The rooms are clean and with basic furniture. Maintenance takes a little bit longer to come. The staffs are nice. Everything else is well-organized.

It's pretty nice, I really like the house. My favorite part of the house is the huge beautiful kitchen. I'm glad I moved in here. There are some things that have to be repaired, but other than that I recommend this place.

copperbeech is a really great place to live in. The rooms are spacious, the community is beautiful and quite. However, their maintenance service is very bad and no less that bad, you could wait 2 weeks for a service request to bee seen.

Overall is good. Nice staff, great living environment. And the location is convenient. But the maintenance service is pretty slow. Some furniture is not really satisfied such as the desks in the room: the width is too short.

Slow maintanance that needed to be called several times in order to get the work done. Housing condition isn't great even though the rent is expensive.

The apartment is very spacious and it's awesome to have my own bathroom. A very calm and quiet neighborhood. It's also really nice to have a bus pass included

Copper Beech is very safe, quiet, and the overall quality of the town homes are very good. Disposing of trash and checking the mail (and other things) are made convenient for residents.

I love where I'm living right now. The only problem that I have is that half of the street lights don't work and it scares me at night. And my stairs on my front porch are crooked. But other than that it's great.

Reply from Copper Beech State College


The community is amazing. The facilities are up to standard. The noise level is is very low and I can actually focus . The maintenance response time is a little slow though.

Rooms are large, bright and well designed. However, moved in dirty and smelled, with lots of equipments difunctional. Need more faculty to clean up those staff. Need a stop sign at the corner of entrance.

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My experience has been positive so far. The only problem I have encountered is that we need more recycle bins everywhere near all the trash dumpsters, not only in specific locations.

SO far everything is fine. We had some minor complaints about the apartment and they still haven't been fixed. Emergency services arrive within hours which is perfect. We asked to get the carpets cleaned and it was done within a week. So far my experience has been good.

Nice!! Loving everything thus far. Nice and spacious kitchen and living room. It feel s a little weird not having a roof on the porch of the house

The community is great, nice and quiet. The staff is great when needed. I don't have any problems with neighbors or partying which helps with the great community feel.

Trash around dumpsters is an eyesore. Needs to be cleaner to avoid rats and mice. Not good for visitors (parents) to see trash in parking lot

Started off with a lot of problems, but things are better now. Most of the problems have been fixed or are soon to be fixed/looked at. Cautiously optomistic

I don't have any complaints, Im happy with my decision in moving into copper beech. I love the neighborhood and the fact that the bus stop is right in front of the place is so convenient.

Overall good experience. Too many bugs in the house. All the male staff at the office were nice but the woman who claimed to be the "supervisor" was really rude.

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I like the townhouse, except for all the bugs that were in the house. Also, did not like how there was no roof covering the front of back porch

Everything is pretty good at copper beech. It is super quiet over here, and neighbors are all pretty nice. Furthermore, I like the room size of copper beech. Big enough!

Love this place! What a wonderful place to live. I never have any issues with the staff or my neighbors. The community is quite and respectful.

It was fun to live here I love to be here I want to share my experience with other copper beech is perfect house for me I love to be here next year

While the office staff is very friendly and helpful the maintenance is terrible. The turnaround time is very slow, a lot of effort and stress goes into getting work order completed. Usually requiring multiple work orders to be submitted before the job is completed. Also their turnover service contractors aren't the best as they'll yell at their co-workers and track paint on the floor when painting apartments.

This is a very nice complex to live in. I've been here for almost 2 years and I wanna say I will be staying here till I graduate! Quiet and neat apartment.