The apartment was beautiful, the common areas were great. My experience was by far the best, I couldn't have enjoyed it any better. Thank you for having me.

i hate everything about this place. it’s gross, there is vomit and poop everywhere, it smells horrible, i never feel safe, and the staff is incredibly unhelpful. i will never live here again or recommend that anyone else does

I can hear every footstep above me and I’m scared of getting shot. The maintenance staff is always very friendly and helpful though! They respond to requests quickly.

Super sketchy 2 shooting in one year😩 other than that the apartments themselves are nice, not so much the hallways. There’s a lot of parties which isn’t always a bad thing but the weed smell everywhere is annoying.

Douglas Heights is like living at a spring break resort permanently. It is constantly loud outside and people are destroying our home. Something has got to be done because I know many of us are miserable here.

Not a big fan of this place. Management makes it tougher. Parcel delivery is hell pain. No quick response on anything. Not a very clean place either.

I follow people cause they seem like cool people, no interest in linking with anyone tho. Just wanna see some tweets & laugh and that’s it. L

Douglas heights is a party scene. Thursday-Sunday you don’t get any sleep. They don’t manage the noise and it’s just a bunch of drunk teens. Apartments are beautiful

I had to pay $250 to move out of my apartment because, they couldn't legally evict one of the romates I was having problems with; only to turn around and be told a month later that they are taking her to court and evicting her. I also had a mice problem in my apartment two weeks ago and pest control wouldn't come out here till Wednesday and only gave us one rat trap and put it in one of a kitchen cabinet and left and now we have been seeing mice in our apartment again.

The apaprtments are great as far as the physical aspect goes , but on the other hand , there have been numerous of instances where people haven't felt safe parking near the complex and think that an security guard should be hired .

Overall. The apartment has not been very taken care of. People here apparently live like slobs. The carpet needs completely replaced and the walls are terrible.

So far l have been mildly satisfied but overall disappointed in my Douglas heights experience. It has more to do with the community that lives here rather than the establishment itself. Also, the rent is outrageous and definitely not worth it.

The amenities are great and the price of rent is reasonable but the parking is awful. I pay $40 a month to park on a garage without any available spaces. When I told management on several occasions they blew me off and told me it would get taken care of and it obviously didn't.

The apartment is nice but it isn’t clean in the halls and there is a mice problem. Not to mention, the safety sucks, lots of homeless sneaking in through doors

The parking garage attached to the building is very convenient; and the apartments themselves are nice along with the pool area. However other than that this community is not what is it represents itself to be. Money is often wasted on parties that the residents do not ask for which ends up effecting those who live here because then they do not have the money to fix numerous things wrong with the building nor does the staff care to keep it clean.

The place has problems with noise in hallways and elevator people think of the place as a big party with the cops been called several times.

I enjoy everything that our apartment has to offer such as the work out room, study rooms and game rooms as well as personal bedroom and bathrooms, but we are often overcharged and the issues remain unresolved.

It's dirty all the time and people do whatever they want all the time. There is no quiet time at night because everyone is partying. Our wifi only works sometimes.

The apartments are extremely nice and i have loved living here. Though the consist noise and music from the pool is a huge downfall. The disrespect and violation by the people make me disappointed. It was embarrassing for my parents to see that there was orange splattered all over the Hallway walls and it smelled of weed when they are paying near one thousand a month.

It is nice, but the kinks need to be worked out as far as the noise and security. I think that comes with being new, other than that I am pleased with my apartment and the amenities.

Pretty but I hate the fact that animals are allowed to just poop within the building and it is left there and no one does anything until maintenance is called

There’s definitely room for improvement. A lot of the staff is not the nicest. The mice problem is very nasty. It over all needs to be a lot cleaner and safer. It is way way overpriced for what it is. but it’s not the worst place to live either

Living in Douglas Heights has been a subpar experience Ove had trouble with my upstairs neighbors and my roommates. I feel as if I didn't get the quiet roommates I was promised.

I enjoy the staff that works at Douglas Heights. They are all kind and respectful but the complex as whole is not my favorite place to live.

Wonderful amenities and a great place to live, but the sublease process was long, difficult, and a lot of it felt unnecessary. I didn't get any help moving in either.