Douglas Heights is doing great with answering any questions and in a timely matter! I am loving the free giveaways. The advertising is awesome!

My experience has been great so far! Everyone is so nice and caring. If I have a question and email somebody they respond very quickly! I can't wait to live at Douglas Heights!

I think that Douglas Heights has handled the rush and business of the past couple of weeks well. Everything in the leasing center was presented nicely and it looks impressive.

When going into the leasing office of Douglas Heights everyone who worked there was super nice and helpful. They answered every question that I asked and was honest. Talking to them made my roommate and I very excited about moving in!

Everyone that I have worked with at Douglass Heights have been so great! They are all so kind and explain everything very well. I can't wait to live there next year!

I'm the most excited about the pool. Actually the Starbucks, it will be so awesome always having coffee ready! August can't come soon enough.

Everyone is super nice and friendly. And I am so excited to move in in August! Every time I had questions I would get an answer emailed right away, very helpful.

Douglas Heights is always giving away free stuff to students and having fun events for students to attend. They are offering so much to all the incoming residents and I am so excited to move in.

I love everything Douglas Heights has to offer! They are really hospitable and they even know my name already. I can't wait to live there next Fall.

What I liked most about Douglas Heights was the warm welcome everyone received when they arrived at the door! It made everything so relaxed, and much easier to make big decisions like signing a lease.

Everything so far has been completely wonderful! Thanks for making everything so easy and student friendly! I can't wait to make so many memories living here!

Well, Obvioudly Douglas Heights is not finished yet, but I am pumped to live there. I love how involved the staff want to get in with us. They made sure we had stuff for stressful finals. They do give aways on instagram. I dont know how it coukd get much better!

I love that the Douglas heights community keeps you updated about everything that is going on, and the staff is very friendly! I'm excited to be able to be apart of this community

Love that it's close to campus, furnished, and filled with friends! All of the added amenities, like free wifi and a pool are just one less thing to worry about.

So far I've liked my yeti cup the most! And chick fil a biscuits. You guys make living there really exciting for us to move in and it makes our friends who are living elsewhere really jealous.

The staff members are incredibly helpful! They were basically willing to bend over backwards to make anything happen for us. The customer service was simply amazing and truly impressed me! (Plus the facilities are unreal!)

I really enjoyed all the community events and giveaways. There were a lot of people with some really cool events. The prizes were also great, and it gave a good opportunity to see what the rooms would look like.

I cannot wait to live in Douglas Heights this fall! I like most that i dont have to walk forever to the gym or to a pool. Cant wait to have those in my back yard. peace n blessings

I love how welcoming the staff is. They will always answer any question I may have. I also love how they treat future residents! They at always giving us free food, etc.

Douglas heights is a sweet new apartment complex for college students. The amenities and private bathrooms are enough to make you sign a lease, everything else is just benefits.

I love how open and welcoming everyone has been! With all the events I am so excited to be apart of this community. I cant wait to live at Douglas Heights next year! Keep up the kindness(:

I absolutely love Douglas heights. I can't wait to move there next semester. The staff is super nice and all the free stuff is amazing. I love the game nights!

I love Douglas heights! I can't wait to move in!!!!! The people there are so nice! They always give the future residents opportunities to win things! Cannot wait to call this my home!

I really enjoy that Douglas heights is catered toward college students. I also like that there are so many activities that Douglas heights does for the college students.

What I love is that Douglas Heights is all the pros and perks of living on and off campus. I will be able to walk to school and have that community atmosphere while still being off campus.