The houses are fine, but the the rental people's attitude is bad. And inefficient. I know someone who rented an apartment here for two years. Sure, the apartments were nice, well furnished and afforded a good view - but the renters were paying for that. The management office fell short in the most basic courtesies. I hate the tow truck.

I have been with Copper Beech for only a month, but the staff is very friendly and helpful. The location is perfect for where I work and the area always seems clean and safe.

I don't think I could live anywhere else in State College and be happier. The community is quiet, safe, and in a fantastic location. Maintenance can be slow sometimes, but that's true of every apartment community. I've researched a lot of apartment communities in the area and you simply can't get as much out of your money for a one-bedroom apartment than you can here

Unreasonable parking rules. I don't own a car, but once my friend came over and parked on the designated spot in front of my apt, he got towed. I know I forgot to put the visiting parking thing, but still, we saw them towing the car, we explained, they still towed it anyway.

You should allow married couples to pay with one payment. It is frustrating to have pay it twice and pay two convenience fees. Also the fact that we have to 17 bucks to pay online is ridiculous.

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The lady sit at the 1st desk on the left side in the office is really friendly and nice. Overall it's a nice place to stay at especially if you have pets since they are pets friendly! The northbrooks has much bigger rooms than the Aaron's

It is really a great experience living in the copper beech north brook lane. One thing that I would change is the leasin should be per semester ( fall, spring, summer).

Copper Beech is a friendly place to live in! The people in the office are very nice, but the maintenance request make a while to be processed.

It's newish and roomy enough, I haven't faced many issues. It's just a typical low cost housing operation. Nothing special and not bad. I wish the water pressure would be fixed gushes about a gallon a second. Heating and cooling should be updated to newer system. Closet space is good just lacks any hangers more like an empty small room. Bathroom would be better with a bathtub

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This is a great place to live. I enjoy the open concept of our main living area from the living room to the kitchen. I also like how we are close to a lot of places but we are not on a main road so it is still very peaceful.

little late for repair after report . has ladybugs at before winter coming, and I went ask for help hoping can find someone to resolve this problem, the staff just told me they don't have idea either. I was thinking maybe can find some kind of bug killing group to fix this problem.

Don't understand why VISA credit cards are not accepted as a form of online payment. Parking should be a different set up, each resident should have their own spot and self monitor that so they can park their car there or have a friend park the car in the spot, or allow visitor parking to be open and not need a pass to park there (people aren't parking their cars there to attend football games or other events on campus, at least not at Northbrook Greens).

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Overall, it's an okay place to live. It's not very convenient with the lack of maintenance people compared to the number of tenants. It took over a week to have our washer fixed, and we had to wash our clothes at a laundry mat (to keep them from molding,) since they were soaking wet from being in the water-filled washer. Also, when calling about it, the leasing agent was rude, and called me a liar. Very unprofessional.

Overall, the office and maintenance are very quick and helpful. However, the smoke alarms are overly sensitive and a pain to have turned off. I've lived at Copper Beech for 3 years and have enjoyed my stay.

I have lived here for almost three years and have really enjoyed it. It is in a quiet part of town yet is near most of the major shopping. The staff have always been very kind, and any maintenance issues are resolved relatively promptly.

Shout Out to the Amazing people at the Lease Office! Danielle, Pearle, Carley (the part time girl), Luke, and especially Carrie! (Who helped me break into my apartment, via window when my door ate half of my key.) Everyone was nice and helpful, and even though a discount on rent would be nice. I could never ask for any better lease agents. - Loc

Apartment is spacious and nice, management was nice but I had a few problems with my apartment so I contacted them but it was hard for them to understand my point of view.

I've had a very good experience so far at copper beech. Everything in my apartment works well, and the space itself is more than what I would expect from a 1 bedroom apartment.

So far, Copper Beech staff have been very helpful with any questions that we new residents have! We will be new to the area, but I am excited to be a part of this new community!

The staff is always so helpful and responsive! They have made the process of moving across the country much easier! Thanks Copper Beech!!!!!

The services and facilities and provided by the leasing office are excellent. The 24 hour maintenance crew are responsive and very professional.

Good overall experience, some issues with trash pickup and responsiveness of staff to fix issues. Good access when snows; should make more parking passes available for visitors.

Move in process was better than the rest. Even though there were maintenance issues prior to my occupancy, they were on it and everything was fixed in a timely manner.

So far my stay has been great. Any maintenance issue has been handled promptly. I have not had any Peking issues which was a concern due to reviews online.

It is wonderful, considering how quiet the community are. Although the rent is kind of expensive in comparison to other options, we have really spacious townhouse, and also the bus pass, internet etc. are included. Overall, it is really nice experience so far.