So far, I like the Townhome set up, however maintenance has been an issue as our dryer has been broken since day 1 and we're missing a TV. It's been 4 weeks now.

I think living at Copper Beech was a smart decision. As someone who doesn't party, I like how quiet it is when I am trying to do homework or sleep. I also appreciate the free parking and the bus pass.

These apartments are very nice. Spacious and comes with lots of storage capabilities. I wish maintenance responded faster to requests but other that that, I think these apartments are affordable compared to the quality.

The manager is great this year, very understanding. My only problem is that some of the newbies are to slow when I come in and ask a question. The manager almost always answers it.

Me and my roommates enjoy living at copper beech. Having the extra space is very comfortable when you have 2 other roommates in the house. Love it

Copper Beech State College is a safe place for students to live. And there is a park in the neighborhood. My friends and I always run in the park every summer.

Sometimes I receive late rent payment notice, and that's not only just once, but I actually paid in time, maybe you should check what's wrong with your system

I would not recommend Copper Beech to a friend-- the walls and floor are extremely thin, maintenance takes ages (even for things that are routine, like clearing snow and ice from sidewalks or plowing the street) because there are very few workers, and management is defensive instead of working with tenants to find solutions (for example about the same parking space being rented to 2 different tenants or about an apartment that was dirty on move-in)

My townhome is wonderful for the price--spacious, fantastically located, and well-designed. Yet there are a few major complaints that can't be overlooked. To begin, maintenance here is very, very slow. Often the response to our complaints is not adequate to solve the problem in question. Yet this has not always been the case to be sure. Additionally, our heating/cooling is very uneven, where either the third floor gets "overcooked" so the basement can stay tolerable or the third floor gets tolerable while the basement is freezing. Lastly, parking for visitors here is terrible. I could go on about that for awhile, but I know it's well known in this area how bad the parking situation here is at Copper Beech. I imagine they want to keep undergrad parties to a minimum by restricting parking and towing frequently (which they probably get a cut from), but for older, non-undergraduate residents just trying to entertain guests casually it's a major frustration. It's not possible for all three of us to have our three girlfriends drive and park here at the same time, which is frustrating.

I think the point system is a great way to get the residents involved in activities here at copper beech. It's a nice interaction between staff members and tenants.

You are so kind and helpful. I didn't face with any specific problem except for my first semester. I believe there was a misunderstanding, though.

Amazing pre arrival service. Our lease manager helped us all the way through and all our processes were sorted even without arriving onsite.

Living at copper beech has been a great experience, it's the nicest apartment I've had for a very fair price. The only thing I would like a little more of is ammenities such as a small weight room or pool.

I have only booked the apartment till now through online communication. I am still to stay at copper beech for living experience,but the support from staff for booking the apartment has been good & the overall process was smooth and easy.

Quick correspondence and great apartments. Excellent customer service. Easy payment methods Good connectivity to school. Easy leasing process

You're doing great! It has been a pleasant experience working with Copper Beech so far, and I'm sure it'll be pleasant during my stay there as well.

Everything has been great the office actually cares for the residents. I also like how much space and privacy Copper Beech has to offer here at PSU :)

Copper Beech townhomes provide excellent housing facility at affordable price. It is definitely one of the best housing options for Penn State students!

Everything is fine, except the air conditioner. The air conditioner is more like a decoration. I turned it on for 3 days, and the room temperature was still 85

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-Maintenance is very slow. It takes a while for them to come in and check what we report. -Street lights are not always on (complaint for 3 times already)

That was a memorable one which I start living in united states with Copper Beech. Coopper Beech was a place where you can experience the tranquility. Thanks Copper Beech.

Some things are great, some not so much. Many times response from leading office is prompt, many a times they forget to double check things and report false errors. Maintenance is usually pretty fast, but when it takes longer it is near to an endless wait to get things in working condition.

Maintenance can take a few weeks sometimes and assistance from the leasing office may take longer than I'd like, but most agents are friendly and helpful. generally a good experience

Apartment is good, however, customer service like maintenance is not good enough, I never get a man to repair the window in our kitchen for one year. Please keep in mind what your customer has requested and don't let them to come to your office and report the same problem again and again.

Nice place to live at, great neighborhood. Just wish maintenance was better and fixed items in a timely manner. The staff is helpful and answers questions in a timely manner