I really appreciate how comfortable the homes feel. It is very nice that we get so many extra things to improve our apartment such as a large parking lot, nice neighbors, a great pool, and easy access to the bus route.

The cottages is awesome and when there is a problem they are sure to fix it no matter how long it takes. Parking is always available and my friends love not having to park in a visitor spot.

Staff is friendly, amenities are up to date, overall best place to live in CSTAT. Can't beat the price for what you get. Love the dog park and the community of people.

I had a great experience staying at the cottages. I will be coming back to stay until I graduate college. Only issue is it's too far from campus but other than that, everything else was great.

Everyone is great, the staff is friendly, they always try to do activities for everyone to be involved in. It’s simply the best place to live!

I love the Cottages!! It is so homey and they provide the residents with so many events to earn money/rewards. I would recommend to anyone! I will forsure be living here again next year.

I like living at the Cottages, but the bus takes forever, which is totally out of your control and is the only downside. Other than that, it has been a pleasant experience thus far.

It's great! I absolutely love it here! There's so many things to do here. Love how they have different events every other day. It's definitely the place to be.

So far it’s been great!! I haven’t had any problems with over charges or anything . I love living here at the cottages there is always something to do

The Cottages is truly a beautiful place to live! The club house/gym/pool makes me feel like I’m in a resort. Everyone is friendly and the staff caters to your needs! Would recommend 100%!!!

I love coming home and feel super comfortable with my roommates and look forward to living at the Cottages for two years in row. The pool rocks and I love studying at the Clubhouse.

I absolutely love living at the cottages! They have wonderful townhouses combined with awesome amenities. It’s convenient to have the pool, gym, clubhouse, and the mailbox all within a short walking distance. Everyone here is friendly and the community atmosphere is great!

I really like living at the cottages... Its very fun to be in a place so close to so many of my friends where we can see each other all of the time. The pool is also a very fun place to hang out.

Overall I have had a fun experience while living at the cottages. The events that are held at the clubhouse are pretty cool. I knew my roommates before I moved in so we have a good time together.

Best place i’ve lived in college station so far. Very nice house layout. Having the upstairs and downstairs deck is really nice. Also the downstairs is nice and open.

Very safe feeling to the Cottages. Great amenities. Overall high quality place to live. Personally love using the workout center that overshadows the pool very pretty.

Love it here. The pool its truely amazing and having a bus stop close to home helps me save money with parking passes and the such. I will definitely renew my lease

Living at the cottages has been great, we love our cottage!! They always have something fun to do or eat at the clubhouse. Living here for my first year of college was definitely the right choice.

I really love the cottages and hope everyone has a chance to experience them. Everyone is really nice and acts as a good neighborhood. The employees know how to handle everything professionally and in a timely manner.

I enjoy living at the cottages of college station and have had a positive expereince with the community. The only problem that we have had is that maintence is sometimes hard to get a hold of.

It has been good. Have not had any trouble with maintanenace or anything like that. People that work here are very helpful and care about there residents.

Overall, the Cottages of College Station has been extremely great. I’m glad I chose to live here! There’s always activities going on and the staff keeps it fun.

i love love living here! I live in the 5 bedroom duplex and I love every single one of my roommates. the pool is very fun during the summer as well. I love it here

I love living at the Cottages, the neighborhood is so nice and I haven’t had any complaints yet. I love the clubhouse and all the amenities, it’s so nice to have them right at hand!

The Cottages are super cute and there is actually not as much noise as I thought there would be. The maintenance guys are really nice and are always happy to help out.