The environment is pretty good at copper beech. However, floor in my room makes sound when you are walking, which is a little bit annoying for me.

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The people in the office are a lot nicer now than they were last year. I gave 3 stars because of the maintenance issue with the steps and the lack of preparation. It seems very consistent. Only about a week notice is ever given, even in the summer.

Design of neighborhood does not encourage community interaction, no reasons to go out and meet people, there for most do not. But apartments are very nice.

During the transition period I had my rent check deposited taken out after 20 days from giving it Copper Beech. A warning should be given after that long. Response time for some things can be quicker. Carpets should be changed after each tenant cycle.

I think that things have been OK since I moved in but there were some things missing from my apartment which were necessary, and even after I said something about it, they did not fix it until over a month later.

At one point I had a problem when I submitted a work order. The people in the office did not submit it correctly. It took them almost a month and two follow ups from a roommate and myself in order to actually get it looked at and finally fixed.

this is a pretty innovative way to get people involved. if I weren't graduating it would have been have been something that I thought about to make me stay.

The new system is good. With the new system I do not have to go to the office monthly for rent payment. But office people do not reply to maintainence order.

I believe coppper beach has been takIng initiative to do better with their services. They have been improvIng on getting attending do work orders by tenants

Not happy with how long maintenance takes to come and then when they do they do not announce who they are when entering the house. It was scary having a man open my bedroom door while I was there without identifying himself and not knocking. It wasn't until I started yelling did he say who he was but he didn't even have a shirt or tag for me to identfy him from the beginning.

So far, I like the Townhome set up, however maintenance has been an issue as our dryer has been broken since day 1 and we're missing a TV. It's been 4 weeks now.

Showers could have tubs, there could be some storage parts in the bathrooms, a lot of noise from upstairs to downstairs. Other things seem good so far.

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I've liked the affordability but since the last lease renewal I feel the price and the value are not proportionate to what could be offered to long-standing residents of over 5 years.

Everything is fine, except the air conditioner. The air conditioner is more like a decoration. I turned it on for 3 days, and the room temperature was still 85

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They have been very healpful with any problems that have arose, have been somewhat flexible with visitor parking passes.. Which is a must because our visitor parking situation is brutal

Nice location and house plans. Bus runs very regularly and don't need to queue up for so long and worry if we will get to get on the bus or not. However, maintenance is painfully slow - you need to submit work orders months in advance. Not a lot of fun if, for example, your heat system break in winter.

I appreciate the plowing but it would be really helpful if you could salt the parking lot. It was really slick after the snow recently and salt would make that much better

The apartment is very spacious and you have lots of closet space. The kitchen is really big, and having laundry in the apartment is a plus. Maintenance could be better though, they take forever to get anything done

Overall good experience. Too many bugs in the house. All the male staff at the office were nice but the woman who claimed to be the "supervisor" was really rude.

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Good place to live. It is really convenient to campus. Every room has its private bathroom. But when we move in, the carpet is dirty. If office can change it, it would be better

Overall good. Maintenance took a while to fix our stove but it was eventually repaired. The change to paying for electric was unfortunate since the bill does get very high, as will be paying for water.

I think that the apartment is really nice and it is very quiet. I've loved living here but there was definitely a lot of problems with maintenance and some of the staff in the office isn't too friendly. Overall, personally I would say it's a nice place to live and I would live here again if I had the money.

Good value for the price. A little far from campus but has its benefits. The porch was a must have and came in very handy all year round. Would recommend.

Rooms are large, bright and well designed. However, moved in dirty and smelled, with lots of equipments difunctional. Need more faculty to clean up those staff. Need a stop sign at the corner of entrance.

One of the most affordable housing communities in the area. The staff is relatively friendly, understanding, and attentative to the needs of their residents.