever had is the lawn care upkeep in the summer. Other than that I have enjoyed living here

Overall I love what's included in these townhouses and the price but the maintenance is just so awful that it makes people really hate it here. If maintenance were more on top of things I think that it would be a much better place to live. I had ants in my room in August and no one came out until Janurary. My next door neighbors had 5 mice and no one ever came out. This is awful and unacceptable.

The maintinence guys finally do their job so thanks for that I don't have any complaints but have to fill this box with one hundred and forty characters

Living at Copper Beech has been pretty nice. The apartments are very spacious and reasonably priced. The staff in the club house are always friendly and willing to help. The are just a few things that made me give 4 stars inside of 5: the shuttle provided is constantly not working which is inconvenient for students with schedules who rely on it, the gym is very small with equipment that is broken half of the time, an indoor pool would be nice, and lastly, it takes months for a simple or complicated work order to be carried out. But overall, my experience has been great!

Staff at Clubhouse is not very friendly. Takes awhile to get work orders fulfilled. Maintenance often enters apartment without permission. Apartments are very nice with plenty of space. Wish ventilation system and wifi were better.

I enjoy living at copper beech but work orders some take a really long time to be fixed. I love having a bathroom in all of the rooms and laundry in the unit.

Maintenance is terrible. They would never come to fix a major issue, and would never call before entering the apartment even when we specified that they would need to. They always talked down to me like I didnt know what the situation was. Overall they are rude and cant do their job. My problem still did not get fixed and Copper Beech has known about it since December.

I wish they did better with the appearance of some of the units. They look kinda dirty and worn down sometimes. I wish the bus ran too! That was one of the main reasons I lived here but now it's broken. It was pretty gross to begin with too

Overall, doing a good job. Like that everyone has own bedroom and bathroom. Kitchen is big and spacious. Wish 4 bedroom layouts had the pantry closet though, but managing without!

It would be great if they'd update the gym more! It's so dirty and like half the equipment is broken. I shouldn't have to pay for that. But the housing is great besides that. I've heard no one gets their security deposit back though.

It's ok, too many things to say with just 140 charaters. The apartments are cold, poorly insulated, garbage everywhere because tenanats aren't being held accountable for leaving junk everywhere.

Seems great and good idea, website tended to crash or be glitchy on my phone. Hope it works well when I go to claim, wish I knew about this sooner!

I like the actual town home, but I feel like things break often and the maintenance takes forever to fix them. Our ac/heat has broken 4 times and it took months for them to fix our front step.

It's okay. The buildings are poorly built so wind comes right through them and makes your electric bill sky high. The rent is way to expensive for what you get.

Everything is alright except the fact it takes a long time to get maintenance request done. I wish it was faster as well as the workers were nicer