I really enjoy the apartment and the complex. It's conveniently close to campus and I like that I have my own bathroom. The walls are somewhat thin and the appliances are noisy so that is sometimes annoying. The management is not the best, but they still take care of things.

I really appreciate that you guys do a great job providing a comfortable place with a home-y feel, but also a pool that feels like a get-away.

Going on my 3rd year living here and it has been a great experience. Trash pick up has gotten a lot better, landscaping always looks great, besides 2014 summer pool situation the pool is kept up with really well and responses to facility maintenance are hasty.

Great apartments, perfect location. This is one of the best places for students to live in College Station. I would recommend this place to anyone.

I've had my ups and downs living here at the cottages. I had problems with old management taking over a month to fix my shower then painting my wall a different color. Then new management came in and tried to charge me for a trash violation of the trash in the bottom of the bin, that had been there since I had moved in. There is broken glass around a lot which is a hazard especially with how many animals live in this neighborhood. I was also charged for going over the electricity which wouldn't be a big deal except it was for two months together and I was charged two months after the months our house supposedly went over. I have also had a lot of AC problems in my house. But the house is nice and I enjoy the yard I have. I will not renew however because, though it's nice here, it's overpriced and too disorganized.

The Cottages of College Station is very cute and a great place to live. The parking can be difficult at times and the trash gets out of hand, but for the most part I have loved living here.

So far my experience at the Cottages has been well except for the multiple times maintenance has walked in our house (full of girls) unannounced.

The Cottages have alway caught my eye when I came in town to visit, so when I accepted my admission to Texas A&M, it was a no brainer. It was a nice plus that my 100 pound dog could come with me, being that most apartments had a weight limit. Kudos, Cottages!

Great environment for students but it could be a bit cleaner around and in the pool. Also, the tennis court net could always be fixed and the back right light to be replaced.

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I absolutely love living at the cottages! It's a great community and awesome living. The management is great and it's a blast living here!! So happy I chose to live in the cottages

the cottages is a pretty great place to live. Although there are some things that could be changed such as the parking situation. Anyone can come and park anywhere.

This will be my second year living at the cottages and I can't wait to see what's in store. I've had a great time this past year with little to complain about and an overall positive experience.

Love the housing and the feeling of the community. Didn't like that the gates were never closed. Maintenance always came in a timely manner and the clubhouse facility is excellent.

The customer service is great since we got new management, however the quality of the houses is sub par. Our ceiling has leaked multiple times and the foundation is constantly shifting so our doors cannot lock/close any longer.

Have been living here for almost 3 years now and it's been great. The new management staff has really upgraded its customer service and makes the experience that much better!

another doggie waste container near 7204-7208 would be great. The rest of the cottages is great. Also waiting on my 300 dollar gift card from renewing my lease.

Everything is great! It's a little expensive but what I get is worth the price. Maintenance is always there when I need them to be, and the clubhouse is clean and nice.

The units and clubhouses have nice qualities and amenities but altogether the management does not keep up with simple maintenance. For example, upstairs sometimes the pool cues are there and sometimes they are not, sometimes there are ping pong paddles and sometime the whole game room is a mess. Also, the gates have not closed since I moved in, so why am I paying for a "gated community". The running trail could also use some attention because when it rains half of it is under water and the trees and brush overtake it in some places.

I love living here!! Thank y'all for all the stuff for finals, not a lot of places do those kinds of things like y'all do. Y'all are doing better that the other owners before!

The cottages are pretty great. It would be nice to have the gates closed though. I really enjoy living here. I would recommend them to people for sure.

Wish recycling was easier! I also renewed a long time ago and still have yet to receive my gift card from that...I wouldn't have known to get a PG form if I hadn't gone and asked, since originally I was told I wouldn't need one.

I love the cottages of college station. Especially since they change management. The pools is cleaner. The people in the office are nicer. It is just an all around better place now.

Cottage is a good living experience but the only thing I can say is there is terrible wifi. Sometimes I am in a crunch to study and I can't because of the wifi.

I loved living at the Cottages of College Station! My duplex felt like home. The amenities are great, as well. Maintenance was always quick to come out and fix whatever we were have issues with. I'd definitely recommend living at the Cottages!

The new management is much better than the old one. I don't like how the transfer fee is $300 now and it used to be $75 I'm pretty sure we already pay you guys enough