this is a new easy and effective way to reward people with their gifts! I am new to this process and so far has been very easy and basic to use.

Good place to live in college station. It could be better, but the capped utilities is a plus here. The cottages have a good management team now.

I love the cottages! The pool rocks & I really enjoy the random little free food days for us struggling college kids! haha I use the workout room & tanning machines often. I like how y'all recently have started supplying tanning lotion. I would like to recommend getting jump ropes for the workout room though.

I have had a pretty good experience so far. However, I had to wait over 6 months to receive my gift card after signing my lease. Other than that, I have been happy so far.

The Cottages of College Station are a good time. I have been going there to visit friends and family since I was a freshman at Texas A&M University.

Best place to live in college station! Houses are nice and the pool is so much fun! They offer great amenities and the area is very clean! Great place to live.

I've loved living at the cottages! It is a great atmosphere to live in as a college student - you are on your own in your own cozy cottage, but still have other college students around you to share the experience.

its aight, my roommate works there but he's a complete liar. They give out a lot of food earlier, and theres always a lot of festivities going on at any given time

Best place I've lived! The pool was always clean and was fun to hang out at. The employees all the way up to management were cool and easy to talk to.

everything is great, i have had no complaints other then the fact that my gift card for resigning took 16 total weeks. Just got it a couple days ago

I believe that the cottages is doing okay! I love living here, I just wish y'all were more timely with maintanence requests! And maybe y'all could do fun things on the weekends instead of just during the week!

Ever since the Cottages changed management, things have been amazing. We now have things daily to benefit the residents. The only thing I wish we had was more parking!

I've lived here for two years and I feel like the past semester has been the cottages best one yet! A lot of changes have occurred and I think the changes is what was needed!

Really nice place to live with great amenities! We had some problems with management at the beginning of the year, but since then everything has been wonderful. Maintenance comes almost immediately and is very thorough. Our ceiling started leaking after the office had closed, but I was able to get help through their Facebook page, which was nice.

Good. I think it would be nice though if y'all kept the back gate and side gate open all the time for people who live in the back or close to the junction side.

I love living here! We get access to the best pool in town, the clubhouse facilities are amazing, and there's always a nearby trash can with bags for when I take my dog on a walk.

I really enjoyed all the residential events that took place this year such as food catered to the clubhouse and events held but management could use some work

Pretty good. I like all of the monthly things that are going on. I wish we had some stuff for storage in the smaller apartments though......

The cottages is a great community to live in. The amenities and location rock and the office staff is very friendly. Would recommend to a friend.

I really enjoy the atmosphere and the general positive manner of the main office. The facilities of the cottages are very useful and I believe they're the best in college station.

Very good place to live, they take care of their residents and work orders are prompt. Unfortunately, my back door deadbolt has been broken all year and they have yet to fix it.

When I first moved in, I took over someones lease and things were a bit hay wire in the leasing office but I moved into a cleaned and painted room, and that was really awesome. I wasn't expecting to have an easy transition based on the former reviews from Facebook, but I'm glad I moved here. Things get better every day. Since the day I moved in there have been changes in management for the better and things are going smoother. A lot of people have negative things to say about this community, and I would have agreed before because I worked in the apartment management industry here in CS but I must say my perspective has changed. The new management at the property is going above and beyond to right the wrongs that have been done and reshape the image of the the property. For instance, maintenance has gotten immeasurably better. The maintenance men are much more eager to help than they used to be and they are always asking if there is anything they can do. The property stays much cleaner, they're taking serious pride in the communal grounds. This week I pulled a muscle in my back and I emailed a manager and they had my packages delivered to my house. I was recently studying all day and couldn't make it to the office to sign my renewal on time so one of their agents brought me my lease to my house so I could take a quick break to renew. I am extremely impressed with the direction things are going. I only deducted half a star because of the gate situation, which I know all residents and staff are very aware of. I have total faith that they are in motion to resolve the chronic gate issue. To be totally fair, this isn't really the management's fault. A lot of hooligans with big trucks who like to show off their ranch guards act like a-hole's (for lack of better words), actually...just kidding, they act like animals and force the gate because they're impatient and childish. And that being said, that's my only rant. I like this place a lot. I feel really safe. Management is extremely understanding and respectful and I'm only sad that I only have a year and a half left to live here!

Living is okay. Super thin walls so trying to sleep or study is hard. Pool is super fun and Meeting new people is super easy. Great location.

the cottages is the best place to live. They have great service and repair is done super fast. Great location with a bus route. They always have fun stuff for the residents to do.

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Great community area surrounded by other college students. Great apartments with enough room to avoid feeling crowded. Separate bathrooms which is beneficial and social events offered to the residents are really fun!