I am enjoying my stay at Douglas Heights. I am very excited to finally enjoy some of the benefits of living off campus since school is out. For example, the clubroom and pool seem like cool places to hangout during the summer. I can't wait!!

It was great when I went and toured, everyone there was friendly. People were out doing things. Douglas Heights is gonna be a great place to live I can already tell!

I love the layout off the pool, courtyard, study lounge and clubhouse area. I like the fact there are only 5 floors and elevators at every turn lol

Overall. The apartment has not been very taken care of. People here apparently live like slobs. The carpet needs completely replaced and the walls are terrible.

I just love how the apartment complex is very friendly and the staff. When I was a freshman I fell in love with the apartments and decided to move there my sophomore year.

The pool is fun and so is the clubhouse. The location is very good and you can walk to campus. The gym is nice and pretty big. It’s a good pacr

Staff is awesome and very helpful! Very nice place to live. Amenities are awesome and they hold so many resident events. Wish I could stay longer

The community is really nice and most of the residents are really friendly along with the staff. I also love how close the apartments are to the campus!

I love how inclusive all of the events are held at Douglas Heights. There are so many opportunities to get out and enjoy many perks, meet new friends, and fellowship with one another.

I like the atmosphere and the people that are involved in it. I also enjoy the location and how close it is to the university of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

I love Douglas Heights! Everyone is so nice and friendly. Maintenance does a great job about getting things done quickly and efficiently. My favorite place to go is the gym, barely anybody is there when I use it and it’s so great

The parking garage attached to the building is very convenient; and the apartments themselves are nice along with the pool area. However other than that this community is not what is it represents itself to be. Money is often wasted on parties that the residents do not ask for which ends up effecting those who live here because then they do not have the money to fix numerous things wrong with the building nor does the staff care to keep it clean.

I absolutely love the envinorment Douglas Heights has. They make you feel welcome and certain of your decision of living Douglas Height. I’m excited to be apart of the community!

Thank you for best the best of the best! I think there should be other places like you guys! I’m going to love living here once I move in I can’t wait

Everyone seems to enjoy their time here. People here are super welcoming and fun to be around. There is always something exciting to do that joins everyone together.

The environment at Douglas heights seems great. I won't be moving there until this upcoming fall. But since then I toured around and love the how there's a gym and a pool. The bedrooms are pretty great as well.

How nice it looks. I like that it’s not to far away from campus so I can walk to class if I want. Also how friendly the staff is, they’re very welcoming.

I toured a couple months ago and me and my friend decided to sign on a lease instantly. We are going to move into the two bedroom apartment and I’m really looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the pool!

The location is good and I like that it is secure . But the hallways often have trash in them and smelly. And the elevator smells as well but other than that it haven’t had a bad experience thus far

It’s so nice and clean!! I can’t wait to move in! I will be in the D3 apartments and the rooms are very nice spacious. Also the kitchen is sooo nice!!

I loved how welcoming and comforting the community is. For someone who has always been a little nervous to move away from home, you guys make me exciting about where I am going to be living!

Fun, friendly, and most of all relatable! I really love how the staff is always super helpful and cares for each individual. Everyone is super cool!

So far I have absolutely loved douglas heighten This community is so welcoming and is so warming. It has already helped me meet so many different people

The study rooms and the parking garage is the best! Also who doesnt love the pool and game room! Best place to be with friends inside!!!!!!!

The people are the best part about Douglas Heights. For the most part it is a very friendly environment and everyone gets along. I meet new people daily.