I love the staff here! They are so great and are always helpful whenever I have a question! They make the place even more enjoyable especially with all of their events they host for us!

The atmosphere in general and the fun things planned within the complex. This place has made my first year experience living on my own after high school as a college student great so far.

I literally love it here! It’s so homey and the workers are always so friendly. I always tell people how much i love it here and how everyone should try it out!!

I can hear every footstep above me and I’m scared of getting shot. The maintenance staff is always very friendly and helpful though! They respond to requests quickly.

My favorite part is that when you need something to be fix you can always count on the maintenance to be there to fix it! Another little favorite is when we get to have Douglas heights dinners with our neighbors.

I truly believe that douglas Heights has made an outstanding come back from what I’ve heard in the past. I think that they can further improve on their security.

Super sketchy 2 shooting in one year😩 other than that the apartments themselves are nice, not so much the hallways. There’s a lot of parties which isn’t always a bad thing but the weed smell everywhere is annoying.

Wow! This place is awesome! They don’t clean anything at all and the disrespectful residents definitely do not help anything. There is dog shitverywhere from irresponsible pet owners. Too expensive for what they provide.

The apartment itself is amazing and I love my roommates. The amenities and proximity to campus are a plus but the safety aspect is a 10/100.

Love the management staff here and also big thanks to a member of the maintenance staff Johnny here for taking my call on a holiday about issues with the electric really appreciate that I just wish I knew more people here really thank the management staff for taking care of me here

The noise has gone down and ive seen a lack of messes aroynd rhe recreation areas. Also the new staff are very kind and helpful! Even the maintanance team has been stepping up their game and making sure everything is handled for iur apartments