Copper Beech State College is a safe place for students to live. And there is a park in the neighborhood. My friends and I always run in the park every summer.

you are doing great so far I am very satisfied with your service. I hope you must improve your maintenance service so we can get the laundry repair ASAP

Maintenance slow but its a great place for college students and I would recommend people to live there. It is 3 floors and 3 rooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.

Amazing pre arrival service. Our lease manager helped us all the way through and all our processes were sorted even without arriving onsite.

So far I am enjoying my experience here at Copper Beech. I was excited to move in with two close friends and the property has been a good place to live thus far. I have no complaints.

One month in and I have nothing bad to say about Copper Beech. My whole unit was completely cleaned out when I moved in and staff worked quick with me to get me moved in.

Great neighborhood, nice upgrades in exterior cleaning, painting, LED lighting, and new modern signage. Looking forward to many more updates in the future.

Copper Beech is the most convenient place for students to live in State College. It's to close for many things such as campus, Walmart, wegmans, target, or different restaurants.

Copper Beech townhomes provide excellent housing facility at affordable price. It is definitely one of the best housing options for Penn State students!

Everything has been great the office actually cares for the residents. I also like how much space and privacy Copper Beech has to offer here at PSU :)

I had a great experience with the customer service, originally they had given me misinformation about the fees being waived. But since the misinformation came from them they honored it and gave me no fees

I got friends live in copper beach since two years ago, they say this is a good place to stay. I have been to copper beach for few times, it’s pretty and people in there are quiet friendly

The location is great. Very close to Walmart and other stores. Convenience parking and friends visiting. Reasonable rent rate. I am very happy with the townhouse.

Copper Beach is a great place to live in. I love the location and the convenience of transportation. The rent is reasonable and neighbors are all nice people.

It has been a great experience so far. The townhouses are spacious. The office staff is friendly especially Brian. A really good place to live​.

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Great place to live. Second year here. Everything is just satisfying. Rent is not as expensive as other places like Highs and the Station. PERFECT!

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I had no problems in general. When something had to be fixed it was done fast enough. People were not loud and we never had any problem. Staff was always helpful and tried to help with any problem.

This is the best place to live off campus. Liked it so much that I signed up the lease for next year as well. Will definitely recommend. You can have the best house parties too.

Located in a great neighborhood for a relatively reasonable price. The staff is very nice. In addition, there are always plenty of resident engagement activities.

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I really like the neighborhood because it is quiet and convenient. It is very close to Walmart and Best Buy. The rent and electrical bills are reasonable.

I think cooper beech is at a great location. The rent is very reasonable comparing to other similar housing choices. I highly recommend cooper beech.

It has been a great experience so far. The town houses are spacious. Office staff is friendly especially Brian. Really good place to live at.

Very great amenities and good offers. The very quick way management respond to request is so refreshing. The location is also good for cata bus. Great place to be.

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Great location, very close to walmart, weis and giants. About 10 minutes away from campus. The office responds pretty quickly to maintenance requests in my experience.

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I love my Copper Beech experience so far! The rent is affordable, my space is huge! Location close to PSU campus and even closer to all of the shopping centers! Just great :) only thing I would like improved is the maintenance process.