Overall very good experience. Neighbors are quite. However, the complex gets trashed by parties (wish people were more respectful of others property) and we have bees in a tree we have to walk past to get to any of our doors.

Good community for networking and gatherings.. Slightly away from Mays Business School. Awesome amenities. Gives a good environment to stay fit and study well too.

Not good with repairs. They are slow to fix anything in the house and it is hard to find someone that is educated. They seem to have a lack of communication in the staff.

The environment here is so fun! I love taking advantage of all the amenities that are offered, especially the gym and study rooms. Originally the payment system was complicated, but the staff was very helpful in fixing it.

I have lived here for 2 years now and it’s the best! They host events throughout the month that are really great. The staff is also very friendly whenever we have a question.

It's a nice place and they always have new events for the residents every week. The staff has been more helpful than in the beginning of the year.

I have loved my stay at the Cottages of College Station! So many of my good friends (that I knew before and met here) live so close to me and is so convenient!

i love living at the cottages and most of the time have no complaints other than a couple maintenance issues which i’m sure every apartment complex deals with!

Absolutely love living here. Community is so great & love the events that are put on. Maintenance always responds very quickly to requests, and does them right the first time!

Management could be better. I have asked multiple times to get some things changed and they have yet to fix it. Some of the workers don’t seem to know everything

The cottages have been my home for my past 2 years of college. For the most part, it has been a good experience. Overall, I have enjoyed living here!

The aesthetics of the cottages is amazing, compaired to the rest of the student living ive seen they have the prettiest compound. The clubhoise and pool are are really nice as well. The only critisism i have is that the internet is very poor

Aside from the slow maintenance request fulfillment the cottages has been a great place to live. They always have stuff going on for residents.

Quiet area, responsive management, great facilities. Only issue is that WiFi is slow and sometimes doesn’t connect for me and all of my roommates

Nice community, pet friendly, maintenance could do a better job keeping up with the houses after each semester (routine checks). Management could do better with assisting residents.

I have been a resident for 2 years now and haven’t had hardly any problems while living here. The amenities are great, maintenance requests are solved in a timely manor, and the dog park is a great size. Only thing I would like to see fixed is the gates at the front.

Great apartments within a great community! The study rooms and gym and very accessible and helpful especially for college students. Staff is super helpful.

Great place to live, the amenities are very nice and the maintenance fixes whatever is broken the next day! There are plenty of spaces to park at and a secrurity guard drives around to check up on everything.

It is a nice apartment complex, that gives it that great home vibe. However, some of the amenities in the clubhouse aren't the nicest or are not working.

It's a perfect place to live as a college student. Lots of activities to do and friends to meet. It is pet friendly and has many amenities. I enjoy my time here.

My experience has been great. The maintenance responds quickly when ever I ask to fix something. The office staff is very friendly. Pets are allowed.

The community is nice, no problems there. The waterpipes tend to be very loud when using the sink or flushing the toilet. The noise occurs very often, at least several times a day.

I loved living at the cottages! It was a really great college living experience for my first year at A&M. I would definitely recommend others to live here!

The Cottages is a great place to live hands down. I have a few small complaints but they didn’t keep me from signing on for another year. The staff has improved tremendously since I started living here and I appreciate how hard they try to keep all the residents happy.

Great place to live. Beautiful community and quiet. Lots of fun activities and amenities. Just would like the staff to be fast responsive towards problems.