I’ll start out with the only negative, and that is the hallways and elevators smelling bad more often than not. However, Douglas Heights has great, fun events for residents and guests, crazy good amenities, and modern furnishes. It is definitely a younger environment as the convienient location for UTC students. The workout facility is open 24 hours. Lastly, my favorite aspect is the 4 bedroom rooms have 4 bathrooms! All together it really is a great deal for the location. Last advice, get an exterior room to avoid hallway/pool party noise in the night.

Love the amenities included with the apartment rental. Also the apartment is perfect for college student living. I’m very excited to apart of this amazing community

I love that Douglas heights is not an ordinary apartment complex. They are interactive with the residents and try to make living there fun with all kinds of activities!

I like the way we live and how yall do many things i am so happy thay im going be apart of yall community cant wait to meet everbody and have so much fun

Coffee and pool and friendly desk workers that were very patient but also going above and beyond. That was nice. Excited to use the workout room.

The apartment was beautiful, the common areas were great. My experience was by far the best, I couldn't have enjoyed it any better. Thank you for having me.

It needs a good clean but other than that this has been a really fun place for me to live. I’m appreciative of this stress free study rooms.

The workers are really great. There’s moments that it takes awhile with communication, but the workers always wanna help and make the residents happy

I love the staff and the amenities included! I’ve felt so welcome living here, and the entire community is so upbeat and fun! Plus I can walk to anything

One thing i like about dougles height are they nice for us college students they are very nice in friendly in they like working things out with people

It's very close to the university and have good facilities. Moreover, It has private bathroom that makes it very comfortable. Besides, most residents are students that makes a very friendly atmosphere.

Great place love it. I am so excited to live here and I can’t wait to experience Chattanooga as a whole. Definitely nicest place I looked at

Friendly this apartment complex suits me well!! I look forward to my future years living in this apartment as well as meeting new people and new staff members.

Nice amenities and close to campus, have been disappointed with the customer service though. Being so close to campus has made it desirable.

It’s awesome here, everyone one is friendly. The place is very nice, but the only downside is that it is quite expensive. Other than that it’s a great place to live!

The staff does not really keep up with the cleanliness of the building. Also the doors that are supposed to lock after 9 pm no longer do that, which puts our safety at risk.

It’s been good overall. I just find it sketchy sometimes when I hear about a shooting. Otherwise I’ve had no trouble personally and it’s been okay so far.

It is a great experience living in this community. Everything is great over here, except for a few flaws. Those flaws if rectified will make this community the best place to live in Chattanooga.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Whenever I’m confused people are there to always answer my questions. Also I love the school environment and love using the study rooms.

The apartment is nice but it isn’t clean in the halls and there is a mice problem. Not to mention, the safety sucks, lots of homeless sneaking in through doors

I like that everyone is really nice and wants to help however they can. I also really enjoy the amenities that are offered and I love the hammocks.

I love that Douglas Heights is close to campus so I can walk! It’s so convenient so I don’t have to worry about finding a parking space and being late.

I love it here everyone is super chill and I always have a good time. I wish there was a little more security at night due to the countless times I have walked into the lobby and some homeless person digging through the trash can.

love it! makes me feel at home away from home. the people i have met have been nice and the team is amazing always working towards helping others.

An apartment (American English), flat (British English) or unit (Australian English) is a self-contained housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies only part of a building, generally on a single storey. There are many names for these overall buildings, see below. The housing tenure of apartments also varies considerably, from large-scale public housing, to owner occupancy within what is legally a condominium (strata title or commonhold), to tenants renting from a private landlord (see leasehold estate).