Ammenities are great, it's just hard getting ahold of maintenance! Our fire alarm is very sensitive and goes off way to often in the kitchen causing all the other alarms in the house to go off, waking up my 5 roommates... We've tried getting then fixed but it never works.

Although the rent is expensive, its a pretty nice place to live. This new management is wayyyyyy better than the old one! Going on year 3 of living here!

Very clean properties and helpful staff. The Cottages have a very nice neighborhood and a welcoming community feel. One of the things I also appreciate is that it is a dog friendly complex which is great.

There is a really great atmosphere surrounding this place I can't even explain it. The rooms are nice, the people are really nice, and the pool is even nicer.

I love living here. The pool is the best pool in college station. Definitely the best complex in college station as well. I've told all my friends to live here that are coming here next year.

The cottage buildings themselves are great to live in and very enjoyable, but the front office has consistently been a pretty gigantic hassle to deal with the entire time I've lived here, and the parking situation needs to be amended somehow

I absolutely love living at the cottages! The amenities are great and the pool is always so much fun. The only thing I wish is that it was closer to campus, but the bus definitely helps. I would recommend the cottages to my friends and I am living here again next year.

Maintenance could be better outside and within our houses. I like how the pest control guy is always available for us. Overall, I think this is a great place to live.

not best good of following through with requests. The gate isn't closed and let's randoms into the pool. Not enough parking as well, residents end up far from their houses

Since the new management has taken over there have been very little problems. I enjoy the experience of living here minus a few small things. We had a mouse problem, but has seemed to be helped, and the front bedroom had a bad smell that could not be found... that one is still a mystery and still sometimes smells.

This is my first year in College Station and I picked The Cottages of College Station, because they are beyond beautiful and very near to live in. The clubhouse and pool are very neat and clean 24/7. I have already renewed my lease here for next year, because my mom will not let me leave The Cottages. It's like a resort my family refers to it as.

Overall a good experience. The main issue was the condition of the house at the beginning of the year. Maintenance was easy to contact, and they came in a timely manner.

Ya have progressively gotten better! Especially since the beginning of the year. I would definitely say the new management has made a world of a difference here at the cottages of college station.

I have lived at The Cottages for three years and have absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend this apartment complex, great place to live!

Everything here is really good. The weight room is king of small and half of the cardio machines are broken but besides that everything is good. Just need a basketball court.

I love living here! I especially love the pool, gym and the fact that it is pet friendly. The only thing I would suggest is more community events!

The new management is doing well, but it's a little pricey. The gym equipment needs to be updated, the trash situation is still icky, and the plumbing is weak.

I love the amazing houses how nice and modern everything is. The pool is amazing along with the gym yoga rooms and club house. There could be more study rooms and some nicer staff

Need to inform the residence of upcoming events better. Also if Yall could spray for wasps everywhere! Other than that I like it! Woohoo!!!!

I really enjoy living here however it took a while for them to fix our AC and there was the trash problem. It is a lot better now and the management is really great. The staff seems much better now than at the beginning of the year. We no longer have a rat problem and our AC works great. We had to fix our own dryer however.

I love The Cottages. Everyone at The Cottages is friendly and thier service is very fast. The clubhouse is a great place to hang out and so is the atmosphere.

I love the new trash system! I wish the gates would close though because parking stinks whenever I come home and there is no where to park! But overall I like living here I'm living here again

slow to get back to me with info. good maintenance. love the actual living space. fun environment, always something going on. this new thing is pretty cool and a great way to get people involved

Overall satisfied with the Cottages. There has been some updates but there has also been some lacking in certain areas. But overall I really don't have any complaints

Good everyone's always so helpful. This app is really cool to seems like a great way the cottages are trying to renovate what they have avalible to students living here.