The amenities are great but I had issues with the roommate situation. Not very organized. And there isnt any parking for your guests which makes it difficult if you want people over

Love this place, it might be a bit wild but so much fun and very nice! $700/month seems like a lot, but is about equal to the price of on campus

Dougie is the bomb. Go Mocs. Wouldn't want to love anywhere else. Community rewards is legit. I like prizes. Enjoying this pool right now. Go mocs

It is a great place to live being so close to campus. It is worth the money with the pool and gym. The finishes in the apartment are great compared to others in the area.

I really like It there! The amenities and the nice rooms make it worth the money. The events they have are very nice as well. The carnival was a lot of fun.

This is a fairly decent place. The elevator is constantly breaking and the "free" printer never works. There are a lot of maintenance issues as well which is pretty surprising for a brand new building. Some of the staff members are a little snooty too.

What I like most about this community is that it is filled with college students. Its like living in a dorm except its way better for the most part.

Douglas heights if a very fun place to relax and hang out. There are plenty things to do. My favorite place to hang out is the pool or at night the game room. There are also nice study rooms if you need to catch up on homework.

I love how they are many places here in Douglas Heights to hang out with new people and friends. The main con I think is that a lot of my friends have nowhere to park.

The access to the pool is a great feature. I love how the rooms look and how new they are. Also the access to the game room and the gym are also great.

I enjoy living here because it is a super nice complex with everything you need. Also I like the convenience of not have to drive to school and find parking. It is a very short walk to class every morning.

I love it here! The facility is perfect for any college student, it's constantly clean, and has more than enough amenities to accommodate us. I love that it is so close to UTC!

love the staff, love the amenities, love all the safety features, love the view, however the noise is awful. I have complained on my upstairs neighbors twice and it still continues through all hours of the day/night

I think Douglas Heights is an awesome community for college students. The staff is helpful with any problems and my experience has been a very positive one.

Enjoy the community of the place. Also the freedoms that are given when living off campus. However it is still close enough to campus that I could just ride my bike there

I love the game room and the everyone that works in the leasing office. the pool is really great aslo. jessica long is keeping me notified with everything thats going on

My experience so far has been wonderful. Anytime there has ever been a problem Douglas Heights has taken care of it in a quick and easy fashion, making it easy for all residents.

I really enjoy the communal feeling I have about living with so many other people! Not to mention the amount of friends I've made here is amazing!

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like Douglas Heights (had to make work count)

The staff has been very responsive to the issues that came about pretty quickly. Aside from that, I feel like I'm living in a resort every time I'm home. Douglas has given me a great environment to develop myself into a more productive and happier person because of its amenities and location.

I like that it's so close to campus so I can walk to class and not have to worry about finding a parking spot. Also I like that there are bathrooms in every room.

Douglas Heights is a great community for college students who want to live off campus and be on their own. It has allowed mr to truly an adult without worrying about my safety, or my education.

The service is over the top I have never lived in an apartment complex with such quality staff. Always willing to help and go out of the way if needed to.

The apartments are so nice that they are hard not to like. And I can't forget about the free coffee in the lobby... It has been key for the 8am's!

Community is awesome ,pool ,gym , study area in community are fantastic.. security is the best part in community .. Staff are very helpful..