The power in my living room always goes out. The people who pick up our trash don't take everything. The wifi does not always work when I am trying to do important homework.

Everything is pretty great besides the trash situation. Trash gets overflowed and our neighbors didn't take their boxes out for a month so we had rats everywhere and the office wouldn't do anything about it.

The cottages are a great place to live! I'm definitely going to renew my lease. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The cottages is a great community

Not being able to hang a Texas flag is a bit communist if you ask me. Come and take it!!!!!!! The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.!!

Living at The Cottages in College Station has been great so far! I love it here and so do my roommates! Everything is so nice and there is an easy commute to school.

Their are rats, y'all don't take everyone's trash and it needs to be taken so that their are not rats on front porches. Also, their should be more speed bumps so people slow down.... Other than that, it's a great place to live!

I love the cottages, however, the wi-fi here is very unreliable. It is a convenient location on the bus 36 route and the rooms are a decent size with large closets. Work orders have been fulfilled quickly and we have yet to have problems with anything else.

Good, I have enjoyed living at the cottages for many reasons. The maintenance could be a little faster but other than that everything has been decent

When we first moved in the house was completely trashed, and we admittedly had problems upon move in. Gradually as time is progressing management is coming along and making our experience great!

The cottages is so cool with so many great people. They even let my mom and dad move me in a day before to accomodate work schedules. I love the pool.

Great. Love it here. love it so much I am staying for my senior year. Thankfully, I have had no issues with my apartment. I also appreciate that the grounds are always clean.

The Cottages is a great place to live. They have been doing a lot better than last year with the upkeep of the pool and landscaping. Maintenance sometimes is a little slow, but overall willing to help and they have fixed every problem I've had over the past year.

So far the new management has done decent, but they still are lacking in clear communication within their team and with the current residents.

I love the southern look and feel! Management has gotten so much better. The gate code system has got to be address though because not being able to get to my apartment is annoying. I miss the trail in the woods. Sure every apartment complex has is fall backs but I'd say the Cottages are doing pretty good!

I always recommend my friends to live here because it is the best palace I have found in College Station. The attention is very good and the activities are fun! I love living here!

I love living at the Cottages! It's a great place to be. Especially since the new management has taken over. Everything is cleaner, and things get taken care of at a quicker rate.

Overall doing great this summer. However, throughout fall and spring semester it was hard to get maintenance to come out and fix what needed to be fixed. Our kitchen sink still drips out water and our ceiling still leaks sometimes from the washer.

Overall, my time at the cottages has been positive. I like the 'your house, your rules' philosophy and it has been very refreshing coming from where I was previously.

Pet friendly and free printing. Staff is helpful. The trash situation is better. VERY SAD THE TRAILS WERE DEMOLISHED. The trails were one of the best things about the they are gone.

The only thing that I would say I didn't like would have to be the parking, other than that this is a great place to live. I feel as safe as a girl could living all alone.

The place itself is beautiful, I live in a 3 bedroom 2 story cottage and it's awesome! We have had our ups and downs with management on spiders and getting maintenance done on timely manner but they're still better than other apartment complexes I've lived in. One thing I will mention is that their t

I like living at the cottages. The pool is much better this year on cleanliness. However, requests sometimes get ignored or take a very long time to fulfill. The new trash cans are annoying. We were not originally told that everything had to be in bags. Typically those cans just get dumped in full, and now we have a half full trash can every day because we were never notified of this and it is disgusting. But all the employees are very nice!

My stuff is falling apart and there is a major ant problem. But everything else is perfect! amenities are nice and very convenient, the pool is amazing and clean given the circumstances.

I have loved living at the Cottages! It kept me close to my friends living in such a big community. The clubhouse was the best part having a printer and a close place to study 24/7. Highly recommend.

Ever since the new management came in and started running the facility, everything from maintenance to taking out the trash a few times a week has drastically improved. I really appreciate how the new management has came in and have made a noticeably improvement to how the complex is managed.