Love the cottages! Great place to live. Community feel and fun environment. Love the fire place and grill area between the individual cottages.

Yall are doing so awesome ! Love the management! Keep doing all the great work and service to the community of college station! The residents will be satrisfied !

I loved the experience and vibe from this little community! Anytime I needed a maintenance request they ways came by so quickly! I enjoyed my stay!

Yall are doing pretty good. Better than a couple months ago. I like how yall are trying to get everybody involved and holding events for us to attend

Love it here! I would be resigning if I wasn't graduating. :( hope to come back and visit. Pool is the best part. Dog park is nice too. :) b

I love living at the cottages, everyone is so nice and friendly! The front desk is very helpful, if you need anything they are only a phone call away to help you with anything you need!

I have had nothing but good experiences with the Cottages. It's been my first year living hear and I had to resign without a doubt, the management has been quality, facilities kept clean, and I absolutely love it here. Plus all the events put on are incredibly fun.

Overall, great. Only bad thing was when moved into both my apartments for the past 2 years, they aren't very clean. Yet, when I do want something cleaned or fixed they are very fast and efficient.

It is great I love being here! Everything is so nice and literally there are so many things that are available to us. I am literally never going to move anywhere else.

Took 4 weeks to get the A/C fixed when it wouldn't go over 60 degrees and ice was forming on my roommates wall. Asked why my electrical bill was $40 over and the only thing could tell me what might have caused it was my TV on. Really $40 over because of my TV?.

I would not live any other place. This was the first place I looked , and I signed my lease the same day. It's a great place to be a student at!(:

Overall I enjoy living here. But I don't like that the houses aren't well made and we have the constant issue of rats, spiders, and recently worms. I also think that speed bumps should be built; I've almost had my car hit multiple times because people go so fast.

My roommates and I did have a few issues with our cottage, but they were taken care of promptly and thoroughly. Management definitely improved over the course of the year.

I love living here ! But I wish the gates would actually close! The staff is friendly and even if they don't know an answer they help you find one

I've had a decent experience living at the cottages. I wish it was easier to break a lease or provide a 6 month lease to those who have legitimate excuses. Try to accommodate your guests more.

Wifi is a constant problem, but only if you live in the back. The new management is a huge step up from the last people. It's a good place to live but the houses are made extremely cheap with no insulation.

Love the amentities, the service is great as well! But I have trouble with the wifi sometimes and have had some problems with people egging some of the cottages. I also wish you would actually close the gated after a certain time.

The only problem I have is how long it takes for people do get stuff done around here. I feel like there lack of communication and organization.

the houses are nice but could be better kept with speed bumps, closing gates, and regular trash pick up. The game room could also be cleaned up including the spas and pool tables.

I would recommend staying at the cottages to anyone. I have had nothing but a positive experience and I have even renewed my lease for next year! They are always on top of things by making your stay with them the best. One time, I had to do a maintenance request and they were there within 20 minutes!

Facilities are extremely nice and staff is polite. The only downsides I can think of are the internet and the fact that the gate is always open.

My online complaint is that our wifi does not work and hasn't worked since Suddenlink came and "updated" it in November 2014. I wish the Cottages would do a little more to help us get it fixed.

Great place to live along with quick response time for services. Staff is friendly & willing to help. The amenities & cheaper cable/utilities is a plus too.

Ammenities are great, it's just hard getting ahold of maintenance! Our fire alarm is very sensitive and goes off way to often in the kitchen causing all the other alarms in the house to go off, waking up my 5 roommates... We've tried getting then fixed but it never works.

Although the rent is expensive, its a pretty nice place to live. This new management is wayyyyyy better than the old one! Going on year 3 of living here!