So far so good. It's quiet where I live but people be driving through the exit part of the gate to get in. Maybe if the gates closed faster, non residents would stay out.

Took care of my problems when had some and staff is friendly. The maintenance people always pop in when you need them even if you didn’t rsvp.

It's great! I have lived at the cottages of college station for the past two years going on three now. I like it a lot and I really do not have a reason to move.

I have lived here the past 2 years, and it has been a very reliable experience. It is nice to have a bus route so close to my apartment, and the clubhouse study rooms and workout facilities are nice. However the WiFi is slow and it can take a while to fulfill work orders.

I really like living at the cottages. The apartments are updated and fairly good square footage compared to others for the same price. Maintenance generally responds to requests fairly quickly. Sometimes it is difficult to get things done by telling the front desk but management is responsive if you email them.

Great place to live, good interaction with residents. I love the different events and amenities. they really care about us and our living spaces!

The Cottages is an awesome place to live in, the apartments and amenities. My complaint would be how broken things are fixed, for example a lining was put in our doorframe because there is a gap. The lining continuously pops out. Other than that, it is a nice place to live

I really enjoy all the amenities they have at the Cottages. They offer some things other apartments don’t. In addition, I really love my apartment! It’s very cozy, welcoming and couldn’t ask for better roommates. At first I was rrally skeptical about the gates being opened all the time but I’m so glad they gave the residents keys and that the 2 gates are both closed after office hours.

We have bug problems for example gnaps and y’all supposably can solve it and our alarm system was giving us issues. Other than that it’s ok!

Living here is pretty great! The houses are a great size and having a full size kitchen is amazing. WiFi can be a little spotty but other than that it’s cool!

It’s okay. I’ve lived here for over a year now and it’s pretty noise and maintenance takes forever to get a hold of but I live with my besties so yay!

A good lace so far and it's nice being close to the bus stop. Being able to print for free is also very nice. Although, many people with pets don't pick up after them so it's like walking through a minefield of poop sometimes and it smells really bad. Also, the wifi is really bad.

The cottages is a great place to live. I have only lived here for a few months but I love it here. The pool parties are crazy and the gym is really nice

Nice facilities, appliances, and living conditions, kind and helpful staff and management. Work orders do take awhile to complete, but otherwise I am satisfied.

There are so many amenities to living here, such as printing or the clubhouse area! I love our unit, but the people above us are very noisy most of the time. When we put in work orders, they aren’t always attended to, so that can be frustrating. Overall i like living here; we signed here again because of the discounted rent!

So far the cottages has been great. After 3 years of leaving here I can only appreciate it. The staff has been good. And it is really easy to get along with the students worker.

I love living at the Cottages! The amenities are great and the community is wonderful! I have been here for 2 years and plan on making it a 3rd

I really enjoy living here. Staff is quick to answer any questions. Maintenance is good as well. I didn’t have any problems with my random roommates and I really wnjoy the amentities

Super good place to live!! Everything is really nice. The only thing that isn’t good is there’s sometimes traffic because it’s on a busy road. Other than that, it has been the best! Very clean & high quality! Usually fix matinence in a few days, if it’s an emergency they fix it in a few hours.

The Cottages of College Station has been a great living experience. The amenities, floor place, and friendly staff has made the Cottages my favorite apartment complex in College Station. Colton and Fabian have been a tremendous help every time I have issues. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is a prospective resident or currently living at the Cottages, they are always a huge help.

Confusion with staff is common but are very understanding. Cool pool, nice gym area, and free printing access. Pet friendly and often offer food to residents on certain days.

i love living here, i love the close proximity to a&m, but sometimes it takes maintenance forever to get around to me and it really becomes a problem b/c major things go wrong such as the fact that my air conditioner goes out a LOT, and my dishwasher/ sink area has never been right since i moved in- ive asked maintenance to come look at it about 3 separate times but each time they seem to give it a temporary fix and im already having to call them again about 2 weeks later.

For the most part living here has been good. It is not as loud as I thought it would be, but I also have a place away from the pool (which is good). The maintenance guys are a little slow, but nothing has completely broken so thats good.

Living at the Cottages of College Station is like living in Disney World! It has been the best 3 months so far, all the great activities they have going on in the lobby/pool, I’ve met so many good people that live here as well. My roomates are the and will for sure be my friends for life. Thank you for all y’all do to make living here a awesome experience!

So far I have really enjoyed it!!!! I cook dinner on the grills quit frequently, and they are pretty good at getting the job done. The pool is a great place to hangout on the weekend and watch the game.