The leasing staff was great. They worked with getting into my unit early and really helped during the relet process. They answered all my questions even took picture of the townhome when I wasn’t able to get to to see the Unit myself.

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the maintain was pretty slow and had to wait for about a month. moreover, do not think the community did a great job on shelving the snow at the parking space

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The maintenance is great but the speed is too slow. I have to wait like half a month or a month for a single person to come and fix things. Moreover, the community is good.

Like the apartment/unit amenities. Maintenance is SLOW. Took 2 months to get dishwasher fixed. Now waiting over 2 weeks for another request.

The Northbrook Greensblocation is a quite location near 2 bus stops on the N route, maintenance is slow, the staff is friendly and usually helpful.

The only reason I am rating Copper Beech 3 stars is because the price of rent is ridiculous for such an average apartment. Bugs are constantly finding ways into my apartment as there are cracks in corners of the walls and a crack in my front door. You can tell where Copper Beech repaints the walls as the whites are two different colors. The humidity in the single apartments is ridiculous to the point where I had mold and mold mites in my house.

I have heard from my friends that Copper Beech North Brook is a great place to stay, it is a nice and quiet place, with a great community. Keep up the good work!

proper rental for two bedroom that has plenty of space. Also i think this challenges provide us a good way to learn more about copper beech and at the mean time earn some gift card.

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I love living here, so sad to move out soon. I got a furnished apartment and the furniture was in great condition. The only downside is sometimes people don't clean up after their pets.

Kind of dirty but it's quiet and safe. The area around the dumpsters is always gross. Took them awhile to get the grass mowed too. Almost looked like they were going to make hay.

you are doing a great job keep it up good job really good job i lve this a lot so yes you are doing good. i really like using this. i like free things

Pleasant place to live. I have been pleased with the management team, when needed. One suggestion for improvement would be adding a gym facility on-site.

We have loved living here the past two years! Recently there had been a lot of unclaimed dog poop outside and when the weather is nice our neighbors above thee cigarette butts in our bush area. Both were addressed by copper beech prior to ever having to make a complaint. Hopefully things will stay this way when spring comes

Poor quality appliances and fixtures lead to a lot of maintenance calls. Paint was splashed onto cupboards and switch covers. Windows leak cold air.

Cooper beach Northbrook is good community for students to live. The cost is reasonable and the living room is big enough for a person who likes party. Kitchen is the my favorite area in two bedroom house because it is big and have lots of spaces to put different types of food includes spices, dry food, cans, pots and so one. Each house can have one visitor parking for their friend to visiting. Also, Northbrook have three buses to campus and downtown,( NE and N ,and NV). The bus brings the resident lots of convenience and always can have a seat don’t even need to stand because there is only one bus stop before our community. I shared a balcony with my friend and we always drink some beers and talked to each other in the weekend. The balcony is a good place for us to chatting. Overall, I will recommend my friends to choose Cooper Beach Northbrook to live for their school life.

When I signed my lease, I was actually taking over someone else's lease so that they could sign a new lease at Copper Beech. The office staff was extremely helpful and helped the process go smoothly.

Great place to live for grad students, very quiet. Spacious apartments, but a bit too expensive. Could do better on the internet provider though.

I have only lived in my apartment for a semester so I don't have a very complete thought on the place. So far, everything is going great despite a few mishaps.

I found it very helpful that whenever I called the office, someone always picked up and was eager to help me with my issue. Overall, I had a stress-free experience and it made going away to college that much easier to prepare for!

Everything seems to be running pretty well. The biggest problem was our fire alarm that would go off all the time but has seemed to stop. Although it does take a very long time for it to be shut off.

Okay customer service. It's clear they are used to working with college students so they assume the resident is usually at fault. New management has improved online payment system. Great location.

So far everything has been smooth with applying for the apartment. John answers all my emails promptly and completely which is great. Looking forward to living at copper beech next fall

Copper Beach Town Homes in State College PA is perfect for people moving up to University Park for schooling. Beautiful Homes with a great neighborhood.

Parking is a difficult barrier to overcome. Professionals will struggle with inflexible policies that are not customer centric. Treat loyal renters with respect to encourage renewals and balanced living accommodations.