I love living here! I especially love the pool, gym and the fact that it is pet friendly. The only thing I would suggest is more community events!

The new management is doing well, but it's a little pricey. The gym equipment needs to be updated, the trash situation is still icky, and the plumbing is weak.

I love the amazing houses how nice and modern everything is. The pool is amazing along with the gym yoga rooms and club house. There could be more study rooms and some nicer staff

Not a very good place to live when I first moved here trash would pile up high on the porch, and appliances would break and not be fixed for a month +

Need to inform the residence of upcoming events better. Also if Yall could spray for wasps everywhere! Other than that I like it! Woohoo!!!!

I really enjoy living here however it took a while for them to fix our AC and there was the trash problem. It is a lot better now and the management is really great. The staff seems much better now than at the beginning of the year. We no longer have a rat problem and our AC works great. We had to fix our own dryer however.

I love The Cottages. Everyone at The Cottages is friendly and thier service is very fast. The clubhouse is a great place to hang out and so is the atmosphere.

I love the new trash system! I wish the gates would close though because parking stinks whenever I come home and there is no where to park! But overall I like living here I'm living here again

slow to get back to me with info. good maintenance. love the actual living space. fun environment, always something going on. this new thing is pretty cool and a great way to get people involved

Overall satisfied with the Cottages. There has been some updates but there has also been some lacking in certain areas. But overall I really don't have any complaints

Good everyone's always so helpful. This app is really cool to seems like a great way the cottages are trying to renovate what they have avalible to students living here.

So far everything has been good! The Internet is still slow though and I wish that could be fixed! Management has improved a ton since it changed. I really enjoy the residence appreciation week.

Loved living in this space, how could you not? The cottages were even understanding when I forgot to pay my rent because my dad was sick. Had problems with a circuit in our house all year, we've called several times about. Also, still have a cracked window from the day we moved in

Great, good facilities, good maintenance both inside of the cottages as well as outside. Gates should be fixed though, both the front and back