Copper Beach Town Homes in State College PA is perfect for people moving up to University Park for schooling. Beautiful Homes with a great neighborhood.

Parking is a difficult barrier to overcome. Professionals will struggle with inflexible policies that are not customer centric. Treat loyal renters with respect to encourage renewals and balanced living accommodations.

Honestly the worst place I have ever lived, and the worst company that I have had to deal with. I will never live here again, and I will never recommend it to anyone.

Overall, I really enjoy living here. The community is usually quiet and what I love most is the amount of space in my unit. My only suggestion for improvement would be maintenance requests. I have had an outstanding maintenance request since August.

Your staff is frustratingly under-informed and the tow company is vindictive, especially given we can't read the writing in the parking lot. But the apartments are really pretty!

Pretty good so far. Maintenance requests were addressed promptly and swiftly. Adequate pest control needs to be done, there are different types of flies and insects finding its way into the house.

Copper Beech has great accommodations at a price that is very competitive in the State College area. Only downfall in a 1 bedroom that I've found is the breakfast bar being the only area to sit to eat, I would much rather prefer a table.

Copperbeech is somewhere you wanna live when you are looking for quiet life and study. People never party here and most of the residence are quiet. Starbucks and trader joe's are with in the walking distance

Large room and nice services, actually it's easy to park and I am interested the free bus pass for Copper Beach residences. That's make me decided to leave in here.

Unit is very nice. Maintenance requests are a little slow. Outdoor BBQs and basketball court is a nice benefit. Overall, great place to stay - would recommend.

The community is nice, pets are well-contained and cleaned up after, and the leasing office staff has been helpful and acommodative thus far.

Relatively quick maintenance and very clean apartments! Move in day ran rather smoothly. The staff are extremely friendly willing to answer any questions you might have.

pretty good. Especially for new residents. A little slow when I need to fix windows, but understand since a lot of works need to do for the entire COPPER BEECH.

It is wonderful, considering how quiet the community are. Although the rent is kind of expensive in comparison to other options, we have really spacious townhouse, and also the bus pass, internet etc. are included. Overall, it is really nice experience so far.

So far my stay has been great. Any maintenance issue has been handled promptly. I have not had any Peking issues which was a concern due to reviews online.

Move in process was better than the rest. Even though there were maintenance issues prior to my occupancy, they were on it and everything was fixed in a timely manner.

Good overall experience, some issues with trash pickup and responsiveness of staff to fix issues. Good access when snows; should make more parking passes available for visitors.

The services and facilities and provided by the leasing office are excellent. The 24 hour maintenance crew are responsive and very professional.

The staff is always so helpful and responsive! They have made the process of moving across the country much easier! Thanks Copper Beech!!!!!

So far, Copper Beech staff have been very helpful with any questions that we new residents have! We will be new to the area, but I am excited to be a part of this new community!

I've had a very good experience so far at copper beech. Everything in my apartment works well, and the space itself is more than what I would expect from a 1 bedroom apartment.

Apartment is spacious and nice, management was nice but I had a few problems with my apartment so I contacted them but it was hard for them to understand my point of view.

Shout Out to the Amazing people at the Lease Office! Danielle, Pearle, Carley (the part time girl), Luke, and especially Carrie! (Who helped me break into my apartment, via window when my door ate half of my key.) Everyone was nice and helpful, and even though a discount on rent would be nice. I could never ask for any better lease agents. - Loc

I have lived here for almost three years and have really enjoyed it. It is in a quiet part of town yet is near most of the major shopping. The staff have always been very kind, and any maintenance issues are resolved relatively promptly.

Overall, the office and maintenance are very quick and helpful. However, the smoke alarms are overly sensitive and a pain to have turned off. I've lived at Copper Beech for 3 years and have enjoyed my stay.