We have had a lot of things wrong with the townhouse and they haven't been fixed. We put our first work order in two days after we moved in and it still hasn't been addressed. We still don't have a deck, we weren't told about there not being a deck. We opened the back door to find a 20 foot drop.

Slow maintanance that needed to be called several times in order to get the work done. Housing condition isn't great even though the rent is expensive.

Hmmm customer service need to be improve. Many time maintenance takes forever to get the emergency breakdown fixed. And they fix it to cover the result but not the origin of the problem. So I have the same problem over and over again. I live in C2 if you could fix the origin of that leak would be SUPER HIGHLY appreciated. And I would give you five star for that.

It's alright. Probably a little over priced for the quality that you are getting. There always seems to be something wrong with the apartment.

There have been a lot of things wrong with the townhouse and nothing has been done to fix it. We put in a maintenance request when we first moved in and it still hasn't been fixed. Also, we weren't told about not having a deck when we moved in. We opened the door to find a 20 foot drop.

-Maintenance is very slow. It takes a while for them to come in and check what we report. -Street lights are not always on (complaint for 3 times already)

Management is terrible and my house is falling a part would not recommend unless major changes occur. This rewards system is nice, but many of copper's apartments aren't in liveable conditions and they don't fix anything that breaks.

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Maintenance takes forever and overall quality of the house is becoming worse and worse. I have a leaking fridge that has been sitting in this house for more than 30 years and no one is coming to fix it.

I would not recommend Copper Beech to a friend-- the walls and floor are extremely thin, maintenance takes ages (even for things that are routine, like clearing snow and ice from sidewalks or plowing the street) because there are very few workers, and management is defensive instead of working with tenants to find solutions (for example about the same parking space being rented to 2 different tenants or about an apartment that was dirty on move-in)

Everything is broken, there's black mold in the ceiling, maintenance NEVER comes, it's not safe to live, and the leasing agents are terrible. I have nothing else to say.

Our experience here has not been very great! Our heater was ruined all year round and we kept complaining about it but they did do anything!

my mirror in the bathroom literally fell off the wall. The Fridge was leaking water and machine oil. When we moved in, the common area was a total mess. The overhead light was broken and I do not have a table in my room. Besides that, I guess it's okay.

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Terrible. Management is horrible and never fixes anything and the customer service is bad. Air , stove, and washer and dryer was not working when I first moved in. Still have't fixes the washer and dryer and stove yet I pay 565 a month.

The houses were in terrible quality. My fridge was broken and it took the office a whole semester and a half to finally replace it. The maintenance people were friendly but they took forever to get things done.

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community is fine, the unit is terrible. I've never been so dumbfounded. When I saw the place from the outside, there stairs and the deck were falling apart. The door frame was damaged and my room wasn't even cleaned as promised.